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  • I did try out my wetsuit for the first time on Sunday, in the pool, at the tri club session. OK, so you get a bit of light hearted banter.
    People have said that the wettie makes you faster. I was gob smacked at the difference it made. All of a sudden I was quite clearly 20% faster. It made me think that I must be generating a huge amount of drag from my legs.

    Obviously, come race day, everyone will be in wetties, so we will still be at the back. However, the clock is our main fear. I'd hate to be chucked out before getting on my bike.

  • WW's 1st rule of getting better at front crawl .... Stop swimming other strokes
  • WW's 2nd rule of getting better at front crawl ... Slow it right down

    Doing so will help you get it right ... Getting it right will make you faster, therefor slowing it down will make you faster.
  • WW's 3rd rule of getting better at front crawl ... Get in and swim distance and drill .. Forget intervals...(see rule 2)

    Only introduce intervals when you reach a decent level
  • Do any of you guys find a pull bouy beneficial? as ive just started out swimming front crawl in preperation for my first triathlon.

  • A suplimental WW rule of getting better at front crawl ... leave the toys at home image

    To get better at swimming ... swim

  • WW you sounds just like my tri club swim trainer, but she's a lady. I finally admitted to my plans for this year and she didn't laugh!

  • Robert Matheson wrote (see)

    Do any of you guys find a pull bouy beneficial? as ive just started out swimming front crawl in preperation for my first triathlon.

    yes - and don't listen to WW on leaving the toys at home

    I always use a pull buoy as a) my kick is crap and b) it emulates a wetsuit swim.

    and you might be intersted in reading this article by Brett Sutton who is head coach of teamTBB - he's coached a number of IM champs incl. Chrissie Wellington (early on).  his writing is shit but he talks sense.  he advocates pull buoys all the time - and bigger ones than normal so you get more leg lift.

    I'm waiting on delivery of one of these babies!


  • Agree with FB ... but the reason i agree is that the people being trained by Brett Sutton are in the large much better swimmers than us mere mortals and a lot better than those starting out.

    BUT to get the advatage of this sort of swimming you need to be at a level of goodness (cant spell the words i was going to use)

    Basics need to be in place .. such as swimming in a smooth and efficant manner and sorting out ones balance in the water ... toys change balance.

    And as far as using a pull bouy cos they will rase in a wetty .. a lot of the old hands on here had a shock when they were not allowed to wear the wetty at IMDE .. and that has now happend twice ... learn balance and learn to swim and then get to the level that you need to introduce intervals and toys


  • PS ... I have one of those pull bouys image

  • I find the pull bouy useful for a session of drills, when the aim is to slow the pace right down, focus on the arm techniques, breathing or stroke timing. After half a dozen lengths you ditch the toy and try to put in into practice on your ownio and swim the rest of your session until the onset of fatigue.

    *** This is pretty much a description of our coached session.

    Midweek I'm just going in and doing endurance training. 1.5k, 2k, 2.5k at the moment, depending on available time.

  • Swimming is a sport that is not natural to everyone. Walking, running, biking, all of these are quite easy to master, however, it takes some coordination and stamina to learn how to swim and to top it all off, before we improve our swim technique, we all have a different swimming style based on our physical ability which makes it that much more challenging.Just get some lessons in and learn the right technique and then go from there.

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  • Hi, I used the pull bouy for a few weeks to get used to the front crawl. I leave it at home now and I'm currently up to 1/2 mile in total at the pool. Its a bit stop start but a big improvement, my aim now is to get used to doing it all without pausing between lengths. 

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