24th Great North West Half Marathon



  • Andrew


    We will not turn anyone away on Sunday, may nor get a medal, but will if any left over at finish after no shows. Additional printed medals only take a few days anyway.

    Weather looks like being perfect, very slight breeze, 5/6 c.


    Hope this helps



  • Ron


    You have really put my mind at ease.

    I look forward to doing better than last year!

  • Never run this race before. Done loads in Blackpool from the Hilton at other times (Beaverbrook etc) and are all really good days. Am looking forward to it. I wish there was a pacemaker for 7:38's though (fussy old git I hear you shout !!!) as would love to break 01:40 but will be happy with anything under 01:45.

    Hope the weathers great.......see you all Sunday.....Good Luck

  • Anyone know what the weather is like in the Blackpool area at the moment?

    It's snowing here in Middlesbrough and I'm getting a bit nervous about the weather!
  • Hey Mark, Go to BBC weather for Blackpool and it gives you detailed info..........it looks ok apart from the 11mph wind

  • forecast seems just about fine

  • Just arrived in Liverpool and the weather is fine here!

    Good luck 2moro everyone.
  • I'm running this and my bf wants to run it too, we have turned up early as per website but it appears they are not letting on the day entries, how does it work then if they are turning ppl away?
  • Hi, I got there just after 9:30 and someone else wss just behind and they said these were the last two places.

  • We sorted it Everyone was very good even tho it was abit chaotic and both enjoyed running it Thanks to everyone for all their hard work today Super event
  • Great race! Well organised and a super fast course.

    Broke my pb by over 5 mins, I think the weather was kind to us today, a bit windy but it could have been far worse.

    Looking forward to seeing the results and photos. image
  • Yep super event, thoroughly enjoyed it.  Wind was stiff but not punishing.  Going south felt positively balmy at times.

    PB and sub 1.30 for me, absolutely what I was after.  Chunky ass medal, really good freebies (gloves!) and loads of water.  It's very difficult to expect any more than that.  Cheers Blackpool, you were great hosts image

  • slowest half ever for me but then I have only run the distance once (October) since a knee operation in 2010. All said; happy to have made it round in under 2hr. As usual fantastic organisation and brilliant fellow runners - i'll be better prepared next year!!!

    Big hello to the Sandwell Valley guys - well done

  • results were up earlier but only just got home and finished unloading the van - either www.ukresults.net/2013/gnwhalf.html or www.sportsystems.co.uk

  • I was pacing the 90 minute group and really enjoyed it. Thanks to everyone I was running with for a great race. Will definitely be back next year to race it as that course could be seriously quick on the right day.
  • HH thanks for pacing us today. I ran with you the whole way and got a 4 minute PB. Couldn't have done it without you as my pacing is normally very erratic! Didnt envy you carrying that back pack and flag in the wind!
  • PB here also, by 3 minutes and very unexpected. Very fast course and pretty damn good weather conditions.

    A good day all round and a very well organised race.

  • Just to echo everybody else....fantastic event, really well organised, great goodies (loving the magic gloves!) and we were blessed with good weather.  Superb race for me and a massive PB.  Thank you, Fylde Coast Running, looking forward to one of your 10ks in a few weeks' time.

  • Massive thanks to the pacer Matt, apologies for talling non stop but had some really useful advice from him. Used it as a MP run and it worked great. Fab organisation, the hotel made everyone welcome, weather as good as it could have been and excellent fellow runners!

    Thanks again 

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