VLM on the telly...

I'll be on the sofa wearing a "Keep Calm and go for a Run" t-shirt, and feeling both sorry and relieved I'm not running.

If anyone wants to join me there willl be virtual butties and builder's tea.

Look forward to chatting to anyone that's around.




  • I once put the dreadmill in front of the TV and ran for 4:30hrs whilst watching the 'fun runners' (as the presenter termed them). Whatever possessed me I will never know!

    I'll have a veggie sossige sarni please.

  • Thank you for the invite screamapillar i indeed will be watching image

    Mixed emotions as im running on the 12th May my marathon this year image

  • Limper, that's about the craziest running story I've ever heard - brilliant! image

    (I will probably get the ironing done while watching).

    Was forced to text Sky News this morning when Gillian Joseph said during the paper review, "London is primarily a fun run, so it's not as important as Boston,"  WTF? image I'm hoping one of their sports reporters set her straight!

    Veggie sausage sarnie - check.

    Ja5on, hope you are enjoying your taper image 

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    It'll be a bloody miracle if I'm still having "fun" running through Poplar after 20 miles.  Maybe I can send Gillian Joseph some of my gurning shots.


  • I never understand why these reporters think running 26.2 miles is "fun" - they should try it themselves and then see how much fun it is if you are having a bad day. Even the TV race commentators call people fun runners and they really should know better.

  • Bacon buttie please, and please may I have the bacon crispy?  And coffee?

    I will have to think up a cunning plan to keep the weans occupied so I can watch in peace.


  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    I'm thinking that too NR, might have to send oh and little one out so I can watch in peace.

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Can't you play games to keep them amused?  Spot the rhino, or BBC commentator cliché bingo?

  • PhilPub wrote (see)

    Can't you play games to keep them amused?  Spot the rhino, or BBC commentator cliché bingo?


    I'm considering a sponsored silence

  • Actually, I was just thinking that the only other time I've ever contacted a broadcaster was the BBC...

    .... to ask them if Cram and Foster could stop using the term "fun runners" ! image

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    the vlm organisers themselves use the term 'fun runners' in the final instructions letter I was given. I was a bit surprised that even they didn't know better!

  • I blame the runners in the stange costumes. Makes it difficult for an event to be taken seiously when some competitors are wearing rhino suits....
  • its what the crowds turn up to see,,,,,,

    I am on a long bike ride so can not join you.but can you please still supply me with the butties

  • I'm guessing the guy in a rhino suit is having even less fun than all the others whose efforts should be more respected by the commentators.
    At Brighton last week there were two Spanish pack donkeys. Well there were blokes dressed as donkeys is what I mean. For fun? I doubt it.

    Screamapillar - the great thing about my dready marathon was the availability of drinks and toilets! And no other bugger getting in my way!! Other than that it was flippin horrible!


  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Don't those Rhino suits weigh about 40lb?  Not exactly fun.





    seren nos wrote (see)

    its what the crowds turn up to see,,,,,,

    I am on a long bike ride so can not join you.but can you please still supply me with the butties

    Certainly can! image


    Cinders wrote (see)

    Don't those Rhino suits weigh about 40lb?  Not exactly fun.

    And don't forget the Wombles. I had a bit of trouble with Orinoco last year from around mile 19 - managed to shake him off in the end though image


  • and screampiller can you give a shout for my OH.I will be too busy cycling to think of him image


  • Tomorrow, the presenters are going to stop using the unpopular term "fun runners" and revert to using the much more popular "joggers".

    That should keep everyone happy.

  • i'm looking forward to watching from home  - while studying of course !! trying to be productive while i am home alone  - husband night fishing with smaller child - older teen is at sleep over  - woo hoo  - 


    I'll have a veggie sossige sarni please.

    +1 for veg sausage sarni - yum 

    i know 2 people running it , i will think of them image

  • I am going out running in time to get back to watch the fun runners and joggers

  • the propers runners will be at llanelli running which is alovely PB courseimage

  • Hope to be back from training run in time to see the leaders run the second half on TV.

    What is the cut off point between real runners & fun runners / joggers? Maybe Crammy or Brendan can enlighten us tomorrow.

     May I order a bacon roll & a cold beer please.

  • I'll need to fit in a bit of a plod first too Bikila. Any particular brand of beer? image

    Hope all those "fun runners" are having an early night!

  • Mine will definetely be a plod Screamapillar...working a 12 hour shift that ends at 6am, Meeting mate at 9 for the run. image

    Anything Belgian if possible please...Duval, Karmalite, Leffe image


  • Is that Bruce or Wallace Bikila?      "Freeeeedommmmmm".

    I must have granary bread for my veggie sossiges please. And ketchup. Drool.

  • Limper....how can you compare the greatest ENGLISH king with a pair of jocks.image

    Its the statue of Alfred the Great in Winchester (although there is a smaller version in Wantage where he was born).

  • I'll be requisitioning the TV at the Mother in Law's. I'm sure she sees running as a mental health issue.

    Bacon and bs on white please.
  • Morning!

    Crap run this morning, very glad my *rse is parked on the sofa today image

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