Opinions on a race memento please.

Hi Folks, 

Just thought id pop on and ask for some honest opinions on something a bit different.

How would you feel about receiving a photo as a race memento?  Well, it would be a voucher that you can use to log on to a photographers website to claim your photo. It would be posted out to you, all you would have to do is log on find yourself and enter your address.  

Honest thoughts please



  • Rather have a medal anyday to be honest
  • I think it's a great idea. 100 times better than getting a medal (as long as you get my good side!)

  • Honestly.....sounds naff

    Sorry image
  • Eggyh73Eggyh73 ✭✭✭

    I'd rather have a medal and the option to buy any photographs if I like them.

  • The option to buy the photos will be there if we didnt go with them.  The other option is a Kit bag. Thanks folks, keep the opinions coming x


  • I'd rather have a fiver off the entry fee and not get anything
  • now after years of running, sadly medals dont mean anything - but a nice photo yes - we are inundated with photos - and never get fed up with them - some blown up to A3 and framed on wall

    but i completely understand those who do love their medals 

  • Dave - thats a good one

    are u keeping ok 

  • Yep in decent form, should have done Helsby on Sunday but the weather got it, Paris marathon is my A race this year
  • I wouldnt want a photo as i usually look like i've been dragged through a hedge backwards while having a bucket of water thrown over me when i've finished a race!

    damn all those people who can finish and still look good! image

  • good to hear that - weather messed our plans up as well

    were next hopefully ( if i'm well enough ) for Wokingham Hm - a gentle one not race pace

    ive considered Paris - and been excepted more than once - but travelling with Phil is not easy - so i left it

    i wish you well

  • Cheers enjoy Wokingham
  • Race photos.  Jeez.  Who *really* wants a photo of themselves looking like a wrecked, sweaty mess after a run?  Where does it end up?  In a draw.  Besides, any family member or friend, even another runner, can take the photo.  If a race offered that as a momento I'd find something else to run in.  The race photos (like those from Marathon Photos and their kin) area always crap - poorly framed, and poorly processed/colour-balanced.

    Dave the Ex-Spartan has the best idea.

  • Intermanaut - It is a professional photographer and photo studio we are using.  We are a 10k and have a castle as the backdrop.  Unfortunatly money of the entry isnt an option.  

    Would you rather the kit bag? image

  • Marathon Photos are supposed to be professional !

    Why isn't a reduced entry an option ?
  • Rubbish!(the photos, not Dave's comment)
  • A post-event photo taken in front of a castle by a pro has no more value than one taken by somone's mum/dad/wife/girlfriend/kid/etc. Unless you're getting Rankin or Jarvis, that is.

    Kit bag?  No.  I'd be happy with a bacon butty and a reasonable latte.

  • Dave The Ex Spartan.   Because some people expect "something". Its not an option to do both.  I do see where your coming from. Part of the reason we are trying to come up with something new is that Ive read on here that t shirts are binned and they are fed up with medals. There isnt a middle ground that keeps everyone happy.  Ive asked on her to get a sweeping opiniion on what people do like.  We have just put our entry up from £8 to £10 last year for the first time in years image

  • We are fed up with paying for things we don't want, it's only a 10k I wouldn't expect anything

    So because you now have a photographer the entry has gone up 2 quid
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    In all honesty, for a tenner if you put on a decent, well organised race with accurate timing, results, adequate drink supply, etc. I think that would be good value for money.

    How about a nice bar of chocolate, choccy milkshake or a banana at the end?  And cake.  I like cake.

  • Got too many shirts, and medals don't mean anything to me - I keep my bibs.  Most useful things I've had are a decent camelbak water bottle and a clip on luminous / flashing light strip.


  • I'd like a photo.  Not sure that I would use a kit bag but it prefereble to a cotton t-shirt

  • Aye - cake always goes down well here.

  • JimineyJiminey ✭✭✭

    I like cake at the end and I know of a local race that put on a pint and a slice of cake at the end but i would have just been happy with the cake. I am also a fan of mugs with a race name and date on it. Something practical.

  • Do you really think that the people 'who expect something' wouldnt enter if there wasnt a momento?

    Anf if they dont, so what?


  • We are giving away tech tshirt and a medal 

    Both are good quality and unique if you dont like or want them give em back

  • Giving away ? So you have costed them into the entry fee ? So you could knock a fiver off then
  • It is something we thought about but from a personal point of view I run a tough marathon I want something to show for it.

    we have spent ages trying to please everyone so I thought this race is my idea what would I like?

    Good medal, good T. Thats what everyone gets, and some freebies we can blag. If people dont like that idea dont enter or give the items back


  • If race organisers actually showed the cost of all these things, eg £3 out of £15, and gave entrants the option (which we know wouldnt be practical) I think they would be surprised at just how few people give a monkeys about 'momentos'.

  • Dave, absolutely not, the photographer has only come on board this year.  The race has gone up because we were running at a loss. We sinply couldnt afford to stage it.  And tbh we only just made a tiny profit at that last year.  

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