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  • that's because you're a warm blooded ex-pat DD and can't manage UK weather any longer...image

    but yes - it was bloody freezing and I'm glad I wasn't racing - probably do the sprint or standard this year

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    I can state quite categorically Shimano R077s will take an SPD cleat & an SPD SL cleat.  One is a 3 bolt fitting (SL) the SPD uses just 2 of those bolts.

    So to answer your question you can walk perfectly ably with R077s and an SPD cleat fitted to your shoes.  

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    Gavo wrote (see)

    Malakite, from my limited understanding, tri shoes might give you colder toes due to their design but when it warms up (depending upon where you are & where you ride) that might be OK as your feet won't overheat.

    Running socks should be fine.  If it's a bit cold then you could try 2 pairs.  If your feet warm up part way through the ride then it's obviously easy to take them off.  If you have good running socks then it might be worth getting some cheap-ish cycling socks so that you don't ruin your running ones.

    Tops - well, you can get regular cycle tops or tri specific ones (sometimes referred to as monacos).  The monacos are designed for running in so the zip will be lower, they won't have sleeves but they tend to only have 1 pocket in the back.  For longer training rides, use a regular cycle top as you'll have more storage pockets.  You can also get short or long sleeve.

    You will find that most cyclists love talking about their hobby so never feel the need to excuse yourself for asking questions!

    Hi Gavo - thats great advice thank you!  Glad I am not winding anyone up with sooo many Q's! image Where do you purchase most of your cycling gear from, or does it all differ?? Also, re: Tri - the short sleeved top (one pocket) seems a good option to race in so that there is little transition! Can I Ask though, how does it work with the swim section?  Are they usually inside or outside or dependant on location?  Do you literally stand at the change area and take a full wetsuit/trunks off with towel and then fully change?! I have no idea really!

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    fat buddha wrote (see)

    M - yes to changing from tri shoes to running shoes in transition.  be a bit daft to try the run in bike shoes - MTB or road versions!!

    as for socks in tri, I don't bother for the bike (my tri shoes are very comfy without socks) and I won't bother for the run unless it's further than 10K, and then I use normal running socks. 

    if you suffer badly with cold toes, many triathletes will have neoprene toe covers on their shoes to keep the worst of the cold air out - you can put them on your shoes in adavance.  on extremely cold days, many would go for a full overshoe.

    Sounds like a great idea - do you have a link to them I can look at??

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    Final RV wrote (see)

    I can state quite categorically Shimano R077s will take an SPD cleat & an SPD SL cleat.  One is a 3 bolt fitting (SL) the SPD uses just 2 of those bolts.

    So to answer your question you can walk perfectly ably with R077s and an SPD cleat fitted to your shoes.  


    Excellent - I see that 'Wiggle' have the RO77s pretty cheap right now (43% off!!).  One question though, a chap in Halfords suggested that the stronger/stiffer the shoe, the more power into the pedals I can achieve, so I am wondering if these would be strong/ridgid enough?  


  • Malakite - these are the toe covers.

    I've not needed them as I only race when its warm. For winter I use some Planet X overshoes - cheap and do the job.

    You really don't need shoes THAT stiff. You're not forcing the pedals round - you should be spinning - less force - more speed.

    Top of the range road shoes have carbon fibre soles - so you cant feel the pedal beneath you at all.
  • ah - I didn't realise the RO77 could take a MTB cleat or a road cleat.  nice idea.

    they have glass fibre reinforcing in the sole so would be strong enough for your needs at the mo M.  and yes, the stiffer the sole the more power stransfer as the sole isn't flexing - top end shoes have very stiff carbon soles but they are very likely to be road cleat specific only.

    just google "neoprene toe covers" - will bring up loads of sites.  If you're buying the shoes from Wiggle, they sell these as well under their own brand name, DHB, as well as other brands

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    Hi guys - you are all awesome for all of your help so thank you!!


    Do you think I should just go for the RO77s then?  May I ask what the difference is between an 'RO' and an 'MO' range?


    Also FB - yes I will order the toe covers at the same time!  Whilst I am at it, are there any good tops on Wiggle you would recommend? I may as well get the lot in one go image

  • yes to the shoes

    tops - leave that to you - too many to choose from!

  • Hmmm - what could the difference possibly be - R0 and M0 ?

    Try googling and you'll find its Road and Mountainbike.
  • MO - Mountain bike

    RO - Road bike 

    the MO will only take a MTB specific cleat, the RO will take a road or MTB cleat

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    fat buddha wrote (see)

    MO - Mountain bike

    RO - Road bike 

    the MO will only take a MTB specific cleat, the RO will take a road or MTB cleat

    Ahhh of course (sorry Cougie!), so the RO's will just be slightly more ridgid right? Thats about it?

    Going to order all stuff today, shhhhhh don't tell the mrs!image

  • Final RVFinal RV ✭✭✭

    You may find the MO's only have a 2 bolt fitting as well as being more supple in the sole plate.

    You are aware that when you asked the question about walking in cycling shoes, buying a pair of RO or any road shoe menas the soles will be stiff, you can walk in them, but if you're thinking of any more than 100 yards tops forget it.

    The SPD cleat on those RO77s will stick out of the sole by ooh 5 or 6 mm nowhere near what an SL cleat will though, but it's metal rather than plastic so will last a whole lot longer than an SL cleat if you do a lot of walking in them!

    Oh and Silver R077s are the fastest.

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    Silver are the fastest?! Very funny lol....


    OK so prob best with the RO77s then, a little flexibility and also the cleats 'should' be ok to walk in?  Do any shoes actually have them sat back enough that they won't affebt walking?!

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    If you want to walk about then get MTB shoes - you can walk (about as fast as you could walk on sheet ice) in any road shoe the only difference is some cleats wear quicker than others - if walking in them is a consideration other than from your garage to your front door or into a cafe having leant your bike outside then you do not want road shoes.   

  • If the cleats were set back they'd be no use for cycling.

    How much walking are you planning ?
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    Not much walking at all to be fair - I want what is going to aid me as much as possible with the cycling, so maybe i go for the super stiff soles RO's lol

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    Shimano RO64 Vs RO87s - both VERY similar by the looks of things and a similar price.  


    I think if I want to maximise my speed efficiency on the bike I am best to with ROs perhaps?  Just wondered if any of you had either of these?

  • there's very little basic difference between the two RO models - the 87's have a 3 strap closure vs the 2 strap of the 64s and that would give you slightly better fit adjustment and a little more power as you have 3 straps holding the foot down.

    of the 2 I'd go with the 87s


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    Hi, just to keep you informed I ordered the 64s on 11th March from Wiggle and they STILL have not arrived yet due to no stock!  I have the pedals changed already on the bike so there really is nothing I can do right now but wait - EEK!!!

  • have you tried other stockists??  if so, I'd go through someone else and cancel the Wiggle order 

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    Might have to - they just got back to me to say they will be in...ready for it...come OCTOBER TIME?!!!! FFS!!!!!....

    They suggested the RO78's as a suitable replacement?!....

  • do you mean the RO87s that's been mentioned before? 

  • Are they being discontinued or something and their successor is out in October ? Crazy delays. I'd be shopping around.
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    Right it's between the RO78s and 87'


    Wiggle only have my size in stock for the RO78s at the moment... I also notice they have the 3 bolts type for cleats whereas the 87s have both the 3 and 2 bolt...... 


    Any advice from REAL peeople would be better than what some herbert behind his PC is emailing about from Wiggle because they potentially simply just require my sale!!

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    Also, they have now emailed me AGAIn saying for my SPD pedals they would recommend from the link below!!  I am close to putting my head against a brick wall because all I want is a decent pair of shoes that would be the most efficient in fast cycling for me so that I can build up my distance and speeds (notive atm) and be able to walk a SHORT distance in case I ever require doing so!!


    Please help it's getteing desperate now!!...

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    ANy ideas/advice would be greatly received - you never know I may be able to start cycling again before the end of the year image

  • I don't really know what other advice you're after now - we've offered a lot already - what's the problem???

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    Sorry Fat Buddha - your advice has been superb - I just wanted to know if the peeps at Giggle were right to recommend shoes that were neither of the 'road' ones we discussed?!  The latter link I posted simply stated all 'MO' shoes but not 'RO' ones?  I just want to make sure that after all of this, I do not end up with a pair of shoes that do not fit my pedals?!  For example, will either 2 OR 3 cleat ones fit?

  • you have MTB pedals (M520) so you need a shoe that will take a 2 bolt MTB cleat - whether you buy a 2 bolt cleat only shoe or one that takes a 2 or 3 bolt cleat makes no difference.  the advantage of the latter is that it will take a road 3 bolt cleat if that's the way you want to go eventually

    so - pair the M520s with the RO87s 

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