First thoughts on waking



  • Sassie, I have to keep logging on and off line when my daughters in because she wants to use the phone and complains because her friends cant get through because its always engaged,
    broadband is the answer I think.....HELP !
  • At 20 it was "Where the hell am I?" followed by -"hmmm I wonder who that is?"

    Now it's

    "hmmm, who the hell am i?"
  • Actually I have a confession to make, this morning I woke up and thought 'what the $@*£ was that all about! (will I get Cazzed for that I wondr?) I can't tell you what happened or who it was about, but you know what I mean.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    My first thought this week has been:

    "today I'm going to get lots of work done and only log on to the forum at lunchtime"

    Hasn't worked yet, but its the thought that counts........
  • First thing in the morning? "Damn and blast, too late for a morning run - AGAIN!"

    Followed by "Which child has been sick on my head in the night, and can I get away with sending him/her to school anyway?" (Sorry, Barkles - I know there's nothing teachers hate more than children chucking in the classroom).


    Followed by Mr V-rap half-opening his eyes and saying, "My mother was just commenting on how none of them looks much like me. Shall we talk about it when you come home from work?"

    And that's a good morning.
  • Yes I say Get off my hair as the youngest gets into our bed in the night and twists his fingers round my hair so when I try to move a big clump is ripped out.
    The next thing is to flex my feet to check for achilles stiffness then do the resting heart rate to see if I can have a skive if it's too high.
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    Hiya all,

    Back from the Shakespeare now. 6 1/2 pints of extra cold Guinnessssssssss.

    Love and hugs to you all. Sorry Jon you're dumped....In a nice way of course.:)

    The 17:22 to Sevenoaks is beckoning.

    Have a lovely weekend all.


    You won't believe how many times I've spell checked this. Toodle pip..............
  • Bye Scotty, have a good weekend. That wouldn't be the Shakespeare on Kingsway would it by chance?
  • Before I was off-sick the most common thought was
    "Oh crap, I'm late, again. Now I'll never get a parking space"

    Since I've been off-sick it's been
    "I'm bored, I hate daytime TV. Fern Britten gets right on my nerves, I'll have a cup of tea and check out the forums"

    and then spend all day here ... on and off. Unlimited access, that's the key, olus it ties up the phone so I don't have to talk to anyone - for some reason BMW, BT and VW take to ringing in the daytime, "Can I just take up 5 minutes of your time..?" No they can't :)
  • OW my back!!
    Then see if its early enough for a run
    Then yippee, forum
    Makes me feel SO popular with all those E mails coming through, even if theyre not addressed to me
  • Ohhh Benz, we love you.
  • Even with my bad back??
  • Benz,
    does the gin help your back,

    a few bottles of lager does wonders for me,
    having a few now as it happens,

  • OOh yes, what an excuse
    Im sure it does
    On third gin
  • On fourth bottle Hic ! ! ! !

    All my aches and pains have gone...
  • Its amazing isnt it?
    Dont tell my patients, ill be out of a job
  • I first logged on at 8.30 this morning, and I have been coming into the forum all day,
    how do I get out? I keep getting notifications, help............
  • You cant
  • Righty dokay Benz I am off to bed, nite nite, see you tomorrow.


    Dont want to go really but I must......
  • Vrap.
    You a doctor and all. Yes kids chucking on my trousers is not a fave part of my job.

    Gaz... haven't forgotten I owe you a pint.

    Benz yes with a bad back.!
  • I havent forgotten either Mr B.

    Slurp slurp......

    Cheers mate
  • Slurp to you too!
  • Slurps all round then
  • make mine a large one
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