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  • All I get is the elderly dog walkers smiling at me encouragingly.

    I suppose I am optimistic, but even the guys singing the chariots of fire them ("da da da da daaaa da, da da da da da") at me, I take as a compliment.

    Had one lovely lady the other day say 'you're doing really well".
  • Xyloid wrote (see)

    Did you have your Burberry leggings on?


    No Burberry anywhere! No onesie, hoodie, medalion, or Oasis beanie. image


  • Never seen so many first time posters involved in one topic.  Interesting.

  • Very good one yesterday running past the high school at go home time, large group of teenagers started to sing "I see you baby, shakin that ass, shakin that ass"

    Its not that big !!!! it make me laugh out loud and after a wave and a thumbs up I got a massive cheer and a clap  ..... brilliant.

  • i came up behind some elderly walkers on a trail run and thought they'd spotted me but clearly hadn't as one old duffer seemed shocked as i passed him. he then began to shout at me saying i should follow the 'countryside code' and make a loud noise to warn them of me. i shouted back something to do with victor meldrew and kept running.  

  • The general consensus of opinion from men in cars is that because I run I must masturbate a lot or I should go and masturbate or words to that effect. I do but not on request.

    Also I run with my dogs, one of which is three legs which is more noticeable when we slow down or stop so I have received dozens of suprised comments. Oddly "That dog has one leg" is by far the most common image or people tell me your dog has a leg missing" in a tone that suggests I need to run back and find it.

    Being told I had "nice trousers" by a pensioner at a bus stop whilst staring directly at my lycra clad groin was disturbing. Credit where credit is due she must of had good eyesight, after a 15 miler she'd have needed it.

  • I got a fairly explicit business offer from some spotty teenager a couple of years ago.  I blinked confusedly for a bit and then told him he couldn't afford me.
    I'm not really sure whether it was the tatty polo shirt, frizzy hair or baggy jogging bottoms that screamed 'prostitute' at him.

  • On a long run round and round the park I passed a few few spotty teenagers. At the time I still listened to music to block out any comments that might be given. On my fourth pass there was a lull in the music and I heard one shout: 'come on you, fatso!' (yes, well, I did weigh ±16 stone at the time). Immediately followed by the other one's comment: 'but she's doing well, like!' Made me smile and run on!
  • Like others in this thread I've heard many children telling me to "KEEP THOSE KNEES UP"

    I was also compared with Mo Farah when a young boy in a nearby estate told me to do the Mobot when he saw me running past.

    One high school boy shouted over to me, "How do you get your feet into those?" (He was commenting on my Vibram FiveFingers)

    I was jogging barefoot around the local park one hot day but the only question I got was from and old man on a bicycle, "Are you doing the Olympics?"

    Usually I just smile and keep going image

  • Last week I was running along a forest path. I stopped off the trail to stretch a bit and take an energy gel. A grandmother and two toddlers walked by. I hear one of the wee kids say, "What's he doin'?" She says, "He's drinking something but I don't know what it is" and then hurries them along. I wonder if she thought I ran all the way up there to take drugs.....

  • Run Forest run ..... Wouldn't be so bad but it's normally my husband shouting it!

  • I ran past someone who told me my laces were undone- they weren't but I couldn't help looking. It seemed to amuse him so at least I made an idiot happy.

  • On the flip side, what are some suggestions for (nice!) jokes you could make when you see someone else running?

  • I've had rocks thrown at me whilst running, and been chased- that's good fun!

    My friend (who is a 34 min 10k runner) once had a fat bird drive by in a car and shout 'Keep running!!', to which he replied 'Keep fat!!'. Look on her face = priceless.image

  • Not so much a comment, but I did have someone scream their head off when I ran past them (it was a paricularly soft muddy route which meant I wasn't making any sound when I ran past). Luckily she laughed afterwards!

  • Running through the park once I held a gate open for a lady in a wheel chair. Very angry she said " I really don't know why you People do that to yourselves its no good for you"  I just smiled and wished her a good day. 

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