All that training paid off !!

Well I set a new PB this weekend , 57 minutes for 4 miles !!

what do you mean thats not really fast !!

I was carrying 35 KGs a rifle and my helmet , ah the joys of Catterick training area !!

Seriously thought the main reason for starting to run was to keep up with the rest of the pack......and I crossed the line first !!


  • Well done mate.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Did they let you wear your trainers or did you have to use your boots? Either way, well done.

    I managed to do 1.2 miles several times over the last 2 weeks in about 25 minutes, carrying a 5 year old boy on my shoulders, a rucksack and an inflatable crocodile, so your effort is exceptionally fast!
  • - drew , with boots

    also now with nasty blisters due to wet boots, ( it was a bit grim oop north this weekend ) so I wont be running for a couple of days ...

    - barkles - thanx
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Top one Merc.

    Drew - Understand the 'child on shoulders' run, experienced a few of those in the past, not tried it with an inflatable though...
  • Drew
    I stopped running with my daughter on my shoulders after running alongside a carnival procession and sending her straight into the wooden end of a shop awning which I just didn't see.

    Fortunately no lasting damage but I felt really bad about for ages (wrting this reminds me I still do & she's 9 now!)
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