Cobbles & Red Wine - Sarah’s Paris Marathon Plan: Sub 3:35



  • well done on the run in the circumstances, and yes, most runners (probably 99.99%)  would not gorge on chilli, a hour before a longish run and I don't recall that in Ruth's previous dietary advice!

  • Your thread moves so quick...its going to take me ages to catch up when im back from my travels!

    Good luck this weekend, cant wait to hear how you get on.

    Thankyou brolish and sarah...had better add a head torch on to my list of things to buy (this list gets longer and longer all the time). A link would be great, thankyou sarah

    Hi Andrew...thankyou for the proper date for the Yorkshire marathon....would be gutted if I missed it! Do you live local?

    The Marathon starts in the centre and goes out to the villages and back. I might try and run a few sections as part of training

    I once tried running 3 hours after spag bol and was sick....really dont know how you do it Sarah!
  • Week 9, Day 3


    Goal: 8 x 800m starting every 5 minutes at 6:42 min/mile (14.5kmph)

    Actual: 8 x 800m starting every 5 minutes at 6:42 min/mile (14.5kmph)


    I cheated on this session. I’m very sorry … but I feel I need to confess.

    After a day nursing a poorly 3 year old who has been alternating tantrums and sulks and attempting to cook a meal this evening (after setting the smoke alarms off and doing the ineffectual flailing with a tea towel and then surreptitiously trying to scrape the burnt bits into the bin), I decided that getting to the track tonight was not going to happen.

    So toddler finally in bed, I sat down, ate my food (eating around the black crunchy parts), watched a film … and then went out into the garage and got onto the trusty treadmill. And did the intervals on that.

  • well done on session - you did it which is what counts. Most would have done reps and then eaten than other way around though!

  • Hi Sarah Osborne

    I live in West Yorkshire (north west of Leeds) so York is less than an hour's drive away.  I guess you live in the York area if you're planning a few training routes around parts of the course?

    I'm hoping the route is as flat as the organisers publicity suggests it is! 

  • Hi RRR

    Another eventful evening I see image

    I got my Silverstone race pack and number yesterday.  You got yours yet?  Race pack arriving always builds up the anticipation.  I'm starting to worry about race day travel arrangements now though image

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    RRR - sorry I haven't popped in for a while. You lot post so much I've had to stick with Ady for now and just pop my head in here from time to time.

    Are you carbo loading today like Ady? I bullishly said I'd do it with him (and Steve) thinking it would be bliss but I'm just stuffed! image

    Anyway, best of luck for tomorrow (I did get that right, you're all running Dorney - correct?).

    sarah osborne wrote (see)
    Thankyou brolish and sarah...had better add a head torch on to my list of things to buy (this list gets longer and longer all the time). A link would be great, thankyou sarah

    I can second what Brolish and RRR have said - torch is essential. If you don't have one you'll have to tailgate someone the whole way round image

    And get a good one if you can. The cheap ones are useless. I have an LED Lenser H7 and it was way better than most of the ones I saw people with last year.

    It has variable spot size and intensity and runs off 3xAAA so easy to replace when the charge goes. The lamp can be tilted too which is very handy for running as you can point it at the ground just ahead of you.

    I've seen other torches recommended on here as well but I can only go on the one I have and it's really good. When comparing brightness look for the lumens rating. I think this one is 180. The Petzl Tikka XP2 for example is only 60.

  • Hi RRR, Are you running Dorney tomorrow? I know your doing Silverstone soon too.

    What are you planning for tomorrows run? Good luck!

  • I have that headtorch too Malcs its an excellent bit of it for doing jobs in dark corners too as well as running at night and early mornings too.............

    Did a 17 miler last Sunday and have had a steady week, 14miles so far,not enough, did a 10k in 47 mins yesterday into headwind and back.........muddy trail run so pleased with that. Only 21 days till I do a race so need to keep at it. Not really done enough long runs so must get another one in this weekend...........finding a job has taken priority.........image

  • Evening Angela!

    Yes you’re right – running has to be simple. You don’t want to have to stop to find your route! Apparently you can load routes into the Garmins (like a basic satnav!) but I haven’t tried that function yet! Have you tried it? Is it worth doing?

  • Evening Steve Marathon Coach!

    Yes … the 3 plates of chilli probably wasn’t my brightest idea before a long run …  Oh forgot to mention ..! I’ve got a big bottle of the protein powder you suggested might be an idea due to low carbs. I’ve been having a milkshake after long runs and hard sessions.

  • Evening Sarah!

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday and good luck for the Barcelona half marathon!! I want to see lots of pics on your thread!! image

    You don’t eat for 3 hours before a run?? How are you not always starving?! You’ve got to practise that!! It’s really handy! (Especially when there are All You Can Eat nights on at the local …image

    This is the link to the torch I bought:

    It’s absolutely fantastic and is so bright. 1600 lum apparently. I’ve used it for about 2.5 hours on different runs and the batteries have been great. (It comes with rechargeable batteries and a charger too). It did take about 3 weeks to arrive though.

  • Evening Andy!

    Yes I’ve had my pack for a little while now but can’t remember the number off the top of my head. I love getting race packs … the best kind of post!!

    What’s the problem with the travel? Are you taking the train? I imagine it’s a bit of a pain to get to on public transport but it’s pretty easy by car as there are enormous car parks.

  • Evening Malcs!

    Fab to hear from you! Yes Dorney Lakes and carb loading today. I have the most uncomfortable stomach EVER right now. Feel like I’ve swallowed a pillow!! It has been great to eat such different things but not something I’d be able to comfortably do every day!!

  • Evening AW!

    Yes Dorney tomorrow! I’m looking forward to it … but am a bundle of nerves right now!! I’m looking to do about the same as my previous PB, maybe a little bit under. So looking at about 1:39 – 1:37 if I get the pacing right! image

  • Evening MCS!

    Sounds like your training is going really, really well!! How did you find the 17 miler? That’s a fab time for the 10k especially into the wind and on a muddy trail! Bet it was fun though!

    Hope your long run goes well this weekend too!

  • Pre-Race Food Diary


    Suggested by Ruth:

    Breakfast: Porridge with 3 sugars and glass of fruit juice.

    Snack: Milkshake or smoothie or jelly sweets

    Lunch: Rice salad with tuna and glass of fruit juice

    Snack: 4 large rice cakes with banana and honey topping or fruit salad and yoghurt or jellybabies and glass of fruit juice.

    Dinner: Sweet potato and usual foods. Sorbet for dessert.

    Before bed: Bowl of porridge



    I stuck to Ruth’s suggestions as closely as possible as I want to get the most benefit from her knowledge that I can. I hit a couple of hiccups - which is why we trial these things before the big day – and worked around these as best as I could.

    Breakfast: Porridge with 3 sugars and glass of apple juice and coffee.

    Snack: Jelly sweets (Pick’n’Mix!! Woo hoo!) and glass of apple juice and a coffee and a glass of orange squash.

    Lunch: Jacket potato with tuna and a side salad. (First hiccup. I was out all day today and so chose the closest thing I could find on the menu to Ruth’s suggestion substituting the rice for a potato. I thought this highlighted a potential problem / solution though … I wouldn’t be able to cook for myself the day before the marathon as I’d be staying at a hotel so rice might be difficult although a jacket potato be easily available on a café menu). Drink – a pint of tap water.

    Snack: 4 large rice cakes with honey and nutella on top. Glass of apple juice pint of water cup of coffee.

    Dinner: Goats cheese, beetroot and cashew salad with a portion of potato wedges. 2nd hiccup. Again I was away from home for this meal as I was staying at a hotel near the half-marathon start. There wasn’t any salmon or fish on the menu as the only place I could find to eat was a pizza place. However the salad was great and there was actually quite a lot to it. There wasn’t any sweet potato available so I had potato wedges)

    Drink: Bottle of lime and cranberry juice and a pint of tap water. Cup of decaff coffee. Couldn’t manage any dessert but only real alternative to sorbet on pub menu was ice cream.

    Before bed: A bowl of porridge just isn’t going to happen … there is no way I can shovel any more food in today.

    I feel as though I've eaten a pillow and am a bit uncomfortable, but I'll see how I'm feeling tomorrow and the big test will be how the race goes! image

  • Good luck. - suggest ease into it gently and build up speed during run - ie you could do first mile nearer 8:00 than 7:30.

  • Hi Steve Marathon Coach,

    Yes I'll do the first mile slowly then if you think it's best. Why do you recommend that?
  • Good luck on your race , try to relax and save as much energy as possible. Look forward to seeing your results. Have a good day.
  • I don't always think a slower than normal start is best but tomorrow you don't need a flat out run from the off or to find out how fast you can run - that can possibly wait until Silverstone. In a marathon, control is essential and it will be good practice to run slower than capable amongst a group of runners.

    If you find it hard to pace yourself at Dorney, then you will find it much harder to go at the right pace in Paris when you are rested, tapered and full of adrenalin, and hopefully with well over a month of extra hard training under the belt.

    Going slower will also mean you will be passing people throughout which again will be good practice as that will also be happening in Paris!

    If you can ease through the first three miles in the half in say 7:55, 7:50, 7:45, then effectively you will just have a fast 10 to do and that should also mean it will take less out of you for the week ahead than if you blast through the first three miles in say 7:15, 7:20, 7:25 which you are capable of and the best thing tomorrow is to ease close to or just within your personal best and then follow that with some good training in the following weeks.

  • Well ... I behaved myself and did a nice steady first 3 miles. I then sat at a steady pace and kept the splits consistent as possible although I sped up a little bit at the end. I ended up with a PB but not a hard fought one and I feel i could have run quicker. So ... A good result and I won't be too drained for a nice week ahead!
  • RRR - very well controlled. Should set you up nicely and looking fwd to the details later!

  • Congratulations! I was thinking of u out on my run this morning, when I got lost, and then had to wade my way through a flooded high woods country park before giving up and asking the fianc?? to come and pick me up!

    What time did u get?
  • excellent. well done on your 1:35:42 PB!

  • Nice running RRR. Congrats on the PB, and good work following the pacing guidelines!!!image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Brilliant RRR! I ran 3:28 off 1:36 so I'm sure you're going to smash 3:30!
  • Fantastic time once again! Inspirational image My one and only half marathon time was 1:57.07.. maybe some day I'll have a 1:3-something image

  • Evening Mike Sheridan!

    Thank you very much! I was very impressed … never knew I could behave myself that well! image 

  • Evening Angela!

    Oh no!! Sounds like you had a virtually identical run to mine the other week! Eek!! Glad you made it out without falling into a ditch!! image

    Hope your next run is nice and boring and uneventful …!!

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