Specialised Body Geometry shoes causing calf problems when running

Are there any runners out there who have had experience of calf problems when running, who also use these shoes for cycling. Just to clarify, I use running shoes for running.
After consulting a physio, and getting new, more supportive trainers, the right calf problem I was experiencing seemed to be solved. However, during this period I was not cycling at all. After having a ride last Saturday for the first time in a while, running on Tuesday and Thursday both resulted in my calves tightening.
As I had cycled in my old shoes, Answer type trainers with spds, and run with no problems for 3 months, before getting the Specialised shoes, and with my experience last week, I can only conclude it's the shoes.
Could it be the Varous Wedge in the sole causing the problem? Do any runners out there know if I could fit a forefoot wedge insole into the shoes to counteract the wedge in the shoe. i.e. to balance them out?


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