Brathay Windermere Marathon

Anyone doing this in 3 weeks?

I last did it in 2010 and was just reading previous years reviews to remind me how hilly it was.  I really shouldn't have!  Starting to worry I haven't trained hard enough image 



  • ringo100ringo100 ✭✭✭

    Did it last year. Super weather but my plan for a sub 4 died a death. One of my favourite runs not as hilly as langdale but it zaps you. 

  • Being local to this race (by tarn hows) this was my first and last road race. all my training was and still is off road . I thought I would do it as they gave me a place for shutting my lane off whilst we ran past. The tarmac killed my knees for a week after it. Suppose if you are used to tarmac you will be OK.  I do the distance without a grumble on  the fells. good luck with it though COstanza. you know what it is all about. the leaders in our race caught the old Mason helpers out through Hawkshead and instead of running through they went around Hawkshead on the main road ooppss! 

  • still contemplating whether to do it or not how hilly is it

  • ringo100ringo100 ✭✭✭

    One awful hill at 7 mile and then loads of undulations. done 24 marathons probably the best but did nearly kill Ban will be back may

  • I'm doing this for the first time. I'm aware it's quite hilly from others at my running club who have done it before but they all say how scenic it is and how well organised.

    I did the marathon of the north in Sunderland yesterday which was quite hilly so will be taking it easy with a bit or a run/walk strategy at Windermere. Not expecting to get sub 4 though!


  • I think undulating is a fair description, with as I recall 2 monster hills around miles 7 & 20.  Jules - you should definitely do it.  Organisation & scenery were 2nd to none.

    Dave - I was hoping for a sub 4, but injuries and realism are taking their toll!

  • it was the 20 mile hill which played with my mind the most. the others were undulating, perfect for cycling over and not to bad for plodding over. do it for the views rather than PBs. 

  • hello all. i am doing it for the first time... and it's my first ever marathon. Gulp :0   My folks live in the area so I am pretty familiar with the route...not sure if this helps or hinders (or simply terrifies in my case) but one thing is for sure ...those teeny tiny hills aren't going away any time soon! I am aiming to get round, running and preferably enjoying as much of it as I can. I'll be the one at the back, bringing up the rear. Any other marathon newbies out there running Brathay? Would like to hear from you..BRING IT ON!!!! image

  • Hi, yep also my first marathon. Alternating between nervous and confident. Just seen the video on their website and some of the traffic looks to come quite close??

    Does anyone know the actual vertical ascent of the 2 big hills?

  • If you are interested then there's still time, just, to take part in my research project on positive self-talk. If you have 2 long runs left (at least over half marathon distance) and want to take part then email me directly at [email protected] and I'll get the pre-study questionnaire to you asap. There's a huge big post with loads of info on it about the study if you are interested but I am happy to email details.

  • ringo100ringo100 ✭✭✭

    Youtube has a good few videos the trek and run and Chris Eatons videos show you what to expect

  • Will be toeing the line. Hope to have an enjoyable run and try and set out at around 9:40/10 min pace.

    Don't know the climb at 7 miles (By all the descriptions i dont think i want to see it till the day) but have stopped at Bowness quite a few times so know that climb.


  • Stratty,

    glad to hear I am not  alone image you sound far more prepared than moi (ascent of hills? Flippin hard work would be my immediate response to your question) but I have watched the video...

    i'll tell what you what, you go up them first and tell me what's like from the top! 

  • Hi Frances,

    heh heh! Sounds like a plan - I hear there's an ice cream at the top of one of them image

    It's a weird feeling - I really have no idea what to expect...  It doesn't seem that long ago that I was just chuffed at running for 30mins without stopping - now it's all about refueling strategies and vertical ascents.  I blame Runners World (!)

    Anyway, I've heard mates say the first one is your own - no stress about beating PBs. So think I'll try to sit back, enjoy the views and try to get round beforedark....

    what is embarassing is that at a pub quiz last night there was a question 'what is the distance of a marathon in km?' that I got utterly wrong 

  • when you reach the top of ice cream hill (in front of me image please order me a 99 vanilla cone with the chocolately flake thing in the side. Rest assured I'll be along shortly to collect it. I haven't really thought a finish time let alone a Pb. I think a Pb will be finishing as the hills are going to play  a starring role in slowing this newbie down! I out the pub quiz weak moment down to pre marathon denial!!!! image

  • I work in the area and driven the route a few times, and yes it's a hilly one, and not a PB course. But the senery sure makes up for that. The Ice cream van is after a steepish hill at mile 20ish, I will have a tenner tucked away, and may just treat myself to a moral boosting ice cream and walk. But my advice is be prepared for a bit of walking.

  • What do people think is the best strategy in terms of overall pace for the big hills?? Do you think it is quicker overall to walk up them or to attempt to run up slowly then take longer to recover???

  • ringo100ringo100 ✭✭✭

    Run slowly aparmi from miles 7 and 20 they are manageable. Did finish absolutely battered. 

  • My plan is to have a plod up to 7 miles. If I have to walk or just run slowly up the climb at 7 I will. I don’t won’t to go into the red that early in the race. After that hopefully I will get into a nice rhythm again until the finish.

    Praying for the wind to drop now and also the very heavy rain storms.


  • Did it last year and loved it. Tough course but beautiful, I had done London 4 weeks before and managed to knock 5 minutes off at Windermere. Remember undulating means downhills as well as uphills. Hoping for better weather also Quinn!

    Did london last month--- Must be mad

  • I'm in , number came today, 

    just gotta get round, I've done 3 marathon distance races including a 34 mile ultra in the last 7 weeks, so death or glory image

  • Scooby3Scooby3 ✭✭

    I had to pull out, but still came up to Windermere. Really wish I could run it! next year though.. Good luck everyone, and hope the weather gets less clammy soon!

  • 4.28! slower than last year but still won 1st FV60

    Tough but a lovely race

  • For anyone put off by the hills for 2014 - don't be!  Just train on hills if you live near them or just whack up the gradient on the treadmill and you will get through them and enjoy them.  Train on down hill too as you can make up some good time by bouncing down them effortlessly.

  • First marathon, round in 4.14, running all the way. Still can't believe the time given the undulating course and the fact that I didn't do as much hill training as I should have (understatement). Ran the whole way, enjoyed it tremendously. Absolutely delighted. Ahelluva day! If anyone is thinking about it, I would recommend it wholeheartedly as a really wonderful first time experience: small, friendly, challenging but rewarding. If I can, anyone just have to BELIEVE!

  • A wonderful race! I would recommend this to anyone who is tired of the big events. The course was tough but runnable and you benefit from the spectacular views. I finished in 5 hours 28 and felt good all the way round. Thanks to all the marshalls and spectators.

  • Feel like I've been run over by a bus even 3 days later, but what a great race. My first marathon and chuffed to bits with 3:27. No single killer hills, but they never stop coming.  Had a hairy  moment at mile 22 (the famous wall maybe?) but bizarrely found speeding up downhill shook me out of it

    What else to say? The organisation was incredible, the scenery wonderful and the spectators great - except the one couple in Bowness who crossed the road without looking and who I completely bodychecked.

    If you're in doubt, just do it and train for the hills. Oh, and have an ice bath in Windermere after - absolute bliss!

  • Can't fault the organisation, marshals, water stations, entry fee. If you don't need the bright lights of a city race this is for you. It's certainly no PB course, it's a course to saviour it's tough and yes it's a roller coaster of hills.

  • Good to see folk enjoying my favourite race.  10in10 #2 for me this year and was nearly 9 hours faster overall than last year.  I know several people who PB'd last Sunday and my fastest day was only around 11 mins slower than my new PB, that I set on the considerably flatter Brighton a few weeks ago, so a decent time is not impossible. 

    Stratty, I'm sure the tourists in Bowness are completely brainless!


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