A new me......



  • Tuesday-


    Breakfast - Porridge with half scoop protein


    Lunch - chicken breast,Banana, apple  Protein shake.


    Dinner - Chicken , 1/4 onion, half a pepper, few mushrooms in 2 x wholemeal tortillas.

  • Wednesday-


    Breakfast - Porridge half scoop of protein


    Lunch -Chicken Salad, Banana

    Snack protein shake,


    Dinner - Weight Watchers Chicken Lasagne ( very nice)

  • Just weighed in, 12'3 finally broke the 1st barrier image


    Food has been good last few days, no real slip ups ( 2 choc biscuits yesterday aside!)


    Going to start the running again Sunday, this week my knee felt odd, a slight pain on side of knee cap and a little pain below knee cap, so havent done any running this week.


    All I have done excercise wise is my press ups app and 1x 4mile walk, also doing a 4 mile walk today.

  • hiya brummie

    i was 22st 5lbs and now 14st 7lbs...last it in a year and have maintained it for a year...nnow entering phase two of loosing ...cant help with running advice as only been yomping myself since february ....but the weight loss was via a food combining diet very similar to to the new slimming world extra easy plan...which is essentially cut fats to the absolute minumum ..cut processed food and sugars and restrict cereals and breads...otherwise lean meat,fish,poultry,pasta.potatoes,rice,fruits and veg are all free so no weighing or counting and very easy to 'live' while doing it ...best of luck

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