Asics training starts now...!!



  • Impish...Im so sorry about your knee.....I can only imagine how frustrated you are...your right, runners are not the best people to rest...however.....when its rainy and cold and miserable outside........

    I remember my first planned 10k race with my husband, in Sept was our first race together which he had been really pushing me to do... However, I sprained my ankle just 2 days before the run....I was gutted....I couldnt even walk, let alone run...!!!...That was me out of running for ages!!!......Then last September(2012)  we were adament we would do the same race together, just a year later.......and yehhhh we did was amazing!!!! was like we came full circle....... He passed away only 3 days after that race but we did every step together and held hands thought!..




  • Mel - that's a great photo...what lovely memories for you and your girls.  My OH is responsible for my taking up running after a looonng break (since school cross country really!), but was given a terminal diagnosis (colon cancer with multiple liver secondaries) in 2008.  But, stubborn as he is, he's still here - not running though, just driving us all up the wall - but I wouldn't have it any other way and now use running as my 'me' time to get away from it all - really rubbish when I can't - we all suffer..if I'm in a bad mood, everyone knows about it.  I'm off to the gym to do some pilates at lunchtime - but it's NOT the same image

  • Mel: what can I say??? Heart and all that... Brilliant.
  • Mel,

    Great photo. Your husband is an inspiration.

  • Hey Mel, you are going great guns so far, take heart and don't be scared image

    Hey BoDuke, good to see you here - sorry about your back, and glad you are over the worst of it.  My advice would be to go back a couple of weeks in your training plan (mileage wise at least) rather than just picking up at where you should be now. But no need to adjust target yet - 2 weeks won't have had a significant impact on your fitness so as long as you can now get back to consistent training you'll be fine.

    Impish, I hope your knee gets better soon so you can get some much needed me timeimage

  • It's in the oven! fingers crossed! x

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    Hey Mel - great photo! You and your husband are an inspiration - found reading that quite emotional.

    Impish - just read your post. Equally inspirational. isn't running the best way to deal with what sh*t life throws at us?

    BoDuke - sorry to hear about your back. Hope it doesn't cause any long term problems. I sympathise - have had a major issue with my back for a number of years and 5 years ago had so much trouble that i couldn't walk, sleep, stand without it bringing tears to my eyes. Thankfully, after lots of core strengthening I'm fitter than in close on 20 years and have no pain. The more I train the better it is.

    I thought mine would never recover but my physio assured me it would. She was right! Hopefully, you'll get no recurrence but if you do just keep the faith!


  • Mel..........

    the long runs can be a strange one.........I can remmebr doing a 15 miler and the last mile killedme.........i couldn't imagine ever going further....then the next week i was doinga 17 miler .and found again it was the last mile that killed me....i was alright at 15............

    so for me it was a mental thing..not a physical thing........

    You will be fine.........You have enthusiasm and energy..........and remember that you will get thereimage

  • still in the oven, knicked a bit and it tastes like seaweed!

  • Thanks for the advice! Good to see you getting your 'lambs' through their first marathon Sam. Great to see you doing the programme again.

    Back is playing up again today, gonna leave the rest of the week alone. As HMV are up the spout I got a good deal on a Pilates for lower back pain on offer... Shame about the peeps jobs though image

    DS2: it's a fricking nightmare. Injury and its not running related...

    Impish: wow again. Peeps on here are amazing with your fortitude.
  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    BoDuke - the pilates should be a great help. It might take a bit of time but I was able to run although a bit restricted and my hamstrings used to scream at me. I did mine putting my socks on in the morning!!! Keep positive!

    Great advice Seren!image I remember a quote from the old days when they used to say '80% of running is half mental'. I think it understated it. I did a 12 this morning and felt like giving it up every mile for the first 10 and then felt great for the last two!

  • DS2 wrote (see)

    Hey Mel - great photo! You and your husband are an inspiration - found reading that quite emotional.

    I don't think it can be said any better than this. You and your husband are absolute inspirations. 

  • Mel - love the pic you posted - great memories that will never fade - take strength from these and trust Sam's training and you have nothing to fear at all - focus on how you are going to feel at the finish line in Paris, and what a feeling that will be !!

  •  BoDuke - hope all goes well with back and you get back on track (rhythms1)

  • Mel

    Thanks for sharing photo- I think we all want this to be an extra special journey for you.

    Your porridge is a great pre-race food although you  may find you want to reduce fruit but just play around with it a little. Do you think you will want to eat a snack between porridge and race start? – ripe banana, gel etc as you may have your breakfast 3 hours before ( although that would mean you are having it 5.45am on race day!). I will find out what time you are all leaving the hotel which will help plan the morning.

     In regards hydration I would only have a glass of water and either the tea or coffee. On training runs if you feel you need more you can always bring water. On race day a hydration plan will help you. For example; one glass of fluid (water or fruit juice or even fruit juice diluted with water at breakfast) and usual tea or coffee (1 cup). Then only 500ml bottle of water or sports drink between breakfast and race start and sip on this until race starts. If you feel only drinking through nerves/dry month then just wash month out with the water.

     You will need the toilet before you start, it is only natural, and women do worry about this more than men as we cannot turn away from the crowd and point! From all races between now and Paris try the above fluid plan, you may find you need less or even more fluid  but it is a start and will help when you have structure.


  • Hi Impish...I'm sorry things are pants for you....image if running gets you through the days then hey.....use the solitude and dont feel guilty that 'you can'.....!!....can be easy to get caught in the negative emotions....!

    BoDuke - I have been called many things....but possibly not a lamb for a while!!....Hope there is an improvement on the back today!!!

    DS2, Ady, Clive, Oscarr......Impish, Ruth - Thank you...I learnt a great deal from Martin....and if I hadn't sprained my ankle a year previously, we wouldn't have had such an amazing last few days together which created some deeply moving memories. I feel so strongly that he has left me with running in my life, and although we did it together, he knew he couldn't go any further with me, so he just gently pushed me forward and he was my stabilizers until you guys came along and opened up this amazing world of running which I never really knew existed.......So thank you to everyone who offers support and kindness...when I say it means a lot....It really does.....!!image

  • Hello Sam!!!!.....Yes I have every faith....but a bit of fear is healthy!!! waHHHH imageYou have me down to do a 13 mile comfortable off road on know what Im going to ask dont you???......any chance of making it a smidge longer.....only because my last long run was 12.5miles.....( should have bben 11miles, but not too good at navigation!!) So in theory its only a 0.5mile increase....I promise I wont put a hill in there....and Ill go slow!!!!....image.....

  • Hi Ruth.....thank you for that input.....maybe thats why Im normally trying to find a tree mid run....!!...I will have a play around on Sunday as I have a longer run.....yes I probably could eat something between breakfast and and race....but not sure about a RIPE banana!!!

    Pre race wee nerves is worrying me!!!!!!.....( sorry boys!!!) 

    Food for yesterday:

    2 x weetabix semi skimmed milk and blueberries

    Salt and vinegar snack jacks

    Pate and walnut bread, salad leaves

    Apple and pear

    poached Salmon, Noodles, pac choi, baby corn, mushrooms

    2xtea, 1x coffee, 1 x latte, loads of water, 1x glass red wine

    And I put the cream egg down.....!!!.....image

    40 minutes running

  • Hello Mel - you really make me smile..fancy asking for a longer LSRimage

    BoD - I hope your back is improving?

    I have only run once this week..5 miles on Monday. I still have a niggling neck and sore shin, have done some gym classes though! Going to wait until weekend and hopefully be okay for LSR providing it doesn't snow!image

  • Mad welsh woman..... Go on...... LSR?????..... I have been wracking my brains.... But what I'm coming up with would not be acceptable to post!!!!!..... What is it with all these niggles your all getting.... Can you keep them to yourself please!!!!!!!!.....????
  • Niggles, to myself??? How's that workimage

    LSR: Long Slow Run. Or Legs Sore and Raw.

    I'm off aqua running tomorrow.... Lets see how that goes.
  • Evening Mel ... you put the creme egg down???!! Will of IRON!!image

  • Mel

    Keep a  note on fluid intake for Sunday, prior to run and let me know how this goes.


  • Mel...LOL...meant Long, Slow Run, but the way I feel at the moment could be any numbers of combinations!

    Will keep the niggles well away from you Mel!

    BoD - hope the aqua running goes well!

    No running hereimage

  • BoDuke.....of course Long Slow Run......figured it would be something simple!!!...3am I was wondering.....and yes if one person keeps all the niggles then no one else has to have any and we can all stay niggle free!!!! you are the chosen niggler.....!image

    Hi Ruth...I will do!image

  • Hello all, it seems no one (including Mel!) has spotted the, ahem, deliberate error in that I did not post any revised paces. Indeed I seem not to have saved them on Mel's programme either but luckily had made written notes on them!

    So Mel, here are the revised paces:

    Jog (Recovery) = 10.50-11.40 mins per mile

    Comfortable (Easy) 9.45-10.45 per mile

    Steady = 9.15-9.45

    Fast (Tempo) = 8.45-9 (Or for intervals 8.30-8.45)

    Speedwork - dependent on distance.


    Regarding making the long run longer on Sunday. Why don't you run for time instead of distance and see where you get to. Your 12.5 mile run took 2 hours 12 mins, so why not take it up to 2 hours 30 mins (max) - comfortable pace - and see how far you get. Layer up!

  • DS2DS2 ✭✭✭

    Mel/Sam - I sometimes find it easier to increase by time rather than distance. It can be daunting to think of extra miles as the increment because each extra one is taking 10 minutes or so. If you run for time every minute feels like a new achievement.

    Good luck with it Mel. I do hope the snow is manageable. It doesn't look too clever down your way from what I can see? Again, that's where you might find time better than distance. If it's icy you'll need to be careful so speed will be less important. Has the added advantage of making your body rely on fat burning a bit more so good practice for the marathon.


    Mad welsh woman.....still no running???image......and I think tomorrow will be a LVSR for me!!!

    Sam...I missed the revised paces as I didnt think you had given me any!!!...image.....I didnt think i had improved enough and have to admit was feeling a bit annoyed at myself!!!! BIG smiles that you are making me work a bit harder!!!!image

    Fab plan for tomorrow...thank you...looking at the weather forecast I think the plan of 2 and a half hours is perfect. My brother in Super runner was out on the downs today and it took him 3 and a half hours to run 14 miles today.....I secretly think he was slacking but hey ho.....( I know he lurks quietly on the forum.....!!!) 

    No DS2 its pretty thick snow here, this is what Ill be up against tomorrow( photo below..).... so not going to push it and just see what happens....Im liking the body having to burn fat though!!!image




  • Mel....running in the snow is brilliant..the best. ( unlike ice which needs a lot of concentration )............when  running in snow I'm glad that my training programme is in time not miles....yesterday in my 2 hour run I only managed 9 miles :image

  • Ohh that was new...never run in snow like that bum really hurts tonight!!!...Seren...our timings look quite similar.....!!!.....

    its sooooo pretty !!!!




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