P&D Autumn Marathon Training Thread

Here ya go. Let's do this. 



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    7 weeks to make sure ankle is ok to cope with another schedule, the Kinvaras are in the bin 

  • Don't let the sub-title fool anyone.  I am far from advanced.  I just like to train like an afleet and then hit walls in marathons for the fun of it. 

  • Who can we blame for the Kinvara's NN?  Who started the whole "you need light shoes" shit? 

  • You got the bit about swearing right though image

  • I cant remember who started the chat about light trainers, but can remember who suggested Kinvaras, not that I can blame anyone though, I should have known better and  I just happened to like the colours they came in..image

  • You made same mistake as I did, I bought purple Mizuno's to match my purple Asics kecks.  Why for the love of GOD? WHY?? Cos I is a twat. Sorry NN, I must have sent twat vibes through the keyboard and you picked them up.  

    Anyway, back to Prick&Dick. Are you restarting training?? What plan? 

  • I will do the same up to 70 if the ankle allows..image, things were going so well till that last 22 just 3 weeks out, mine starts on the 16th/17th June so will carry on spinning and running every other day for now and see how things are, I just hope its not going to be a permanent weakness as soft tissue damage often is image my wrist still niggles 4 years after falling off a bike !! that was alot more painful at the time though, but of course my wrists dont carry my body weight image

  • OOh, its nice in here.

  • Oh look.  It's a balloon.  So balloon, what race are you doing this Autumn or do you just like the jovial company?

  • NN - you will be fine, you are recovering sensibly and made the right decision re not running VLM on it.  I have faith.  

  • Not the first time I have been called a balloon I must confess... Not booked one yet, but on the cusp......

    Where is everyone??

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭
    Mennania wrote (see)


    Where is everyone??

    They've all been excluded on the grounds of not doing an autumn marathon. image

    Don't think I'm going to sign up for one just to be in the cool kids' club. Cos I'm not.

    Apparently I'm getting a copy of Road Racing for Serious Runners for my birthday though. Maybe I'll go and start a separate thread for that and not let any of you bastards post on it.

  • Lets hope its a miserable cool summer, lol..no BBQ heatwave thanks very muchimage

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Actually I have decided (from my running and cycling experiences today) that summer is a SHIT time to train, because SWARMS OF GNATS.

  • G'awn Lit, you can have a wonderful thread with DF3 and talk all serious shit.  image

  • Men - what lickle race are you on the cusp of entering?  Chester I hope? 

  • Ooh can I join in?  Hopefully attempting my first marathon this autumn at York and have been pointed in the direction of P&D by some knowledgeable forumites.  Looks like this thread will be a healthy balance of training talk and expletives.  I like it.

  • Welcome TR85 what time are you hoping for ?

  • P&D 55-70 for me, sub 2:50, Chester.

  • Thanks NN.  Hmmm, good question.  Various race calculators would suggest I'm capable of roughly 3:50 IF I did the appropriate training for a full.  I've heard that these are quite optimistic though so I might be better off aiming for 4:15.  Would love to get anything sub-4 though.

    Which races are everyone else planning on?

  • Oh nice new shiny thread.

    I am running Chester it will be my first full marathon. Was unsure whether to follow P&D for my first or take it slightly easier - however sadist is my middle name so am halfway through reading the book and will follow the 55 pw plan. I am nowhere in the league of some of you on the P&D thread.

    My aim is very much like Tiny Runner, would love a sub 4hours and that it is what various calculators suggest. But as its my first I will be happy to finish in around the 4:15 mark. As I have already signed up for Brighton as well it doesn't matter too much if I completely balls it up first time round!!

    Look forward to pearls of wisdon from the experienced and the odd profanity from Heow!!

  • Welcome Lisa and Tiny.  For your first it can go either way.  My way (shit) or Literatin's way (unbelievably not shit).  I would set a goal but NOT from a pace calculator, if you are running between 1:45-1:50 Half, I reckon aim for 4:00-4:15. What are your Half times?

    **Edit for poor spelling of unbelievably. 

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Ah but HeOw did you use P&D for your first time? If not it doesn't count.

  • Can I pull up a chair or do I need to join Lit on the separate thread for serious road runners?

    Hello Lisa and Tiny runner. I've just finished P&D for a spring marathon and managed to go sub 4 for the first time.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭
    Fiona J wrote (see)

    Hello Lisa and Tiny runner. I've just finished P&D for a spring marathon and managed to go sub 4 for the first time.

    TWICE in TWO WEEKS, she modestly didn't mention.

  • Thanks for the welcome.  Most recent half time was 1hr 42, but believe I could shave a minute or two off that at the moment.

    Can you explain yor shit way of training Heow, so I can learn what not to do? image.  Hopefully I can follow literatin's unbelievably not shit way, but this distance is new territory to me and I'm bricking it.

  • Sub 4 twice in two weeks?! Fiona.....one word........HERO!

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Yeah, go on HeOw, tell Tiny Runner the story about how you went out and ran 26.2 miles all by yourself just to see if you could. image

    Tiny Runner, I just followed P&D 55-70 obsessively and also did lots of stretching.

  • Up to 55 miles and aiming for sub 3:45... HM improved to a 1:45 pretty hilly one (Grantham), and Eyam next so I doubt it'll come down anytime soon!

    Berlin is the target with Chester as a back up if logistically I can't get to Berlin (or it works out too expensive).

  • literatin wrote (see)


    Tiny Runner, I just followed P&D 55-70 obsessively and also did lots of stretching.

    Sounds like a good plan to me!

    *pulls chair in closer and eagerly awaits anecdote from HeOw*


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