Support Group 1 - Mudchute 2013



  • I dropped off some (labelled) gels and a thankyou gift at the expo but the woman I spoke to seemed a bit confused about the whole mudchute/forumites idea, so I hope you got them!

    Absolutely cacking my pants right now (NOT LITERALLY).

  • Thanks in advance for all your hard work image 

    I dropped a couple of gels off at the expo today, so hopefully re-united with them when I see you! (If not Mr Alki may well collect them if he spots you)

  • At the expo yesterday the man I spoke to had no idea what I was talking about when I asked about the support groups!
  • Hi

    Sorry if this post is in the wrong place but i really want to come up to London tomorrow to support runners, can i come along to Mile 17 to help?

    Will bring jelly babies and anything else people might want!


  • There's a growing excitement in the Happychap household image

    I've dropped a bottle of (hopefully flat) coke in to pick up tomorrow.  I've got a very acute case of tendonitis in my ankle so will be walking from the off.  Expected time 1.50/2pm.

  • Supercaz Am failing to post a photo but am happy to email it if you can send me your email address
  • Fran - yes, just turn up image

  • Sorry guys, managed to totally miss you in spite of all the balloons and also the fact that I was actually looking for you! You probably missed me too cos I was a bit early image. But I made it to the end anyway! Will have to come back next year to have a chance to actually see you.

    Also: 3:06:16! Feeling pretty smug.

  • Awesome time Literatin well done - it took me about twice as long but I made it! Thanks to everyone the hugs and fresh orange segments especially went down a treat and revived me just when I needed it!
  • Huge thanks to Bear, Caz et al. I managed to miss you Caz :0( but got a lovely hug from Bear :0) thank you all for your fab help.
  • I was concerned about you Happychap, then when I eventually expressed my concerns I was told that you'd gone past ages ago and I missed you

  • Sorry Stilts, I was already in London when you asked for my email address so didn't see it.  Glad you had a good time anywayimage

  • No worries SuperCaz, I found you anyway, those oranges were heavenly even if it broke the golden rule of not trying anything new on race day!
  • Did anyone try the apple?  That was a first for us and it seemed to disappear quickly so it would be good to have feedback for next year.  We are learning that by the time people get to us they often want savoury rather than sweet so we are trying to accommodate that

  • Thanks for being there this year - you were a time-saver! The gels I picked up from you just about kept my quads together for the last 8 miles (they'd started complaining at 16!) and I somehow came home in under 3:30, with pretty even splits, so well pleased.
  • Excellent news Alki!  How did Mr. Alki do?  I don't think we saw him, or if we did he didn't make himself known to us and we assumed he was just another runner

  • I don't think he saw you either. By that stage he tells me he had tunnel vision! He came home in 4.34, which was 30 minutes better than last time, so he's rather chuffed with himself.
  • I nicked some Pringles from one of the chaps stood in another group and they were amazing. Just what I needed. You can never go wrong with orange quarters either... :0)
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