Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon

Anybody know when we will get our race packs for this one?


  • Anyone got any ideas how to get to the event using public transport? The websites are mostly useless and from when I can tell there are no buses.


  • No idea on race packs. I signed up direct and can't find any info on website/confirmation email.

    My original transport plans have gone right out of the window for this (my first half).

    I will now be spending a lot of money on train to Northampton Sat afternoon, hotel near the station, then taxis to Silverstone and back.

    I believe you can get there by bus but it's two separate services.


  • I've just found my confirmation email which says that race packs and numbers will be sent by post two weeks before the event.

  • I got my race pack yesterday image 

    Anyone else got theirs?

  • Yep looking forward to it.

  • Got mine yesterday
  • Blue frog - buses go into silverstone village (number 89 I think), but I don't know how close it will get you to the circuit. Hope that helps.

    I'm looking forward to Silverstone, will be my first half marathon. I don't expect to finish it in less then 3 hours though, but I will finish! Any race day tips?
  • first race tip, get there early, the queues for miles around and it took me a good hour to get there after I got off the motorway, its just not quick

    take spare clothes, I have been twice and have found 2 extreme weather conditions ( first year i was just spectating ) one freezing cold and wrapped up to the elements and last year boiling hot and people were dropping with heat exhaustion ( thankfully i put summer running kit in and changed once I got there )

    the course itself if flat ( apart from running over a bridge which can catch you out ) nice crowd support and lots of fancy dress costumes as alot of people use it as a pre London warm up in their training programme

    Enjoy it Kirsty, doesnt matter what time u finish, but finishing it is the main achievement and u get a nice medal and a t.shirt

    btw I still havent had my number through yet but there is still time this week for it to arrive so not panicking just yet lol 

  • Anyone know how the car park entry works?  Is it a one way system once you get off the A43? 

    My plan was for my wife to drop me off and come back later but I'm concerned she's going to get trapped in a one way system similar to what they operate at the F1 GP

  • Hi Andrew, there are no road closures/one way systems in place so your wife should be able to get back out without any issues. Hope that helps
  • Got my pack on Friday image looking forward to it.  Last year was my first and it was very warm and hoping this year not as bad image check the weather forecast the day before so your prepared for heat/cold its very open to the elements so you do need to be prepared.

    Allow time to get in, no road closures but heavy traffic the later you leave it.  Getting out last year complete nightmare, they shut the road we came into the carpark on (very top roundabout) the marshall would not let us out but couldnt stop us bumping over the kerb (even suggested it which is crazy) fortunately in OH's van so thats what we did as did alot of other people.  Totally ridiculous and car park marshalls didnt have a clue, going to park off the circuit this time and walk image

  • Kirsty Paintain wrote (see)
    Hi Andrew, there are no road closures/one way systems in place so your wife should be able to get back out without any issues. Hope that helps

    Hi Kirsty

    Thanks for that. It helps enormously!

  • No trouble chance of me being late as will be living Essex at 6:30am on my clubs baggage coach and will arrive about 8:30.

    I took a couple of running clothes option so that I could decided what to wear at the last minute.
  • Might be lucky with the weather: 

  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭
    Anyone have a link to info on the runners world pacers? I.e. where to meet them and what speeds are available?

    Is parking free?
  • Can't find anything on pacers.

    Parking is free afaik.  It was the last time I did this, a fair few years ago.

    Weather appears cold, but dry.  Should be good.

    Good luck, have fun, and see you there.

  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭
    Thx Bullit image
  • Nice day for a run, although felt like I was heading into the wind for most of it. Course was a bit boring, but flat and quick. Didn't like the tannoys they had round the track playing tinny pop music mixed with garbled announcements. Traffic was busy on the way in, but completely clear on the way out.

    All in all, fairly good day, but not one I'd rush back to.

  • Sgt Wilko

    I'd agree with that - enjoyed the track sections but the rest was nothing exciting.  Could have done without the tinny tannoy music.

    Glad I entered but not sure I'll be back next year. 

  • This is great for a speed test for a spring marathon. Yes Silverstone is bland but most repeated lap races are. Provides an excellent opportunity to run in a big crowd and get your race day strategy correct for London or Brighton. I'd do it again but ensure you get there early .... The A43 is a pain in the bottom in terms of traffic unless you're inconsiderate and scoot along in the outside lane and blend in at last moment.
  • I enjoyed it, spoke to some really nice people before during and after the race. If it were closer to me, I'd do it again. The best organised race I've done. Unfortunately it's about 200 miles away.
  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    I do it because my club does the baggage. Thou getting up at 4:30am and leaving by coach at 6:30am is very tiring image
  • Hi there, this was my first long run for 9 years.... Turned 30 in dec and wanted to do a run and start getting fit again. I only trained for 6 weeks which was terrible.... But I finished in 2.35 hours. I was in so much pain at the end of the race and I'm walking about like a duck at the moment... Any tips on what to do now. It's day 2 after the race should I be preparing to go back out for a run soon. I now have the bug and want to do another run and better myself and my times. HM lover.... Not sure I could make the big daddy London marathon. image
  • My hamstring went after 4 miles, was utterly devasted at the time but carried on and finished in 1 hour 35 which in all fairness was pretty good. So wanted a sub 1hr 30 but unfortunately injuries are part of the sport. Did see some poor soul collapsed on the floor with all the medic's around him/her about a mile from the end.. Hope he/she is alright?? Other than being peed off with the hamstring i enjoyed Silverstone, support, Marshals, baggage claim was all brilliant and hopefully i'll be back.

  • I was excited about this race but I was quite disappointed. I actually thought the Blackpool half last year was better than this one. It was soulless, there was very little support around the track only when you past the 3 mile, 6 (ish I think) and 10 miles was there any support. I don't know what I expected but because its the half marathon most London marathon runners do I thought it might have a bit more atmosphere but it didn't. The tinny tannoys blurting out music we're awful, thank goodness I had my iPod which I don't usually like to use during these big races because I like to hear the support. It is a flat race, but again this added to the boredom. I think unless you're a proper serious runner after a pb, maybe choose a more interesting half to do with a bit of a view. On the positive side, it was very well organised, the traffic wasn't as bad as expected and I got a pb 5k and 10k time. I'm glad I've done it because now I know this sort of track race isn't for me, I like to see things other than concrete, but it's not a race ill be rushing back to do.
  • The MonkThe Monk ✭✭✭

    Green Pete I finished in 1:33 and I too saw that poor person on the track.  Was covered in a blanket and all I saw was legs poking out and medics all around.  An ambulance left with blues and twos on as I was walking back to the car park but not heard anything since so assume that no news is good news?

    For what it's worth, I enjoyed Silverstone, I thought running on a race track was novel and if you're PB hunting - which I got - then I think it's a great race.  Loads of room on the track and I don't race for scenery, I race for times.

  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭
    I finished in a pb 1:47:45 in only my 3rd half marathon. I enjoyed the occasion and running on the track was fun for me as a F1 fan. I too saw the chap with the medics - he was arguing with them very loudly when I went past and was clearly delirious. There were 3 other people sitting or lying in that area in various levels of agony.

    I would do it again.
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