groin pain for 6 months

for the last 6 months i have been suffering with groin pain on my left hand side and feels like it is on the pubic bone. my symptoms are that it is sore when i ccrouch, squat, bend forward or stoop forward and also when i run. i have had physio treatment which did not help. so after 2 visits to the doctor i have had a ultrssound scan and a mri scan both of which have shown up nothing. i am getting extremely frustrated now and was wondering if there was any other options open to me which may help.

any advice would be much appreciated

many thx


  • I had something similar. Nearer 12 months. 

    For me, it disappeared within the space of 10 days after someone told NOT to stretch before playing sport/running.  I was ignorant of the modern advice to do gentle dynamic warming up, and was following old fashioned advice to stretch muscles to prepare them for exercise.

    It might not be relevant to you, but that's my story....  good luck with it.

  • infinity - you have to be careful with groin pain it could be a number of causes and it could possibly originate in the hip. I'm not saying this is definatey  it but its a possibility.

    Ask your GP to refer you to dept of Sports Medicine and to be seen by the consultant specialist. The specialist may wish to send you for more diagnostic tests including an arthrogram and XrAY.

    As you've had physio and and MRI has shown nothing I think this next step is more than justified.

    I have been suffering from a condition called labral tear and femoroacetabular impingement. This started out as vague dull groin pain but after going through several hoops including a completely useless physio, ultrasound, MRI, a specialist eventually diagnosed FAI with labral tear having sent me for arthrogram and Xray. Don't want to unduly alarm you, and its incredibly frustrating and it could be other conditions/injuries, but you've got nowhere so far, time to step up assetiveness

  • Thx for the response park life. I have had also trouble with sore bursitis on my right hip and i do have snapping hip syndrome on my right hip which does not give of any grief just a loud noise which my other half cringes at
  • get your back looked at.

    80% of groin pain has very little to do with the groin.....

  • The physio i did see noticed looking from behind did notice that my alignment was out from the top of one hip to the other. Also my psoas was very tight. He did improve those probs . Would it be better to see another physio or maybe a chiropractor. Do you have any recommendation for the south suffolk area
  • My symptoms seem exactly the same as yours to infinity and beyond.

    Currently able to run through the discomfort but the following day my painful right hip and groin certainly restrict my movement. A further 24-48 hours later and it has cleared up until I run again.

    I previously suffered with a tight IT band on my right leg, which was sorted by one physio visit and following some stretching exercises, all relatively quickly.

    I think my problem is possibly associated with a back injury I suffered a few years ago (slipped disk L3/L4). When I started exercising and running last March/April I started using a personal trainer to work on strengthening my core. This did wonders for my back and I went months without any back pain (unless I did something stupid). I stopped using the personal training at the end if October and in all honesty my core exercises have ceased since. These problems started during December, previous to this my hip/groin were pain free.

    I'm going to start working on my core and get back to my personal trainer in March, in the hope that my problem will clear up.
  • I have an arthritic hip, only diagnosed after X-ray, initial symptom was groin pain years earlier. I was told it could have been repaired without replacement if it had been seen to earlier. I only went to the doc after I injured the hip playing football.

  • Did they Ultrasound and MRI the hip joint at same time as checking groin?  There are orthopedic tests that physio should have done to differentiate between hip and groin (although none are 100% accurate).  The issues on outside of right hip as well as groin problem on left would make me think pelvic alignment issue and (lack of) movements in back/hip joints.

  • I am still waiting officially for my mri results to come (girlfriend had a sneaky look on her pc at hospital). I think they looked at my left hip and pelvis. Should get results back any day now and then speak to the doc and see what he says
  • Latest update. I have been referred to see a pain doctor grrrr. Feel like i am getting nowhere as i want to get the cause of the pain so i can get back to running again . Has anyone had any joy through a pain clinic? Love to hear your experience.
  • Hi "infinity and beyond", I know the last post was over 12 months ago but was wondering where you are up to know?  I have very similar symptoms and went for a 2k run for the first time in months and it has flared up again. 

  • hi Daniel. I am still suffering with sore groin, has been on going now for nearly 2 years. scans and x-rays have not shown anything. tried nhs physio and nhs pilates. also tried an osteopath, but to no avail. I can do quite a bit of cycling which does not aggravate it too much (hurts more pumping up my tyres). I think I will have another trip to the doc, but last time I spoke to him he was at a loss what to do. So at the moment I am living with it as best I can

  • Infinity, you mentioned South Suffolk.  If still in the area, you may want to speak with Paul Groombridge, sports massage therapist at the Self Centre in Bury St Eds.  He's arunner  himself, and sorted my ITB when physio didn't.  

    (No relationship other than being a satisfied client.)

  • Thanks for the response and sorry to hear you're still suffering.  I feel you pain.  I'm hoping to see a specialist sports physio over the next couple of weeks and think that it is either Iliopsoas or sports hernia.  I'll let you know once I have a diagnosis.

  • Infinity, I am in the exact same as you. I felt a pull in my groin in December, 2013 playing ice hockey against our students and then played footy later that night and really pulled it. It is now June and have been to physios, docs, and specialists all to no avail. I have an MRI on June 21st and am hoping something is found. In the meantime my physio sent me an interesting article on the Thoracic Ring, where it says that this could be a cause of groin pain. Not sure how to post it on here, but it is: 

    Lee#LJ. Thoracic Ring Control: A Missing Link? 
    MPA In Touch magazine, an official publication
    of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Australia, a 
    national group of the Australian Physiotherapy 
    Association. Issue  4, 2013: 13-16.

    Have you had any update or change at all? I've had loads of hamstring tears, mcl tears, ankle ligament damage, but have never been out this long in over 30 years. Most frustrating injury ever. Cheers,


  • i was doing ju jitsu and running had very painful groin strain, especially when i gripped someone with my legs. doctor found nothing. sent to hospital. guess what? sports hernia. infact i had 2. right side groin and in my belly. had them done groin strain went

  • Hi wynnie

    Still suffering with a sore groin image It would be nice for it not to be sore or stiff for at least one day. Have given up on physio as did not help and some exercises aggravated it. Tried osteo as well.

    How did you get diagnosis for a sports hernia. I wish I was rich and go private as saw a clinic for gilmores groin
  • with hernias you normally get a lump. sports hernias are the same but with out a lump. just need a doctor who knows what there doing. not all do. the hospital doctor got me to stand and cough whilst he was feeling about. he found it almost instantly unlike my regular doctor.

  • As you probably know, ice is very effective for pain relief but massage is often overlooked when dealing with groin pain which stimulates blood flow promoting faster healing.

    Stretching and strengthening the groin muscle regularly during rehab is important to help tolerate the strain of running or any activity. Regular stretching and strengthening should be performed afterwards as part of your conditioning especially if you've had this injury before.

    I've found a mixture of isolation and compound exercises such as lunges and squats to be very effective when strengthening.

    Also, wearing a groin strap while running is a good for taking pressure of the groin, alleviating pain.

  • Hi. Would be great if you could post an update how you groin pain was fixed hopefully how much time it took what exersizes did you do what did the doctors say what others treatments did you use etc. 

    I have the same thing for 6 months a chronic groin pain from a tendi kpathy from playing tennis and playing with a adductor strain thinking it was just doms for 2 3 months which led to a degenerated tendon. It was ESWT which helped the tendon heal itself but now I still have to recuperate the muscle and tendon assembly and I'm really curious what worked for you how much time it took whatbexersizes you feel helped most what weight did you use how often did you make them how did the leg feel when how did you resume your sport etc. 
  • one of my friend was also suffering from groin pain and that affected him badly for a long duration,
  • Hi I am 11 weeks post Gilmore Groin surgery. Done all the rehab as I was supposed to and done a easy entry back into to training. Original problem was on right hand side but when I saw consultant he said I had Gilmores on both sides.
    The scars have healed well. The left hand side (none pain side) is as if nothing has been done at all and is fine. The right hand side (problem side) still has problems and feels heavy and achey all the time and right now has me stopped from running. It feels as if nothing has been corrected on that side. Can anyone relate to this and is fine now? Cheers Mark
  • About 6 months ago I started to feel a pain in my groin every time I run. I never felt the groin tear or anything it just kinda started to hurt. Now it restricting me from doing everything sports related and really getting me down. It’s only sore in specific movements and flares up after any sport I do. Does anyone have anything that helped for them? I’m ready to
    try anything to get this sorted. Thanks
  • Anyone ever experienced bilateral groin/inner thigh pain that actually goes away when running/exercising? I've had this for about 3 months now - mainly characterised as a burning sensation on the inner leg (both sides but mainly right). Seems to get worse when sitting down for long periods of time, and eases - almost to the point of no issue at all - when exercising.
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