So what did happen to Tommy the Clown...?



  • Are you sure you're not getting confused with a RastaMouse episode?
  • I say we should pie him.

    Then stand on his big feet.
  • I saw him at the Bute Highland Games in the summer. just doing the 10k run, not tossing the caberimage

  • Johnny Blaze wrote (see)
    I say we should pie him.

    Then stand on his big feet.


    Actually one of the best things about that old thread was the suggested punishments. 

    I still think the Forum should turn up en masse at one of his races, give him a damned good pieing and then stick a hosepipe down his trousers image

  • Indeed. I read the old thread last night and Mr Chloella was perturbed by my hysterical laughter. An intertubes classic.
  • I finished last in the Vale of Leven 10K yesterday, and despite passing Tommy the clown at the 2k mark I crossed the finishing line and there he was with his medal and goody bag.

  • I hope you pied him, Jim?

  • Interesting, comedy shaped route. No idea how anyone could miss part of the run.

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