Sweets in the 70's



  • Wasn't there one called ' Milky Lunch'?

  • Barkles wrote (see)

    Wasn't there one called ' Milky Lunch'?

    Yeah, didn't it come on tap?  I was on it around 1972/3 I think.  image

  • Another vote for Caramacs, and Pink Panther bars!

  • What was the name of the bubble gum which had a tattoo transfer inside the wrapper?

  • Bazooka Joes!

  • Oh yes, you could save up the cartoons to claim gifts, such as a submarine - I kid you not.


    Mind, you'd have had to eat a jungle-worth of gum to get one..

  • I remember sweet tobacco well, also myself & my brothers used to buy sweet cigarettes & pretend to smoke - not very PC these days haha! I also shamefully admit to feeding our dog some space dust & laughing at him when it started popping. In my defence I was very young & stupid.

    Anyone remember the packs of American Civil War cards with sticks of bubble gum in?

  • Yep.

    Another set had fake dollars etc

  • Traffic light lollies.
  • cola cube and chewy nuts

  • for those of you getting really nostalic...  you might want to have a look at this LINK where you can still get most of what has been mentioned by earlier posts...  Please don't ask why I knew about that website - some things in life you just can't explain! image

  • Good link PSC, The website says it all.."I'll have a quarter of..." image

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