VLM 2013 Weather Forecast



  • after the winter we've had the last thing we want is a hot day...unless you've done all your training abroad that is!


  • Hello all, update from John Holmes the Senior Forecaster with Netweather

    "I can see nothing in any model to suggest a major change with UK Met Fax T+120 chart issued last evening looking to me to be as near as anyone this far out can get on the weather pattern.
    Surface ridge being eroded from the west during the day by a cold front moving east. Certainly not reaching the London area during the day. A dry day, spells of sunshine after perhaps some early mist in outlying areas. A light and variable wind becoming light S-SSW during the morning, rarely more than 5-10mph. Temperatures starting close to zero C in the suburbs(5-6 central London) and climbing to about 14C by early afternoon, maybe 16C in the city centre."

  • Al_PAl_P ✭✭✭

    prefect, fingers firmly crossed it stays that way....looking promising as the forecast for Sunday has been pretty stable for a last few days image

  • Perfectimage

  • Still looking perfect. 

    Cold before the start 3C (feels like 2C)

    1000 7C (5C)

    1300 11C (10C)

    Dry, sunny/cloudy, light wind from the SW.


    I'm getting really scared now!!!!

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