Water of Life Half-Marathon

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Absolutely one of my favourite events, this one. Great start and finish venue, lovely course. Usually lovely weather too. And a good medal. Everything going for it.

Including me - cos I'm in!



  • Probably going to do this for a third time - mind you, I was in Marlow last weekend and the river was way over the path, at least on the town side of the river, so a bit of dry weather continuing would be handy - the Marlow Duathlon is the weekend before this, and that runs along the riverbank path

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    That could be an issue, cfb. Here in Reading the river is back within its banks and at a level close to normal. But the meadows and land along the river are still sodden after the December flooding and in some places still under deep standing water. But surely it will have cleared by late March? Unless it continues to piss down, which it could well do.

  • not looking hopeful at the moment after the overnight rain we've just had!!

  • It doesn't look good at the moment, Andy. In Reading there is still deep standing water by Tesco and Thames Valley Park. It's been there for months and is just not draining away. With seven weeks to this event I just hope it gets better in time.

  • Hi Muttley - agree - multiple fingers are crossed this event will go ahead as planned.

  • Ill make sure to bring my wellies image

  • Is this a good half marathon to do for your first one? I have heard good things about the course.

  • Tayteeblue - it's a fairly easy half, on flat, mixed terrain - assuming we get a bit of dry weather, otherwise it could be like running across paddy fields for a good chunk of the time! Both times I've run it I've been about 4 minutes slower than Wokingham, which is most people's PB course around here.

  • Thames back up to nearly breaking its banks in Reading, ankle-deep standing water still on the fields along the river. And it's raining out. Fingers crossed.

  • Hoorah - I do believe it didn't rain at all today, and it wasn't even freezing cold! Ascot is about 15 miles frm Marlow, so I'm hoping the weather was similar.

  • A lot of the standing water along the river between Reading and Sonning has gone. Not all of it and there is now deep mud where there were lakes on some of the meadows, but overall it's an improving picture. Hopefully the same applies between Marlow and Henley.

  • Just had an email that the car park is waterlogged and we have to park 1.5 miles away and use a shuttle bus they have organised. Bit worried about how wet and muddy it's going to be? 

  • Yeah i've heard that too... it's my first and I was really hoping for a dry race!

  • I have been on some of the route (Sunday's Marlow Duathlon) - anything that is not on a road or stone path is very muddy. The river was actually mostly in the river though, so there will be no wading required! I would say it is definitely one for your grippiest trail shoes.

    Yanabanana-  all the best for your first one, and just enjoy the lovely route

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    Ta for the tip, cfb. It just so happens that I have been buying trail shoes of late.

  • Ok thanks for the info Chillies for Breakfast... I'll try and stay on my feet!
  • Does the course involve running through muddy fields or is it on a stone path through a field? I don't have any trail shoes and too late to get then and break them in, so getting worried!!
  • Trying Torun - it has both, and also some grassy paths, and there is a good bit of actual road - don't worry, the muddy bits will give you a soft landing if you fall over image - Trail shoes would be better, but they don't make that much difference on proper mud anyway. 

  • Muttley - I'm probably going to go with my knackered old Adidas Kanadias because on balance there is going to be enough of the soft stuff. Probably won't be wearing a vest and shorts this year though, looking at the forecast!

  • Trying Torun - what I mean is that trail shoes are a real advantage on sand, gravel, loose surfaces, wet grass and rocks, but on thick mud you just slip around whatever you're wearing.

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    chillies for breakfast wrote (see)

    Muttley - I'm probably going to go with my knackered old Adidas Kanadias because on balance there is going to be enough of the soft stuff. Probably won't be wearing a vest and shorts this year though, looking at the forecast!

    Aye, sounds sensible. I have two pairs of trail shoes - Adidas Kanadia and More Mile Cheviot. The latter are more aggressive and grippier but a bit clumpy but probably either would do the job. PP have served us well in the past with the weather for this one so let's hope they pull it off again on the day, even if the ground is a bit boggy.

  • I noted an email from them yesterday mentioning a diversion from the route somewhere along the towpath - they are obviously on top of the situation

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    I've only just received that one.

    Claire and Chris, if you're patrolling this thread - thanks for all the hard work making sure this one goes ahead. We do appreciate it!


    Despite our best efforts we have had to take the decision to postpone the Water of Life 10k & Half Marathon on Sunday 24th March.

    The recent weather as you know has caused us problems along the route and unfortunately the forecasts are for much worse weather to come.  After an inspection of the course today we have had to take the decision on H&S grounds not to go ahead on Sunday.

    We will however be re-scheduling the race to the new date of 7th July 2013.  You do not need to do anything as your registration will automatically be rolled over to this new date.  You will receive race communications from us as we get closer to the date in the normal way.

    If at all possible, please email us This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with 'message received' or something similar (unless you have already responded previously) so that we can attempt to make sure every runner knows the new arrangements.

    I'm sure you are as disappointed as we are, but your safety has to come first.  We will be back in touch a little closer to the new race date.

    Thanks for your understanding!

    The Purple Patch Team 


  • I've replied to the email - and now I have to force myself to go and do a solo 15 miler in prep for a May marathon (Avesbury to Stonehenge) instead of just going out drinking on Saturday night image. I might drive to Marlow and run the route plus the road bit to and from Pound Lane - I can pretend to be in the lead!

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    You could do the Banbury 15, cfb. Same day but not off-road. I'm considering it.

  • Muttley - the river was back up way over the bank at Marlow again today - the mooring path at Temple Lock was at least 2 feet underwater. However, me and Mrs C walked a good chunk of the bank on the Temple/Bisham side (where the race was supposed to be today) and it was muddy but runnable. I suspect though that the field crossing at 5 & 9 miles would have been a bit of a challenge!

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    And the Banbury 15 was cancelled at short notice. Sometimes these things are just not meant to happen.

    Thumbs up from me to PP for rescheduling. They could have just cancelled.

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    We're on again, this time for 5 May. Yay! If these Siberian winds could just kindly foxtrot oscar by then please.

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