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  • Haha....I will make sure I get my arse in gear as well then on marathon day Malcs!!
  • So then Minni did you risk it and run out doors or did you decide on the dreaded treadmill?

    The weather was really nice in York today, had a pleasant walk to my nursing home at lunch, just a shame it was only a 10 minute walk away as it would have been nicer to have gotten out for longer.
  • Hi Andy. I went to sweat shop to try trainers as you can take them back if they dont feel right no matter how many miles you have run and where you have run as long as its within the month of purchase.

    My only problem is that the first sweat shop in sheffield said I was a neutral runner and gave me asics - initially a 4.5 which gave me blisters on the arch of my foot. I took these back and then tried a size 5 (my normal shoe size is a 4). When these caused me no end of problems, I then took these back to the Sweat shop in York They said that I pronated and gave me some adidas trainers. First I tried size 5 (as recommended) and when these caused problems I took them back and was given a 4.5. These however still didnt agree with me so I went to see a podiatrist and he made some orthotics for me and told me to get a neutral shoe. I got some nike air peguses and have had these since with no problems (until I started wearing my 5th pair last week). Unfortunately when I got the nikes my month trial had run out so I ended up having to buy these and now I use the Adidas for walking around in.
  • Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

    Week 12 ( day 78) - Aim Rest day.

    I attended an advisory meeting after work from 18:30 - 21:30 so I didnt have time to schedule anything else in. The meeting was interesting and I learnt about a new product which is going to come on the market.

    After doing very little exercise today im really looking forward to doing my weights and going for a run tomorrow.

    Wondering if you would recommend doing some of the miles at MP or would you do it all easy Minni?
  • Hello, I see there's been lots of banter. Malcs, I would definitely agree about getting ur arse in gear- would be so much easier if it wasn't counteracted by sitting down most of the day though.

    I've had 2 days rest since the race, though did have a meeting last night in prep for the Launch of the Colchester Castle park run. The event director put me to shame- he's 70 and did sub 1:40 in the half marathon. Inspirational! And even moreso, I volunteered at the Ipswich park run on saturday- there was a boy who was perhaps 12 or 13 who got a time of 19 minutes, and the chap who was last around was in his 80s! I hope I'm still a dedicated runner when I reach the twilight years, you can even see the difference in both mental and physical presence!

    Hoping for an easy 8 miles after work in London tonight, tho I haven't prepared the right kit if it doesn't stay bright and sunny...
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    Angela Isherwood 2 wrote (see)
    Malcs, I would definitely agree about getting ur arse in gear- would be so much easier if it wasn't counteracted by sitting down most of the day though. 

    Too right! Mine is parked on a seat most of the day too which is why I think I have to will it into action when I'm running. When it kicks in though it really makes a difference. Not quite like putting the afterburners on but significant nevertheless.

    Sarah - sorry, might have missed this but are you doing a race in France or is France just a short break and the race is back in the UK?

    I'm also planning a shorter long run this weekend after last week's 23. My usual Saturday slot is looking a bit dodgy though as I'm going to a gig on Friday and will find it hard to resist having a beer or two. Not the best prep for a long run the next morning.

  • Hi Malcs,

    I have to say I regularly ended up partying hard until the wee hours of the morning on the Saturday nights before my Sunday long runs when I was training for Berlin... Managed to get thru them image a beer or two may be good, all those carbs and hydration... Since Berlin, I'm now a regular drinker of alcohol free beer- they were promotion erdinger alcohol free after the race and it was 10 times more refreshing than water or regular beer!
  • Hi Sarah/Malcs,

    Thanks for your comments. When I first started running regularly I did get conflicting advice - some people said I had a slight pronation and needed shoes with support, other said I needed neutral cushioned shoes. I certainly feel like I need decent cushioning because I am quite heavy footed. On the size issue my shoe size is 8 and I have generally had running shoes in a 8.5 but with my current (and previous) Asics ones I found a 9 more comfortable - I don't know if it's a general issue with Asics. 

    I guess four weeks from a marathon is not the time to start experimenting but I'll pay a visit to Sweatshop afterwards - I have one very close to my work. I guess there is a danger when subjecting your body to the punishment of a marathon training schedule that you can mistake what is a perfectly natural reaction to the stress being placed on your body for something more profound.    

    Anyway, last night I did some hill reps - 12 x 2 mins run uphill (at the best pace I could manage) and jog down. It was hard work but good for building up stamina. Tonight it's a 9 mile slow run home from work again. 

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Good evening very busy on here this week.

    Is it resistance training today Sarah?  I can't help but think of a roomful of people in berets with comedy French accents when you mention it.

    I went to our club on Monday, bit of a fartlek session over 6 or so miles, then rested yesterday before tonight's 8 miles at 8:30's.  I felt a bit stiff and ungainly tonight, I came out of work with a bad headache and hoped to run it off and to some extent I did but I still feel a bit nauseous. 

    Saturday is last long run image

  • Hi Angela, how did your 8 miles go? Did the weather stay nice for you?

    How are your legs feeling?

    I would love to still be running at 80 but when I look around at some of the older members of our running club, im not convinced it will needs a new hip and a few just cant do it any more and are cycling and motivating the younger ones instead.
  • Evening Andy, I think you have it spot on there with what you said. Im not even risking the shoes I bought for the marathon now as I feel its too late to be bedding them in...really dont want to risk anything!

    Im going to have to start doing hill reps soon ready for the isle of skye half in June.....its very hilly, my only problem is I cant find any good hills in York

    Hope you had a good run home tonight.
  • Hi Mr was resistance training (and 10 miles tonight for me). Ive only got the time to do my resistance training once this week which is a bit of a shame, but as long as I do it once within 7 days I feel that I maintain my strength quite well.

    .....all with glasses of wine in their hands : ).

    I felt a little stiff tonight too and I didnt even have the excuse of a good training session on monday!

    I always thought that running would help a headache with the endorphins...but I dont think I could have run when I use to get migraines as a child. I hope your headache settles soon and your next runs a good one.

    Ive mixed emotions....Im alittle jealous that its your last long run this weekend.....but then again im sort of glad its not as its means london is getting closer!!!!
  • Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

    Week 12 ( day 79) - Aim resistance training + 10 miles easy.

    I went to the gym to do my training tonight again. After my resistance training I started my steady 10 miles. All day I was dying to run but when I started my legs felt heavy and tight. After doing 2 miles I decided to add some hills to make it abit more variable and this seemed to help. My legs felt better and I enjoyed the rest of my run more.

    Mile reps

    1 12 - 8:34 min/mls

    2 8:34 min/mls

    3-4 8: 27 min/mls

    5-6 8: 20 min/mls

    7-8 8: 13 min/mls

    9-10 8: 06 min/mls

    Enjoyed being able to go on a run tonight but my mind was elsewhere...we finally got an offer on our house (well infact we got two) to find a house we like!!!
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    Hang on I think I've miscalculated...second to last isn't it?
  • Hi Sarah, looks like you're getting good runs in. Alas, I didn't do mine yesterday. A friend and colleague was visiting from another office (overseas) and she had recently been dumped, so I thought I'd better take her out for some wine to commiserate..

    One pb, and I'm complacent! I'll get the easy 8 in today, and then look to the XC race at the weekend- put this down as a rest and consolidation week before the next few which will be taking me up to those big long runs at 20 miles...
  • Hi Sarah,

    I'm surprised we have more hills down here in East London/Essex than you do in Yorkimage, but then although I've had some holidays in Yorkshire I've only been to York itself for one day so can't pretend to know it very well. Mind you, we'll be there for a few days in October so I'll get a chance to find out! Are looking to stay in York or move somewhere else?

    My run last night was OK, my legs were a bit tired from my hills the previous evening so I took it relatively easy (about 8.35/mile). I did 4 miles at MP this lunchtime as well so that's my weekday quota out of the way. 

    Mr P - my schedule has 22 miles on Sunday, then it's 20, 18 and 12 





  • Hi Sarah, I've tended to find with marathon training that my legs almost always feel tight for the first 2 miles of any run.  I think its just the constant overload we put on ourselves.  Bit frustrating at times though, as it does make you question sometimes whether you should be out there.

    I've become a terrible runner,,, well, i claim to be a runner, but that would suggest I actually run.  So I was at home today as I had to go and see the asthma nurse.  So I did run there, but I left A bit late to get in 6 miles before (as it was 2 home after), and I totally underestimated quite how hard my first run after my race at the weekend would be, and I was conscious that I needed to get an accurate blood pressure reading, rather than show up just having sprinted there and fob off the high bp with a 'well u did just run here', so, I only managed 3 miles before the Dr Surgery, and it was 2 miles home.  A total of 5. If its any consolation, I did seem to loosen up in those last 2.  I also have just had a sports massage, and he worked on my lower leg, where I've been getting all those problems.  He thinks its caused by a tight gluteus medius, and also tightness in my hip flexors, and interestingly, he said that he doesn't think I should use a foam roller- apparently they haven't been proven to work image

    So in summary, my week has been recovery from my half, adn tapering for my 15 mile XC on Saturday, which  I may not even be able to get to because snow is forecast again.  IF I WANTED SNOW ALL THE TIME I'D LIVE IN THE ARCTIC image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Sarah - have a great time in France! Hope the race goes well.

  • Hi Mr P, I guess it depends on if your having a three or four week taper? I'm going for three.
  • Hahaha Angela, you took the words right out of my mouth, I'm sick of all this snow, I was even wondering today if it was going to snow on marathon day and try to mess that up too. If it does snow tomorrow, I just hope its after I've drove the 241 miles to the euro tunnel.

    What was your BP when they took it, was it up? I still think that a 13 mile race and a 15 mile cross country is worth more than a training run 13 and 15 so I wouldn't worry about your easy week, I think the rest will have done you some good and its good to be there for friends. Your doing the same as what I did- race a half, a quiet week then a 15 mile far its worked for me!

    You have me thinking now about the foam roller although from experience it does seen to help, it loosened my ITB up no end!

    Just incase I don't get back on here until after my week, good luck with your XC
  • Hi Andy, do you know where your staying in york (or is it alittle to early just yet)? York is very flat, although I'm use to the hills in sheffield so lots of places seem flat to me.

    We will continue to live in York but just in a different area about 5 - 10 miles away. Currently can't decide between more urban or rural, pros and cons with both.

    Sorry to hear about your legs been a little tired yesterday but least that shows you made Tuesdays session a good one!

    I managed 8 miles tonight in my new trainers and they felt fine this time. I wasn't going to try them again until after VLM but when I wore my old ones yesterday I was ? If they had lost their support. I knew I would be going slow tonight so I risked it and they felt fine (I'm so relieved) now I don't know which ones to race in on Sunday!

    The 18 miles doesn't sound much of a taper...but then again I think that's what I put down as my target run two weeks out, but I might change it to 16 if minni agrees.
  • Thanks Minni, just hope that we make it with the weather forecast! Can't decide whether to race in my new or old trainers....why is nothing easy! Hope your long run goes well this week and the predicted snow doesn't spoil anything
  • Good luck in France Sarah!

    Bp was 130:80... She said its in range and I shouldn't worry, but I can't help being a little concerned... I'm of west African descent as well... But I think I'm just nervous each time that sleeve tightens around my arm.

    I'm hoping by following in your footsteps this week I will experience your success image
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Ooh Sarah can I ask you a medical question? I had an MOT last week and got the results back. Everything is spot on except for my Kidney function which was slightly low (79). The GP hasn't asked to see me so I'm assuming its nothing too much to worry about but I'm wondering if a reduction in kidney function could be caused by dehydration? Or rather if I drank more water would this improve?
  • Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

    Week 12 ( day 80) Aim; 8 mile slow run with the running club

    At one point on sunday at around 9 miles the arch of my right foot/shoe didnt feel quite right but the sensation quickly passed and all was ok. Then yesterday the balls of my left foot had a burning sensation for about 4-5 minutes before it settled again. In addition to this my old trainers just didnt feel as supportive as it did before. I'm not sure if its psychological and that I was just comparing them to my new trainers but its given me doubts. Because I knew I would be going slow tonight I decided to risk it with my new trainers after walking around in them last week. I was surprised to find that they were fine and didnt cause any problems. Now I'm tied with what I should wear on the 9 mile race on Sunday- what would people recommend?

    It was nice to run with others today and get outdoors despite it being quite cold and windy. The course we ran was quite hilly but it was done at a steady 8:57min/mls ( average for 8.2 miles)
  • Haha, thanks Angela, nice being told that I've been successful. Normal BP is 120/80 and we try to keep everyone's BP below 150/90 if their on medication so your BP was fine today. If anything it will probably be lower than that normally when your not having it taken at a doctors surgery and you haven't just run there!
  • Hi Minni- do you know what was 79 - was it your creatinine or your GFR? If either normally that would be classed as normal according to our lab reference ranges and I wouldn't be too concerned. If its your GFR and is low according to your labs reference ranges then it could be caused by dehydration. Urea which is measured in your kidney function test is the best indicator of dehydration-if that's raised (roughly 8 and above) you are dehydrated and need to drink more)
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Thanks Sarah - I'll check. It said normal was 90 and above, whatever it was! The main thing was my liver function was normal! image lol
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    Good evening...Bon Voyage et Bon Chance. Remember the passwords!

    liver function, I daren't even go there. I have really tried the last few weeks not to drink and I feel a lot better but I love a cold beer and a glass of wine late at night with a book.

    Tonight was a club night, very simple route, a climb of perhaps two miles then a brief muster before a nice flat effort of a mile and a half which I managed at 7mm again but the wind was strong behind us. Then a fast jog back.

    I got my magazine today very excited now.

    Sarah I will have a three week taper, but I intend to work hard up to the last week, I rather switched of last year after my last long run.

    I had a medical a couple of weeks ago because I occasionally drive for work, she said my blood pressure was perfect, and I had an " athletic pulse". Joking apart last time my BP was checked it was quite high so very pleased.
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    Sarah - No idea what to suggest re. which shoes to use. It's around this time that my feet start to make a few complaints. I have a bit of arch pain creeping in too plus a bit of tightness on the top of the foot. I'm still convinced its down to the cumulative effect of the training more than it is the shoes. Ah the joys of the end of training paranoia eh image

    I know someone who wears a new pair of shoes whenever he runs a marathon!

    I'm wearing my new shoes for shorter runs and will make a call nearer the time as to which ones get the race nod.

    Have a great time in France!

    Andy - I take it you're doing York then? Me too!
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