The 2013 PSOF swim cap thread



  • In my room with no supper...........sorry mum...won't happen again, just getting excited about having a big yellow head!

  • Hi Schmunks.

    It looks like i will be relocating to Hong Kong and would love to take some pirate attire with me, can i ask when your doing another order.

    Having been speaking to Hols, and meeting Rafi at Marlow i would like to be part of an international presence.


  • Hi Schmunks,

    got my caps now, have booked a 'read to the bottom of the email spanker' course for next week. Big luvs, 9spanks.

  • Not had mine yet image sure it will come soon image

  • RDC - I had limited internet access recently and was confined to a dongle with limited allowance which I was close to breaching.  I am now back on the wi-fi and so the last batch will be dealt with over the coming week.

    Sorry for my tardiness.  I would like to hope it is just a felleting breach of my normal efficiency and accuracy image


  • No worries schmunks it will take a lot more for your halo to slip image

  • A quick shout to Flat Footed and Slimshady to check their email account image

  • Home from holiday to find cap waiting for me. Thanks Schmunks image

  • Home from holiday and mine not arrived yet image

  • Caps received, thanks Schmunks... eventually.

    They seem to have been sat in a sorting office for over a week, looking at the postmark and the day they arrived... but they're here now image

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