Question for Saucony Kinvara fans

I need to replace my Kinvara 2 road shoes soon and was wondering if its worth splashing out the extra on Kinvara 3. Does anyone have the Kinvara 3 and can you tell me if the fit is closer to the Kinvara 2 or the Kinvara Trail shoes?

I've been running in Kinvara 2 for about a year and really like them, but recently acquired a pair of the Kinvara trail shoes and was amazed at how much lighter,  snugger and more comfortable they feel compared to Kinvara 2.


  • I absolutely love my Kinvara 3's! Can't compare them to the 2's (I've not had them before) but they're very, very comfortable and light. The general consensus is that If you like Kinvara 2's you can't go far wrong with the update.
  • Kinvara 3 are £49.99 at sportsshoes at the moment.........


    Worth buying?

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