Would you sign a Prenup before marriage?



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    Life is a long time.  Hubby and I were together 20 years and neither of us ever thought we would divorce.  But over long periods of time things change in ways that you could never predict.

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    Are these things even legal in the UK..?

    Nope, well sort of, but basically no. If that sounds wishy washy well the law is on them as well.



    Actually courts are now more likely to pay attention to them and give them weight as long as certain criteria are met. But they have to be written very carefully or they can get tossed straight out the window


    Thanks everyone for you views. It's interesting to see how varied the opinions are image I've always been of the mindset that marriage is for life and If you commit to it then you shouldn't be thinking about get out clauses. My OH did suggest a prenup and my initial reaction wasn't very good, however after some thought I am considering it due to our circumstances.... 

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    the arguement is that if you marry someone and give them and any children a certain level of lifestyle.....then if you get bored then you should provide for them to still live the lifestyle that you introduced them to........

    I can see it to a point but i think that it probably goes to far......but if you marry someone half your age with no money but a cute butt and little brains then you deserve to be taken to the cleaners


    I don't think the potential problem is so much about 'getting bored' with someone...  the problems arise when someone marries a wealthy person for their money...  then, has a few years of married life and decides to get out and exploit the situation by taking a chunk of money with them....

    So..   I think its perfectly fair for the wealthy person to protect their assets against this...

    Heather Mills is a perfect example of this...  she was only married to Paul McCartney for 4 years and yet her divorce claims were exceptional....   she still got a generous amount, but nothing like what she asked for originally...    



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