Minimalist shoes advice



  • Ah right, you've done amazingly well in altering your running style whilst maintaining the distances.  A lot of advice is to scale right back but that doesn't appeal to me.  Nice to know it can be done your way.

    Thanks Hellen.

  • Lee I'm not the resting or tapering type

    I run twice a day so was doing one run in the Skechers

    I was a slow process, I started with the Gorun ride around sept and although I don't think I am totally changed yet I have made a lot of progress without really thinking about it too much just letting the shoes do the work.

    I did my first Marathon in the shoes in oct but was heel striking in that! So although I got up to big distances in the shoes quickly they did not cure my heel strike for quite some time

    I got the Gorun in around November I think, they are lighter and I feel that they encourage forefoot striking more than the Gorun ride. However I was getting calf ache with them so gave them a break due to races and am just slowly getting used to them but I think it is probably using those which have helped quiet a lot
  • You are a running machine Hellen!  I've bought some NB MT110 as they are fairly cheap in Sports Direct so will try them but I'm going to try the sketchers as well as along with your expreience of them they do get good reviews elsewhere.  Just got to find where they are cheapest.............

  • wiggle did have them cheap but the ones I got for hubby seem to have gone now

  • There is no doubt that going from a traditional heel cushioned shoe to a vivobarefoot is a big step and there are shoes in the middle that may be more forgiving until your achilles and calf are used to being stretched out more each stride. We actually wriote a barefoot running shoes blog on our website which may help you out too.

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