Advice for tomorrow's session.

Ok, so the story so far. I am building up to my first half marathon on 9th November. I run three times per week. This week I have done sixmiles on Tuesday, five miles last night and I plan a long run tomorrow morning. Last Saturday I did eleven in 1.37.

Tomorrow should I:
a) Try to do the eleven faster than last week.
b) Extend the distance even if it means having to walk at some point.
c) Do something else.
d) Stay in bed and plan to sell my Grid Hurricanes.


  • Sorry to be pernickity PB but I'd say that your option e) could actually have been incorporated into my option c)

  • I would extend the distance, taking care not to add more than 10% to your overall weekly mileage.
  • PB,

    I could run further than that and faster than that if I thought my hair would look like Ryan's. :-)))))
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