Fell shoes?



  • The BusThe Bus ✭✭✭

    Slipped a couple of times  this morning on unavoidable ice in my Mudclaws, including a hard fall onto my hip  - wish my Orocs had arrived image. I suppose I should have been a bit less tight and gone for the overnight delivery image

  • brer rabbit wrote (see)

    Hi guys, just ordered Orocs as deal on Amazon for 44 quid..will now be a heat wave just as they arriveimageJust a quick question, can they cope with just straightforward tarmac running, have to do a mile before hitting the trail?

    Everyone for miles around will hear you coming though! image

  • Cake wrote (see)

    image Just to be checky and spam for the local club this is a good race if any of you are free this weekend. Thinking might be seeing rich there already.

    Sorry working this weekend, not off on a weekend now till 16th/17th Feb

    I'll be running the Ovenden Fell-Race on Saturday 16th



    And then 'PECO-XC' race 4 on the Sunday, as it's our Clubs league


  • Mine have arrived too image tested on a thin remainder of snow in Richmond Park and ample mud - very happy with grip. They are very light and low profile. Slightly narrow in toebox in my view, am used to wider space in brooks flows, but I hope it won't be a problem. Feet dry despite running through muddy puddles.

    Very noisy on tarmac and pavement...
  • goji wrote (see)

    Very noisy on tarmac and pavement...

    I wonder if you could get sparks from if running on the paths in the darkimage

    I'll have to try one night, as we've got some York Stone slabs in the side-garden

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