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I have been advised that the best ay for me to kick on is to introduce a weekly temp run. I do an interval session, long run and a steady pace run.

I have looked into it and can see i need to be running circa 10-15 seconds slower than my 10k race pace. My question in this regard is, i live in a hilly area and it is impossible for me to avoid extremely undulating routes. My 10ks are based on predominatly flat courses. How do i reconfigure my times to take acct of the terrain. I have tried the max hr method and dont like it.

Is a tempo run equally effective if done on a treadmill or track?? Or would i get better results if i knocked say anouter 10 secs off desired pace and did it on the roads?




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    At the end of the day it's about effort level and if you are good at guaging how hard you are working, it can be run without garmin / heart rate monitor. Can be run on hills, particularly if you are training for a hilly race. Going by heart rate, or by pace on the flat (I use my 10mile race pace) is going to get you closer to threshold if that is the aim of the tempo session. Personally I prefer to run them on the flat or treadmill to compare sessions easily and to keep me working at the right level


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    I actually read your recent marathon training posts, after posting this, looking for an answer. I think i will take my tempo runs on the treadmill-

    1. because i can get to the gym at lunchtime and get it done without family life being interupted.

    2, Because of the steady conditions a treadmill provides and because to slow down you have to phsyically press buttons so a little more prohibitive and because you know exactly what the set pace is.

    3. Its a break to legs compared to pounding the concrete.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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