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  • Im glad that you have had some happy memories today Angela, its difficult but it will get easier with time.

    I hope the bike ride does the trick for you tomorrow, but if it doesnt dont panic as it might just be a way of your legs asking for a little rest. I think you did the right thing not attempting 13 again this evening, letting your legs recover a little more

  • Plan for week 14

    Monday          Resistance training + 3 miles easy/slow

    Tuesday         Rest

    Wednesday    Resistance training + 6 miles ? with 6 x 100m strides

    Thursday        Rest

    Friday             10 miles. 3m w/u. 7m @ MP + c/d

    Saturday         Rest

    Sunday           15 miles easy/slow (roughly 8:50 min/mls)

    Total miles 34

  • TR24

    Just wondering if anyone on here fancies joining our team for TR24/Thunder run which is on the 27th/28th of July.

    We have entered a team of 6-7 but so far only have 5 runners. The weekend involves running for 24 hours as a team, doing a 10k lap. If there are 7 of us this would be roughly 3 laps each, 4 laps if there was 6 of us.

    We will be camping over and have a tent etc already organised.

    I havent done it before but Ive heard some very good reports about it...any takers?

    Its in Derbyshire

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    I can thoroughly recommend TR24. It's a fabulous event with an amazing atmosphere.

    As Sarah says, it's a 10K lap team relay and it's through the night so not only do you get to run around an amazing course in the country but you get to do it in the dark with a head torch on - how cool is that?! 

    You can share tents, bring your own, or if you have a camper van that's fine too. There are porta showers with hot water and proper flushing loos. There's full hot and cold food catering on site or you can get your own gas stove out. 

    And the best thing is that it's in July so this freakin' snow should have cleared by then! image

    End of sales pitch. 

  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Sarah - great to hear you had a good time in Liverpool. I am slightly disappointed to hear you're not doing Strictly though image. Nice 10 miler, safely negotiated and with some speed too, though that fails to be a surprise now.

    I was wondering what you'd have planned for your taper in terms of LSRs. 15 miles is pretty much what I wanted to do to. I know Sam had Ady doing 12 at two weeks out but I'd prefer to do a bit more. What would you do 1 week before, 10 ish?

    Angela - good to hear that your ice bath was successful. I know that if I have one and it doesn't have the desired effect on me then at least the children have some amusement listening to my screams of agonyimage

    I didn't even know the boat race was on. Isn't that usually in the spring time, we're still in winter aren't we?image  Glad it cheered you up.

    Dotty - yes, foot is looking amazigly ok ish, which is a great relief thanks. So, your first London and you're with the celebs too - I am so jealous now! I've done 3 London marathons and I used to live in Wapping so I know the route well. If you don't know London well the route is packed with interesting sites - plenty to take your mind off the pains of running. 

    The out and back I think Sarah is referring to is when they send you out into docklands. That is by far the hardest part mentally. It's about the 15-20 mile mark section. There are fewer crowds but each year I've done it they have grown and grown. Around mudchute it was packed and at Canary Wharf (mile 19/10 ish) it was flooded with people.  

    I think the worst part of London is the amount of runners. If you're on green then at your speed you should be able to get ahead of the bulk of people. In the other start areas it depends on your pen but I was in the middle and last year it was still packed at half way.

    Still loved it though.

    Mr P - well done to Mrs P. Are you aiming for sub 3:30 in London too? What's your previous PB? Have you run London before? 

  • Very tempted for the TR 24... But my sensible hat is telling me that at only a week before 100mile bike ride, it might not be the best idea... I think I can be fairly easily swayed though, will have to look at the dates surrounding and have a proper think- I'm one of the run directors for Colchester castle park run which is starting next week and I have a feeling that is one of the dates I'm rota'd for.

    Yeah boat race has been fairly poorly advertised this year- I guess the bbc didn't want to get in trouble for showing it on Easter Day. I knew the date way before i knew it would be on Easter...

    Dotty, I did London in 2011, a very hot sunny day, and don't remember there being a lack of crowds, except perhaps the first 3 miles, where u wouldn't notice anyway. I watched my sister do it last year, she was at a 5.5hour speed and David and I set up in canary wharf... People were 3 deep!

    When my family watched me they chose to watch from the 13/22 mile point, dad said he thought he saw me go past mile 13, though I didn't see them. I saw them all at mile 22 with my charity and stopped to have a chat... They really enjoyed being there too as they were able to see the winners flying past! I guess in c wharf the crowd depends on the time of day.
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    I do like the sound of TR 24 but I think we'll be on holiday.

    Malcs this will be my 6th London, and I secretly want to run 3:30 but realistically I think the mid-high thirties is more feasible. I did 3:39 last year, 3:33 in 2011 and 3:36 in 2010.

    I think the 12 or 16 weeks or whatever period will build endurance for raceday, but after a summer and autumn of not a lot of running I don't think there is a lot of pace in me at the moment. Prior to 2011 I spent nearly the whole summer off roading for fun and I was in a very good place to start my marathon campaign.

    Looking at the paces Sarah runs at when she's not doing LSR's, the gap is huge, I think you do need to be able to knock out halfs at 7:20 for instance. But I have been very consistent since January, I've got a lot of club nights in, and my overall prep has been good, so who knows.

    Dotty there is just nothing like the first time you run at London, it is amazing.  It is as if the whole event has been put on just for you..the spectators, the marshals, even the other runners, are just there for you to have an amazing day.

    Malcs is spot on about the start, I have started in pen 2 or 3 last few times and been ok at 8mm pace, crossing the line in less than 1 minute.  from Green you will be fine.


  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Mr P - Wow 6th London! And also very impressive times too! Well, you never know how things will go on the day. Surely your HM times can't be far off 7:20 pace?

    Dotty - if you have supporters with you it's definitely worth planning where they should go in advance. Most parts of the route will be rammed. My lot went to Canary Wharf and the Highway the first year I did it thinking it would be quiet and we were amazed how many people were there. We used to live in Wapping in the 90's and we'd walk up to the Highway to see the marathon. It was always quiet enough to get to the barrier. Not any more!

    Last year my support crew (I like to call them that) went for Rotherhithe (North part nearSurrey Water) between the 10 and 11 mile mark and it was easy for them to get close enough to be seen easily. They then nipped over to Shadwell and took the DLR to Limehouse basin. On the South side between 14 and 15 was too busy (its very narrow there) but they saw me easily enough between Limehouse and Poplar miles 20-21.

    No idea what it's like once you get to the Embankment (as I have always been semi-delirious by that stage), maybe others have experience but most parts of the route are absolutely chocca. I only remember the Poplar and North Rotherhithe sections where there were gaps at the side of the route. 

    And another thing - it's not just the route but the tube also gets very busy, hence the reason we chose the more out of the way places.

    Sarah, where did your lot go last year? Mr P. any hot tips as a veteran?

  • So I went for a cross training bike ride today... Cycled to a friends parents for lunch- hadn't seen her for a few months and her parents for years! They're both into running so it was good chat, however, was quite disappointed that they were only 3 miles away, so not much of a ride. We took a different route home, which involved a cycle down north hill- top speed 25 mph. Even if a silly 4x4 driver cut me up after making such a point of over revving at the top of the hill to overtake us. It bothers me when drivers are that silly- don't they know that bike brakes aren't as strong as car brakes and even so, a car going into Another car is a lot less dangerous than a cyclist going into a car... I yelled abuse at him and shook my hand... With only the half a mile climb to go before we got home we were stopped at a traffic light and the road was uphill. I tried to stay in my toe clips, as its such a faff getting them on, especially uphil... Yippee the light turned green, I could peddle, so i did, but my front wheel was turned such that I couldn't peddle any further..... BANG, I fell onto the road! Very hard.... Grazed knee, grazed elbow, and totally bruised hand... Now sitting here with ice on everything hoping it doesn't affect my running this week!

    But, it was quite funny! Both times I've fallen off my bike have been from completely stationary! How dense am I?!?
  • Hahaha, thanks Malcs for sold it much more better than I did image

    I was planning on doing about 9-10 miles the week before london all being well. Im taking the running club around where my parents live so it will be a nice steady off road run (well thats what I have planned at the moment anyway). Looking at the plan in the london marathon booklet that arrived last week though it suggests 8 miles the week before and 13 2 weeks before that!

    I was delirious by about mile 23 last year so I dont recall much after hoping it will be different this year when I am actually planning on taking alot more calories on (only had about 150 last year and started this late in the race). My friends and family where stood just after the tower of london, at the start of where you go out and back. This meant that they saw me at about mile 13 and 22.5 so they got to see me twice. They were stood on some steps aswell so it made them easy to spot (hope no one steals their spot now).

  • Hi Angela, it sounds like your parents were at the same spot as my friends/family, great minds think a like image.

    I think it was mile 16 when there was a drop in the crowd last year, but this didnt last for long, maybe a mile or so before it got busy again.

    It would be great if you could do TR24, I think you would love it image

    Hope your injuries are not too bad and you make a quick recovery. I guess on a good note, least you was stationary as if you had fallen off whilst doing 25mph it could have been serious.

    If it makes you feel any better the only time I have fallen of a motobike (when I did my CBT last year), was when I had stopped, I put my foot down and the weight of the bike unblanaced and me and made me fall to the left, with the bike coming down on top of me. I was quite ashamed as I had only been on the thing for a couple of minutes. I had a feeling that the instructor what thinking "what have a let myself in for". However despite that throughout the day I got better (couldnt really have got any worse) and passed the course!

  • Thats a shame that you think you will be holiday for the TR24 Mr P. If anything changes just let me know.

    I did feel very special running london last year, crowds of people shouting your name was amazing, I felt like a celeb, even though I started on the red zone. I think it took me about 5 mins or so to cross the line last year, but again that was when I started in the red zone.

    Im still worried about my endurance on the day. Im quite happy with my speed over the shorter distances but im worried about maintaining a good pace over 26 miles.


  • Hi Sarah, yes I told my sister about it and she said that shed done the same thing on her scooter a couple times and her bf had off the bike too! I guess it's not that uncommon and yes I'm very glad that I only tend to lose concentration when stationary. As even with this my knee is swelling up quite a bit image so could have been a lot worse- wondering whether taking some ibuprofen might help settle it overnight.

    I'll look into the dates for tr24- I'm keen to keep up some kind of running training up before I start Bournemouth marathon training as all the others I've started having a lot of rest between and therefore loss of fitness- this year I want to work off te base I'm building now, tho I have the 100 mile cycle the following week, it's certainly not one I'm doing for time, I get scared if I get too fast on the bike image
  • Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

    Week 14 (day 91), aim; resistance training + 3 miles easy


    My legs felt pretty stiff and tired today prior to going to the gym but on walking out of the gym I felt like I had bought a new pair. They have felt so much more better since getting the slow recovery run in. I think the stretching that I do between the weight reps really does make a difference as I do spend quite alot of time strecthing rather than a couple of minutes here and there.

    Miles splits

    1 12:00-9:13min/mls

    2 8:57 min/mls

    3 8:49 min/mls

    this was followed by a 4 min TM setting c/d

    Since getting back home I have been trying to self massage and use my foam roller which I feel has also helped my legs.

  • I would continue icing your knee and keep it elevated. According to current evidence ibuprofen will help the swelling so if your ok taking it I would be tempted to have some (with food)

    If you do want to do TR24 you could just do two laps if 3-4 are going to be too many as im sure some of us will want to be doing 4. I think 2 x 10k runs in 24 hours wouldnt have too much affect on your bike ride the following week.

    I think your brave doing a 100mile bike ride. I would love to do something like that but im just not a very good cyclist. I would be worried about getting a sore bum aswell. It was bad enough after being on a bike for an hour!

  • Certainly think u would only want me doing two, as I'm not as fast as u all image

    How much would I need to pay? And just thinking logistics here as Essex is quite far to everywhere might be easier getting the train there from London after work on a Friday- when does the camping part start? And do u have to have ur own tent? Or can u rent them/share with people??

    I wish I was a better cyclist I thought I'd get into triathlon last year, which is why I bought the bike, however I found swimming so dull in the pool and in the race the shock of the cold water brought on an asthma attack, and I couldn't see anything!! Wasn't anything like the open water swimming I thought I'd be fine with havig swam in the sea when I lived in Australia!! So no more tris for me, but all the cycling in the Olympics got me wanting to do more and when I saw this advertised I entered the ballot and got a place first time- I've entered the ballot for London 3 times and never got a spot!

    With the ibuprofen- I just had a couple glasses of wine- is it still ok to take some?
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭

    Angela - ouch! Sorry to hear about the fall. I hope you're not too badly hurt.

    is it the Ride London 100 you're doing, the one following the Olympic route into Surrey and back? One of our friends is doing it and she's coming to TR24....although she says she's not going to run image

    That said, she doesn't run a great deal and she has never done anything more than a 10K, excepting 2 laps at TR24 last year.

    As Sarah says, you don't have to over exert yourself. You could do one day lap and one night one (have to do a night one, they are brilliant).

    Go on, go on, go on...image 

  • Ok ok, I've checked the dates, and it looks like I'm free as a bird- yes it's the ride london 100- looks like tr24 is ideal will seem easy after the Orion 15

    Sooo do I tell David now, or do I just sign up and he can ask questions later.. He's feeling very clever right now convinced that I'm not always right since I fell off my bike!

    If ur not too worried about me slowing ur team down, then I'm in!
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    I've been taking ibuprofen since I was seventeen when I injured my back. I understand the side effects but I have never suffered Ny il effects. If anything happens in the future as a result of prolonged use I would have tO balance hat against how life would have been without it.

    Tonight was club night, we have moved over to summer runs, so it was a mile out brisk, a two mile hard effort, jog, another effort then jog back, seven miles total.

    Resting tomorrow before five mile race on Wednesday, be interesting, might cop out and do it at Mara pace!
  • MalcsMalcs ✭✭✭
    Excellent Angela!

    Just need to work on Mr P nowimage

    Missed your earlier question about tents - no you don't have to have your own. Didn't Sarah say she had space?
  • Afternoon all,

    I had a rather hectic weekend so I've just been catching up. It sounds as if people have managed some good long runs in the last few days without being too hampered by injury problems, so hopefully we're all fairly well set now for the big race(s). I hope Angela's feeling better after falling off her bike.

    I did my 20 miles on Sunday, the idea being to do two 4 mile blocks @ MP and the rest at slow pace. I managed this OK, although the first set of MP miles was more comfortable than the second - in fact I did the first lot (and some of my early "slow" miles) a bit too fast and I think I paid for this later on as I was really feeling it in my legs in the last few miles, although I managed to keep up a decent pace. Here are my splits -  

    1 - 8:41             11 - 8:33
    2 - 8:30             12 - 8:56
    3 - 8:17             13 - 7:54
    4 - 8:12             14 - 7:53
    5 - 7:25             15 - 7:48
    6 - 7:57             16 - 8:04
    7 - 7:47             17 - 8:35
    8 - 7:52             18 - 8:23
    9 - 8:15             19 - 8:28
    10 - 8:25           20 - 8:07

    Total - 2:44:13,  ave 8:13/mile

    Overall I was happy enough with that.

    Thanks to everyone for the advice regarding foam rollers, I haven't had a chance to pick one up yet but will definitely do so - I think I could have used it after my run on Sunday. I can't say I am particularly tempted to try the ice baths though.

    I'm on the blue start at the VLM. My family will probably be at Upper Thames Street, near Monument/London Bridge, which is between 23 and 24 miles. From past experience (both running and spectating) there is normally a decent crowd there but  you can still get a reasonably good view.

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Good work Andy.

    Great just found out I have a meeting tomorrow down in Cheshunt so I 'll be sitting in the back of my colleague's car for 3 1/2 hours each way and we'll be lucky to get back in time for my race. And he sneezed twice today.


  • Malcs, i think mr p said he's on holiday

    AndyA, I'm supposed to do my first 20 miler on Sunday, but my knee swelled pretty ferociously after my fall yesterday and this is the knee where I often get patella tendinitis.... I decided not to run today- will be having a sports massage shortly so will see what he thinks regarding going out tomorrow. But I like the look of your run with 4 mile sections at race pace- I might try that out myself.

    Is it Sarah or Malxs organising TR24? Who do I need to send contact details to?
  • Hi Angela.....thats fabulous news that your in. It all about having fun and enjoying the experience, it doesnt matter how quickly we run and how many laps we do as long as we have a good weekend.

    Malcs paid for our team to enter TR24 so we owe him the money (although im not sure how much this is yet, all depends on if we can recruit one more person or not). Tigger is our team captain. If you message me your email adress I will send it to tigger/lindsay. We were on about getting there on friday aswell, then the run starts on sat mid day. I think Tigger said that she has a tent which will house all of us but I will double check.

    I think the same about swimming as you. Its so dull, the waters too cold and I would be frightended of animals trying to get me in open water!

    Ibuprofen with alcohol/wine would probably not do you any harm as long as its not on an empty stomach and you dont do it often.
  • Hey Mr P, that sounds like quite a tough run you did yesterday. I think you deserved a rest day today.

    I cant believe that your colleague sneezed....can you wear a surgical mask or something just incase?

    One of the nurses turned her head away from a patient and coughed in my direction instead...I wasnt very happy, especially because there are some very stubborn coughs and colds going around York at the moment.

    Will you be secretly happy if you dont make the race or disappointed? I have a 5 miles race a week on wed (south yorkshire championships) which I received an email about saying that they are cancelling the route due to snow. Their trying to find a new route and if they cant it will be cancelled altogether. Part of me is disappointed as I love the route but then another part of me is hoping that it will be cancelled altogether so I dont have to risk any injuries....its so hard!
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    *whispers... Secretly hoping Sarah's race will be cancelled altogether...*image
  • Hi Andy, your run looks similar to the one I did with 2 x 4mile at MP and I did the same as you. I did some of my slower paced miles a little too quickly and paid for it later on. It does make you think how are we going to keep marathon pace up for 26.2 miles....but I have faith in the process and in everyones advice on here and Minni's will work...some how.

    I would be really happy with your 20 kept a good pace up for your last mile which is always a good sign!

    Its a shame were not all at the same start zone : (
  • Hahaha, I think you might be in luck Minni as getting another 5 mile route in 8 days is going to be quite difficult, especially as the race starts at 7 and usually involves road closures!

    Just wondering Minni, what pace should I run the bulk of my 6 miles tomorrow?

    Did you fancy TR24 at all?
  • Training Diary for Forum 6 sub 3:30 (VLM)

    Week 14 (day 92), aim; rest day

    Had a lovely rest day today. I had left work by 18:00 (first time I think this year) and I managed to get loads of little jobs done at home, including my tax return, a practice exam (to work out which areas of knowledge I need to work on), spring cleaned and de cluttered the kitchen and I sorted out all the information I need for the bank tomorrow so I can hopefully get a mortgage big enough to cover the house we like.

    I cant believe how productive this evening has been. Just about to watch the following now. I dont watch many things as I dont have the patience to sit still for long enough, but ive really gotten in to this programme.
  • Hey a, I tried to private message but it said 'this user does not accept private messages...could u try messaging me? Or twitter is @angelaisherwood and I can DM you on there
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