North Wales park run?

We don't have one. I contacted park run a while ago and they were thinking of starting one in Padarn country park in llanberis. Just wondering if anyone's involved in it or any other north (west) Wales park run?


  • "if I could take my London wages" may be where you're falling down.image

    I'm not complaining in any way, we love it here and chose to live here - the only real downside is we are a king way from family (Scotland). There's loads of bike paths along the coast to run along - the hills would be too much for me

    I just fancied the idea of running with other peoe occasionally and I can't get to any of the local running clubs due to a combination of work/ children/ children's activities/ husband's work and the fact that they are all on weekday evenings. A Saturday/ Sunday morning, however, I could manage now and again and if we could take the kids along we could both manage it fairly regularly.
  • 'a long way', not 'a king way'
  • Anyone?
  • its usuqally a local running club or council taht start these things there needs to be enough people to do it........they do take a while...did the park run team tell you who wasa thinking about organising it

  • Hi Shona, I'd be interested.

    My nearest one is on the Wirral - 40+ miles away.

  • I'll have to dig back through my emails and check Seren.

    Where are you K80? I think we're about 60miles from the Wirral, so you must be further east.
  • Wheres the one of the Wirral, K80?

  • I hadn't heard of one on the Wirral either
  • There's one in Liverpool - princes park. More or less the Wirral isn't it?
  • Less. image

  • Don't ask me - I'm forever getting lost on my long run. Are Liverpool and Wirral different places then?

    Shona, I'm up in the hills of Denbighshire where the local currency is anything shiny image
  • RunShonaRun wrote (see)
    There's one in Liverpool - princes park. More or less the Wirral isn't it?

    As usual people lack of geography is staggering.......


  • RDave, I've been to L1 today, is that Liverpool proper?
  • Don't know K80 it's the other side of the water to the Wirral
  • Theres one starting in Delamere Forest near Chester on 2nd March. Is that in Liverpool?image

  • Stupid boy, Delamere is in North Wales, isn't it boyo ?
  • GazOC wrote (see)

    Theres one starting in Delamere Forest near Chester on 2nd March. Is that in Liverpool?image

    I ran the Delamere course yesterday and videoed it (quality is quite poor). The route is as I ran it before Christmas with the organiser.  I don't know if this is the confirmed route, the map on the parkrun website is slightly different. I can't see it starting in the car park as there is a bottleneck and bollards and then at the far side of the mere it takes you on to the road which is not necessary.
    EDIT: route description does say it starts next to car park.   it also mentions "a nasty (but very short) little hill." which I wouln't call a hill, it's more of a incline and it's not really nasty. (18:15 on vid)
  • I agree with Dave - The Ex Spartan; geography knowledge is poor in the UK.  For your information Delamere is in Cheshire.

  • Plenty of potential in Eirias Park in Colwyn Bay, I'd have thought?

  • Signed up for a park run in Delamere and will use an app I found on the Google Play android app site called fastTxtPro.  It has a number of features but the one I like is "whenwillifinish".  Used it in a race the other weekend and it txt's (optional) your time quarter, half and three-quarter distance to whoever you choose and also gives them an idea when you will finish.  Great for friends and family who aren't running because it frees them up and gives them an idea when you will get in.  Distances show in miles and KM.  Worked OK in that race and I was in 1 minutes before it predicted.   Its free as well so that is good.

  • Do people really need to know how you are doing at a parkrun. 

    I agree it's great when friends are trying to follow you doing. Marathon, but parkrun ? 

    And where are they going to go ? The start and finish at Delamere is miles from nowhere ? And you're only going to be gone 25 minutes 

  • The point was I used it see how it performed.  I would use it on half marathons but as I just downloaded it I thought I'd try it out.  Not a crime I assume.

    Just mentioned it incase someone thought it was useful.  If not then my apologies and please ignore my comments.


  • It was just a comment that IMHO it was over kill for a parkrun, and the phone signal is rubbish there as well 

  • Fair comment.  Agreed.  I know when I did the Chester half it would have been useful and probably good for other travelling as well. 


  • We used the organisers provided app at the Paris marathon this year, and it was great for our kids to know where we were as they dived around spectating..

    bit slippy in Delamere this morning, and wet under some of the big trees 

  • Excellent.  Helps that they know what you are up to.  Was going to run Delamere today but had other things to do.  Looking forward to giving it a go again soon.

    Did you get a decent time ?


  • Better than last week, but a couple of minutes off my pb 

    See you next week ! 

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