Best Mens Running Tights?



  • It is worth spending a bit more and getting some tights that offer compression. 

    I have used Skins, UnderArmour, Nkie Fit, and they all work. 

  • The best thing is to try it and see Flob. 

    If you have problems with calf niggles, then buy a pair of compression socks. 

    If you notice the difference, then consider investing in a pair of tights. 

  • Get a pair of small tights from m&s try them after a run if they work buy posh compression stuff. Cheap solution image

  • Oh and no, real men do not wear shorts over their tights. 


  • Don’t worry Flob, they can’t catch you anyway!

  • I just picked up a pair of Ronhill 'Advance Contour Tights' which I picked up on sale.

    They feel very comfortable although I've yet to try running with them. I mainly got them for the very cold days / days where it is raining, as I usually wear shorts.

    The only downside is the zip pocket on the rear is rather small. I can fit my iPhone in just but it might be hard to get it in whilst they are on & I have my keys to think about too!

    I've yet to decide whether or not I will wear shorts over the top - it really depends on whether I need the extra pockets & if the water is wicked away well or not.

    Either way I couldn't care less what people think of me, it's purely functional... although I don't think they look bad by themselves image

    When I was at Uni a couple of years ago, it was quite "fashionable" amongst the Rugby players to wear full length tights & shorts in the cooler months.

  • Bought 2 pairs of 'Lotto' tights a couple of years ago & found them good to wear then was bought a pair of Asics Hermes for a recent birthday, you can certainly tell the difference in quality.
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