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  • Sarah - Belvoir is often calf deep in mud and puddles image

  • Minni wrote (see)

    Good luck with the build up to 2:5X Lou! 

    You say that as if it might be difficult image.

    In any case if I don't manage it then I can always use the excuse that marathons were easier in the eighties.  Everyone was running sub 3 in those days.

  • Hi Sarah, well done on getting selected to have a mentor for your goal.  I've read through this thread and looking at your short distance times it appears that you obviously tail off the longer you go.  I'm sure with a larger endurance base you will hit your sub 3.30 goal.

    I live in Sheffield and will be at BM in Jan.  My husband works in Doncaster and has done the Maltby 10 back in the dayimage  I have also done East Hull 20 a couple of times, once as a training run and once to achieve a time to try and top my age rankings for the yearimage  I did it, but did leave my marathon at that race and the 3 other 20 races before it, so agree do it, but keep it at training pace.  A good way to run a 20 'race' is to either do it progressive, I've done it this way before where I started off with 5 miles easy, then increased my pace every 5 miles until I was running the final 5 miles at MP or marathon effort as MP is hard to hit until marathon day!  Another way of running a 20 is to run the first 17 at normal long slow run pace then run the final 3 miles at MP/effort which will help to build your lactate threshold. 

    I have a treadmill at home and find it invaluable when the weather is so bad running outside becomes dangerous, not often, but since moving to Yorkshire I have had days where the treadmill was the only option and I'd rather run on that than not at all.  Also, will use the gym one, but again would prefer to run outside, but agree with you that running in the dark is sometimes not an option.  I've trained on it on and off for years and it's not prevented me hitting my marathon target, in fact it's very good mental preparation running 16+ miles on there!

    I will pop in from time to time and see how you're progressing.  So many good threads on Spring Marathon at the minuteimage


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    It seems so Lou. Hilly can give a few tips.

    Hello Hilly. Thanks for dropping in. You've had such an impressive running career any input you have here will be greatly recieved. I'll be at BM too - I hope it's not as windy as last year.

    Spring marathon page has never been so alive. Lots of healthy debates going on everywhere.

    I think Sarah will easily achieve sub 3:30. The question might be, by how much...? image
  • Minni wrote (see)
    It seems so Lou. Hilly can give a few tips.
    I think Sarah will easily achieve sub 3:30. The question might be, by how much...? image

    What - even without an Asics app????image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Yep - we're going to do it the hard way!image
  • Thanks.  I have time to drop in for the next 2 weeks being work free, but also want to get a few miles in here and thereimage  I too hope BM is not windy!  I also agree that Sarah does seem to have the talent to go sub 3.30, but as we all know nothing is signed and sealed until you cross the finish lineimage

    Keep up the good mentoring!

  • Minni -  What's your target for VLM, you might end up pacing Sarah.image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    I'm slightly concerned that she might beat me!!
  • Hi freemers and hilly, thankyou for dropping in and for your advice, like what Minni has said above, all tips and advice are greatly received.

    Just been talking to my dad, he said the maltby 10 was a tough one but they had to cancel it due to traffic. My dads isn't a huge fan of BM or east hull, but I know plenty who have sang their praises! I do like the sound of increasing the pace every 5 miles in east hull.....will break down the run into smaller chunks! Are you a member of a RC in sheffield? What do you think to the 5 milers (south Yorkshire championships)?

    Spoons, I will make sure I stop off at my mums on my way home after doing the belvoir challenge to shower and drop my clothes off.....sounds like its going to be messy!

    At the moment minni my mileage hasn't been that high, roughly between 25-30 miles a week. I'm happy to drop swimming/cycling for extra runs if needs be or i can do both if time allows. Congratulations on your 18 miles today. It's done nothing but rain here all day. My days revolved around baking and cooking today and going out with friends I haven't seen for a while. Now I'm about to head to the local with my parents.....Christmas is more consuming than running! I did mange to sneak a 5k in which I did in just under 21mins and a 30 min bike ride though!
  • Two good smackdowns then - PRF and Keir should be close.

    Actually I've found it very good to have rivalries with friends to spur me on.  The more you respect someone the sweeter it is when you are in competition with them.

  • Haha, really minni I don't think you have anything to worry about, I haven't done much over the 14-15 mile mark for a while, you seem to have loads of miles in your legs, achieving 18 miles today which is magnificent.

    I do like the idea of doing some of the same runs as my mentor!
  • Barnsley runner, hi. You must be a good have some deathly hills in Barnsley.....some of the ones in the South Yorkshire championships were just evil!

    I know what you mean about rivalries.....all my best runs I have usually ran against's been a good distraction for any pain!
  • You wouldn't be able to access any results from 2001-2003 would you?  I can't find them anywhere online and it was before Pof10.

    We run for Barnsley AC and yes, I've done the SYRL a few times - good club events and a way to track fitness.

  • BM and EH I guess aren't for those who prefer a more undualting route as both a very flat.  Although EH can be VERY windy and I found that tough as it was like running into a brick wall!  BM is a good one if you're after a good time.

  • We marshalled that one at Silkstone and I ran in the one at Oxspring.  Yes good, tough workouts.

  • Sarah -  Nice pacy 5K. You've certainly got some speed at shorter distances.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Oh god this is not looking good for me. I don't really have the killer instinct and feel if someone's better than me then I'm happy to let them have it!

    Sarah I was thinking about the Newcastle parkrun on Saturday but I'm not sure I could run under 21.... You might end up mentoring me at at the shorter distance.image
  • Barnsley runner, I haven't tried but I will have a look and ask around and see if anyone can access the times. I did the 5 milers for the first time this year, really enjoyed them (afterwards). The second race at Barnsley (can't remember which one it was) was the first time I've ever been sick on a run, I got to the top of the hill and must have pushed myself far too much and had to stop at the top to be sick at about mile 4. Legs felt like lead afterwards....couldnt work out if it was the hilly course or spag Bol and running not being a good combination. Haven't dared to try to eat it before a race again!

    Hilly, I think I do prefer more undulating courses and do get my best times on them, but running in york and on a TM I should be use to the flatter routes!

    Minni I would happily help on the shorter distances if I can and if I'm better at that distance, it would be far more rewarding for both of us if we can learn from each other and both become better runners. I'm up for Newcastle park run on sat if you are?
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Hope you manage to get out for a run tomorrow Sarah. Remember it's ok to slow down a bit! As your mileage increases you'll need to run the easy miles a bit slower. I know this can be hard to begin with but it's worth it in the long run. (See what I did there! )
  • Hey Sarah,

    Congrats again on getting into the forum 6 - so pleased for you image

    I promised I'd stop by and post Sam Murphy Strength Circuit - enjoy, and hope it's useful!

    Have a great Christmas everyone, and all the best for 2013...

    Happy running image

  • I wondered why I hadn't received any update notifications on this thread.  Perhaps that might be because I haven't posted here yet image  So here's a post so I can find it again image

    Good luck Sarah.  I'll pop in occasionally, though you are too fast for me.

    Oh wait.... everyone is too fast for me!

    I'm just off to eat a mince pie that has been left by the fireplace.  Not too fussed about the raw carrot, though.  Happy Christmas!

  • Minni wrote (see)
    Oh god this is not looking good for me. I don't really have the killer instinct and feel if someone's better than me then I'm happy to let them have it!

    Raw turkey tomorrow and you have to catch it yourself.

  • Hi Sarah- I'm a hospital doctor ( surgeon). I occiaionally have very busy on call nights/ weekends, which can wipe you out for a couple of days trainig after.

    Treadmill running- I started as a pure treadmill runner, and for my first marathon, more than half my trainig was on the tready- now only resort to it for intervals and if the weather is horrible.

  • Good morning all and MERRY CHRISTMAS. Hope you all have a fantastic day. I'm passing time at the moment until I'm allowed to wake everyone up at 10. I stupidly had breakfast when I got up, otherwise I could have just gone for a run!

    Minni I promise to slow down on my LSR, I think I might try and do my next one along derwent this week so it will be nice to run slower and take in the sites.

    Thank you Steve for the fabulous link, I really appreciate it. Good luck in 2013 and with the running too. Hope you have a fabulous day today with Jack.

    Hi Ten, thank you for dropping by. My dad ate Santas mince pie aswell....and the crips and mars bar for the reindeers.......we've never left carrots for them, my dads convinced that they prefer the sweeter foods!

    Morning tricialitt, I really don't miss those hospital on calls and nights, like you said they completely wipe out a few days of your life. Luckily for me I only did 13 hour shifts when I did them, but all the surgeons I know do 24 hour shifts! You sound similar to me with the treadmill. I only ran on the TM at the beginning to. After doing my first race out doors I have tried to run outdoors when I can, it's far nicer.
  • A nice steady 3 miles (at 8:45-9:15 min/ml pace) with my OH on Christmas morning....slowest I've run for a while, but least it was nice to get out there and work up a small appetitie!
  • Merry Xmas Sarah. hope its been a good one and looking forward to 2013....

    Did 4 1/2 miles in the rain avec santa Hat this morning- raised a few smiles in the cars going by

  • Merry Christmas Clive, had a fabulous one so far but I've been quite busy helping my mum with diner and then tidying the bomb site up afterwards before then starting tea preparations for all my relatives due to arrive any minute.

    Glad to hear that you managed to get out on a run and in a Santa hat aswell, im impressed, wish we had crossed paths, you would have got a very big smile from me. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Well done on the run today Sarah. Perfect pace - just as the doctor ordered!image

    Hope you've had a great day.
  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭

    Sarah - well done on getting out for a run today. I managed 6 miles during the day and decided that it was time I started listening to the advice of minni and spoons and slowed down from my normal 7:30 / 8:00 mm to 9:30 mm. They tell me it will pay off and I am sure that it will. Planning on doing the same tomorrow.

    Will pop in every so often to see how you are progressing. image


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