Tuesday session

Morning all.

What: Intervals, probably 8-10 x 550 metres (approx) in c. 1:50, with two minute recoveries.
Why: Core interval session.
Days since last rest: Yesterday
Since last hard: 2

Also have appointment with knee specialist this evening which I suspect will lead to a recommendation to see a podiatrist. Still I suppose someone has to keep them in fees!


  • Marin, at least there's the possibility of help. I'd cheerfully pay for advice if I had the shaggiest idea where to look for it!

    What: The usual 3m, this time divided into 4 lengths between 200m - 400m at what might be 5K speed.
    Why: First time trying more sustained fast effort since chest pains. No problems!! It's great fun. I pretend I'm Monique, or Laura, or Snickers, or Drew even.

    But, I'm having trouble with my training partner. She is trying to sabotage my runs. Yesterday she got lost in the woody bit, and I had to go back and look for her. Today, she came happily on the warm up jog and stopped dead when I started running. I argued with her, and she came. In the woody bit she raced just ahead of me, sat down suddenly to scratch - three times.

    It's gonna be a pest if I have to walk her first and then run.

    She goes home in September.

    In the meantime, it would be lovely if those who keep the path would trim the nettles. The healthy stingy glow imparted lasts all day.

    Very humid and sticky.

    Bad day? Not at all. It can't be. A kingfisher swept along the river as I ran by it. One of the most wonderful birds flying. Halcyon day indeed.
  • Stickless

    The annoying thing is, it would be nice if I actually felt they did any work rather than it feeling like some big referral chain letter!

    With you talking about nettles it reminds me of the overhanging branches on my runs - I keep thining about taking the hedge clippers with me but wonder what I would say if I got stopped by the law!
  • Another marvellous day

    What : 6 to 9 mile tempo or farklark
    Why : club night

    Last rest day : Saturday
    Last hard day : Thursday

    It would not be a summer run without nettles ;o)

  • Very nice here as well - maybe the visibility could be a little better though.

    what: walk up Moel Fammau (see Monday session thread) + or - an extra gentle trot (3 miles max) later this evening
    why: recovery day needed - also the walk is part of getting elder son fit enough to do some running again.
    last hard day: Monday
    last rest day: Sunday
  • Marj, I am sure there must be someone out there in the alternative health industry who advocates a good beating with a wad of stingers as treatment for precisely the symptoms for which you suffer. After all, it's not far removed from that silly hot stone thing they do at some of the saw-you-coming-muggins health resorts.

    I was stung so much on raspberry-picking excursions as a nipper that I think I'm immune now.

    Down to work...

    What: might manage a Bodypump class at lunchtime, day job permitting. Walk/run to and from evening job (4 miles or so each way) if the weather holds.

    Why: That's what I have time for. Leaving the car at home makes me feel virtuously green.

    Last hard day: Saturday.

    Last rest day: Friday.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Brightening up a bit now, after a foggy start........

    What: 2 hours on the bike.
    Why: Pact with Mr Nessie that on nice days we would cycle together, and on wet/cloudy days I will run alone. (He can't run due to a nasty knee injury a few years ago).

    I know I need to get more long runs in, but I feel my fitness does improve with cycling.
  • Rest!!!!

    Went for a run last night 2 laps of a course that measure 3.4km first lap 13 mins 20secs (4min kms) 2mins per km quicker than I ran FLM. Then a gentler lap at 15mins (5min kms). MHR 183 steady during most of the first lap. Didn't feel to bad then a more reasonable 166 for the second.

    Gym this evening.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    What: Easy hour jog (7-8 miles)
    Why: Should be weekly intervals,but have Yateley 10k tomorrow night so don't want to push it plus legs a bit stiff after Sundays 21k Trail race.
    Last Hard one : Sunday
    Last Rest : Friday
  • What : hour and a half gym session
    Why : hour and a half break from the two boys (the joys of summer holidays!)
    Last hard run - last night 6 1/2 miles very hilly, but practised hill running techniques and had a really good one
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    What - 3.5 miles steady pace.
    Why - 'Cos my schedule says so!
    Last hard - Sunday (long run of 50 minutes - my longest to date).
    Last rest - Yesterday (although I wouldn't call tearing round Oxford Street trying to exchange something before the shops closed a rest!)

    Weather is obviously much better everywhere outside of London - kind of grey with damp bits here ...
  • What: 9 mile fartlek
    Why: It's the done thing on Tuesdays at the club
    Days since last rest: 1 (yesterday)
    Days since last hard run: 0 (today)

    Feeling much better today, for some reason I was knackered yesterday after Sunday's run. No doubt will take a substantial pummelling at the club as per usual!!

  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: Morning 45 minutes weights, afternoon 8.5 mile conditioning run.
    Why: Hard session yesterday so today is an "easy" day
    Last hard day: yesterday
    Last rest day: Friday
  • Walked up Moel Famau - took steepest & most direct route up & marched elder son with me - turned out to be much shorter than expected. Or maybe we were just fast? Son enjoyed it anyway.
    Evening amble - just under 4 miles at about 7:10 per mile pace - just finished in time to grab shower & watch Paula.
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