Di2 woes



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    If you buy the Di2 as a complete groupset it comes with a charger, takes about 90 minutes from empty to full & lasts about 1700 miles so it would seem according to other users, obviously depends how much shifting you do.

    It appears the ECU needs a firmware re-flash as the shifter isnt talking to the mech, the mech is working fine & trimming, the mechanic put a different ECU on this morning & it's fine.

    Much to the disgust of the Spesh store the diagnostic tool required had to be purchased from Evans of all places & Evans refused to give him a discount, I had to laugh at that.

    This may be a blessing in disguise as now I can get them to set up quickshifting properly & reconfigure the shifters to my liking.

    Fat Buddha I'll bear the TriStore in mind should this firmware re-flash not do the trick.

  • Two options, buy Campagnolo on a carbon framed Bianchi, preferably an Oltre, it is better. Failing that, Campagnolo on anything else. You'll never go back. image

    Second, and the answer to any question on the bike. What would Merckx do? Reynolds 531 handbuilt frame, down tube shifters with a 52/42 at the front and a 11-21 on the back.

  • GraemeK wrote (see)

    Failing that, Campagnolo on anything else. You'll never go back. image


    on that point I will not disagree... image

  • 8.5 k on a bike? I can only dream. I'm expecting you to beat me by several hours when you pass me on my £900 bike in Wales then.image

  • £900 on a bike ! - should i be even allowed to race?


  • I don't care what is spent on bikes. If people have the cash and are prepared to spend it then go ahead. FRV hope it all gets sorted. I'm all for sticking with my cabled Dura ace STI's, 9 speed at that!! The way I see it anyway is it's the engine that's going to push the bike in the first place image 

  • I like the thought he has given things up to save for the bike - like premium beer!

    However it is bloody annoying when you spend a lot of money on stiff and it doesn't work as it should. Ever seen a Rolls or a Bently on the back of a tow truck? No simples they send a covered truck to take it away, they do break down.

    It comes down to how well they handle the fix. And that doesn't just mean quick and with good grace. Given you can afford an £8.5k bike (even with saving) then clearly your time spent faffing about is probably the biggest issue to you. Lots of places don't realise this.

    Its funny they ask you bring it in like it is no big deal. But if you suggest they come and get it and bring it back when its sorted and suddenly the time spent traipsing around is an issue for them.

    Hope it gets sorted and lets you fall in love with the bike again.

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