Any runners taken Carbimazole (hyperthyroidism) tablets?

Hello, for anyone who is or has previously taken Carbimazole for an over-active thyroid - did you experience any side effects?

Had a persistent sore throat & chesty cough for 3 weeks (as well as feeling generally under the weather (tiredness, despite uninterrupted sleep and general light headed feeling).

Initially thought nothing of it, just a persistent cold virus but have read that this could be a potential side effect of the medication.

I'm fairly new on treatment (now 7 weeks, so sore throat started a month after commencing Carbimazole).

Have rung the consultant secretary & left a message, so I'll await their response, but I'm curious to know if anyone else has experienced anything like this while taking this tablet?

Typical this happens in the month leading up to a marathon - always the way! Cheers.


  • Thanks Helen - sore throat is very mild and intermittent now - seem to get it in the evenings. Have an appointment with the consultant on the 29th so will mention it then. Think it was just a case of a bad cold & probably decreased immunity causing it to linger for so long.

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