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I ran Windsor in 2.04:45 with which I was very pleased. Now I'm tempted by the Brighton 10k which is 6 weeks away.

What should I do in the intervening weeks? Obviously I would like to increase my speed and maybe get round in 50 - 55 mins, my best 10k so far has been about 58mins. I can train 3 times a week. At the moment I'm trying to do 1x4mile, 1x6mile and 1x10mile a week. Should I drop the long run for a speed session - and (in words of one syllable) what should that speed sesssion be?

Many thanks.

(Or could I just start tapering now?....)


  • Hi Daisy Dog,

    Whilst not professing to being an expert myself I went throught the same quandry myself after doing my first half marathon and introduced speed training and some hill work as perscribed by most RW training guides. The results were phenominal as I dropped from eight minute miles to seven minute miles in a gap of 10 weeks for half marathon. I would trun your 4 mile run into a tempo run and subsitute the 6 mile run with a speed session!
  • Agree with above.

    Instead of 6 miler try 4x1.5 miles at goal 10k pace with 90secs recovery.

    Run 4 Mile Tempo run at goal 10k pace or slightly slower.10 minute warm up jog,10 minute cool down.

    Long run,easy pace one week,steady pace on the alternate week.

  • Also,

    Try to be a bit more specific about your goal time.You will find a big difference between running intervals at 50 minute pace and running them at 55 minute pace.

    Try them at 55 minute pace and if this seems too slow,increase speed over the six weeks.

    Your half marathon time would suggest however that you could proberbly run 10k in around 56.30
  • If you are doing just 3 runs for a total of 20 miles then 10m long run looks too long. Cut it down a bit and make the middle of the 6M first into Fartlek and then into fast intervals or run the middle 3 at near race pace. Fast being relative of course :-)
  • Thanks for the advice.

    Being rather thick, DannyM, but what would 55 min pace be and what would be 50 min pace? Could you be very specific as I get lost in all the figures in RW
  • 55 min pace is 8.51 per mile.

    50 min pace is 8.03 per mile.
  • Thanks DM

    I'll try and find a 1.5 mile spot and see what happens.

    No chance of tapering straight away then ?.... ;o}
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