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Hi All

another newbie! so let the journey begin.... The goal is to an Ironman by the end of 2014, this weeks goal is to swim longer than 50 meters.  Gonna take the first step and enter Cheshire fun Tri on the 2nd June and then take it from there. 

So any advise, tips or advise is welcome! 

let the journey begin. image





  • Welcome aboard   image

    Get some swim lessons

    Dont spend too ,much money too soon ... work out what you need in time

    Enjoy it

    Learn to like Black n Yeller

  • Don't drink the water at Nantwich 

  • Thanks, swimming lessons are high on my agenda, along with joining in on any local rides.  It safe to say that I am a novice in every discipline.

    i've heard about the famous black and yellow! My kinda group.

  • Nantwich is a brine pool.... I really do mean don't drink the water 

  • Thanks for the advise Dave ( gonna train to swim holding me breath or even backstroke ) so I don't have to taste it.

  • Can't backstroke not allowed its about the only stroke not allowedimage.... 

  • thats a shame! boggy paddle it is then!

  • I cant wait to see that stroke   image

  • Ha ha! Same here! New to the sport and creating new strokes!

  • SteadyCJSteadyCJ ✭✭✭

    Surely boggy paddle is the stroke done in those bog snorkelling competitions.

  • image Seconded for Dave Nantwick is a lovely race other than the water. First tri I did and love it. In case any good there is free camping there couple of tips if you are wearing a t shirt for the bike make sure you put it on before you put on your helmet and also don't even touch your bike until your helmet is on. you might find this useful.


  • It was the first Tri  that I did as well.................... Sadly it wasn't the first I finished image

  • I'm aiming for my first ironman in Autumn 2014. image 

    My only tip: surround yourself by people who support you. Join a club - best thing I ever did! Currently moving regularly so figured it was sensible not to join a club - really missing it! 

  • can any one recommend a tri club to join? I live in Southport (not far from Liverpool and Preston).  

  • Mersey Tri. 

    COLT City of Lancaster ( home of IronHolgs ) 

    im at Chester Tri, built far I suppose 

  • Thanks Dave I will look into it.

  • There is also Tri Preston as well.

    Good luck with it all.

    And the water at Nantwich is vile

  • thanks - gonna look into tri Preston as I live in Southport! i might pick a different location for my first tri, especially as i seem to drink a pint of water every length image

  • Id forgotten Tri Preston til I saw some racing yesterday, their new green kit must rate highly against the black & yellow for eye watering....

    sorry guys 

  • Blue Steel wrote (see)

    thanks - gonna look into tri Preston as I live in Southport! i might pick a different location for my first tri, especially as i seem to drink a pint of water every length image

    I live in southport too, Mersey, Wigan & Preston are the closest ones I can find. Are you planning on the southport tri next month? flat as me grannies......falt bit there!

  • flat bits I meant!!!!

  • welcome aboard!

  • hi 9sqrun, 

    I wanted to! But no wetsuit, gonna have to stick to pool based events for now! I will be spectating.

  • got my first race tomorrow at Southport doing a Sprint! it will be my first open water swim. Just bought a wet suit (so hopefully I won't drown ) bike bought Now ready  to rock n roll.

    one last thing! S**ting myself

  • Blue how did you do mate? image

  • Hi Cake

    loved it! Apart from my brand new wetsuit's zip broke in transition and I took my and the race ref 5 minutes to undo! grrrrrr

    completed it in 1hr 32mins 16secs. Looking for the next race now! Any suggestions?

    plus I wore black! I just need to add some yellow now!

  • This sounds familiar first and so far last full ironman I did and same thing happened they had to get the scissor’s outimage.

    What sort of distance do you want to do? There are loads of races about at the moment at w**k at the moment so can’t geek to much but if you want I can stick up some links later for ones I’ve done and really liked. I’d spend a productive afternoon with Google and see where it takes you.image

  • Blue you might like some of these guys races but mostly pool swim's http://www.fun2tri.co.uk/

    If you fancy a slight step up in distance this one is brillinant! There are a few of us signed up for it already so you get to meet folks. image http://www.fullboarevents.com/

    A hilly one http://sheffieldtriclub.com/hathersage-hilly/

    a cheap hilly one http://www.matlockac.org.uk/matlock-triathlon

    There are loads of races in the lake district if any good but got limited info on them as the wrong side of the hills.

  • Cheers bud! I take it your doing the wild boar on the 1st September? I must admin I have had my eye on that one! image  I will have to up the training a bit

  • Yes did it last year with another pirate and was very very very impressed with the organiser's attitude. It's very newbie friendly and while it would be a step up if you want to do a half I would arm for that one unless you have your heart set on a big race. The difference isn't massive but you will be maybe in some pain for the run. 

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