Ironman Recovery



  • cheers ironbloke,
    will do that, ta!
    have to decide over the next couple of weeks about TLD, still not 100%. im debating about whether or not to do london and himuk again (as loved them both this year and would be on form for both). but i can't keep holding off my first (and only!) ironman. may as well do it while im injury free and in-the-mix mentally.

    no im not doing luton, would be silly. ive not exercised for coming up to 4 weeks now from virus, and didnt do enough running before that. if i did luton i wouldnt do myself justice and would prob get ill again :O(
    good luck though - what time you heading for?

    i might get my credit card out next week - when im in a moment of insanity....and enter TLD. wont have to worry after that !
  • I've already entered HIMUK (pity it's not full - I already bitched about this on other threads so I'll spare you), thinking seriously about London again (did the first 3 yrs) but I would like to do a full distance race again next year. For reasons too numerous to mention I can't see myself racing abroad in '04, so TLD is favourite at the mo.
    Hoping for sub 3hrs at Luton. Hope you are fit and healthy soon.
  • Nice one. Think I'll be entering at end month when I get paid.
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