Swim around the world?



  • have a look on the web site below giving details of garsides other supposidly exploits, the yanks have really got it in for him, can't say i've ever heard of the guy before, he can run round the world but cannot manage over 70 miles in a 24 hour challenge before keeling over,

  • I have been following Robert Garsides progress (or lack of it) for the past couple of years. A lot of what I have read has come from the site Paul has mentioned above - so perhaps my opinion is tainted. But I think the man is a complete fake - he avoided ALL runs with other ultra runners - his crossing of Colombia(may have been another S.American country) his average daily run was in excess of what Yannis Kouros was capable of - and Kouros is a God as far as ultra running is concerned - and to add to Mr Garsdies woes - he also carried all his kit - managed to video himself every 20 mins and drink water out of puddles.
    If you have a few hours to spare - I suggest you read the Garside affair on the ultramarathonworld.com site - it is beyond believe if everything that is written is true.
    I didnt think R.G could surpass his running endeavour - but this swimming lark is laughable. Good luck to him.
  • i know a lot of ultra runners both in this country and abroad as well as top class road runners and nobody has ever heard of this guy before this stupid claim. with the times he has supposidly done before and during his round the world run he would be , without doubt, the british, if not the world no.1 ultra runner. yet nobody can find any race results to support this. you would have thought he may have at least entered 1 ultra distance event somewhere in training, yet the only one anyone can find is his failed 24 hour track trial after the event.
  • Well I'd be the first one to congratulate him if he can swim round the world but it sounds v unlikely. Wonder if he's tried any other "marathon" swims yet - I'll dig around in the channel swimming "world" and let you know! (Don't hold your breath)
  • If you want a laugh check out the RG website at

    The first page you come to is an almost unreadible list of disclaimers, copyright notices and other terms and conditions.

    I am intrigued as to why he thinks someone would illegally use his material- or does he believe that there are unscrupulous types out there! I mean if there are people out there ready to knock his valiant and undeniably true efforts to run around the world then who knows what else they can get up to.

    I will rejoin the conversation when I have worked out how to get all his food, kit, video, video camera and mobile phone into a 7.5kg bag - I may be some time
  • He has tracked a huge media list, but has not published any information about his training or running log. Looks like a cheat to me.

    I read about Yannis Kouros. He is amazing, he did one of those Sydney->Melbourne races and only lost 500g!!!
  • Couldn't read all the disclaimers coz of the dark image behind the text . . so I daren't enter the site in case I'm infringing some by-law or other . .

    What's the point of all that?
  • I'm perhaps talking out of turn here, but the Trick Cyclist who looks after Mrs FR knows of this guy - says he has all the classic symptoms of a serious personality disorder.
  • Casper - thanks for the link - what an odd person he must be! However, the following which has been copied from his site might provide a little insight into why he has claimed to have done what most people seem to believe to be impossible:

    "Synonymous with durability, style, innovation and practicality, the elegant Runningman brand name presents an opportunity for a developing sportswear manufacturer to sell a new line of clothing for any athlete. Interested corporations or their advertising agencies should bid on the sale of The Runningman logo by mail, the address of which can be obtained by contacting info@runningman.info. The closing date for bids will be 25 Jan 2005 and the minimum bid US$15M."

    Yep - that's $15,000,000 - makes you think, doesn't it? Anyone can have my 'almostrunningman' logo for 85p
  • Ho Richk - you going to start the bidding?
  • And they can have my far more stylish "fallingman" logo for just 20 shillings
  • FR - you obviously didn't read the small print that scared Richk off, because para 4 sub-para 2b clause 37 says that anyone, especially those still working in shillings, who disses the 'almostrunningman' (tm) logo by denigrating it's style will suffer severe penalties, of a type too painful to go in here.
  • Mrs FR wants to know if she can watch
  • Hey Dr Nic - you really goin to swim the channel??

  • FR - the severe penalty obviously has to be that you've got to keep Dr Nic company!
  • shall we register swimmingman before RG does?
  • Caspar - that's a very very naughty thought! Go do it!
  • LOL! (The domain is actually available)
  • Hey !! I've still got my Pearly Pools 3 lengths front 3 lengths back framed on the kitchen wall.

    Seriously I did some of this long distance swimmimg stuff when I was at school. I think I did 5 miles once - but it was in an indoor pool.

    If Dr Nic is swimming the channel then its a seriously brave undertaking.
  • It is and she is...

    <<Beams>> with pride...
  • Maybe she should just keep going and see how far ahead of RG she can get before he calls it a day!
  • Unless RG claims that he swam the world dressed as Dr Nic to try and avoid undue publicity ..

    or is that started to get very twisted!

    Hold on lads I've almost got all this equipment into my 7.5 kg bag - only thing I left out is my food and camera and lie detector test.
  • Room for the waterwings?

    Having seen Dr Nic's pic and RG's - I don't want to have to think about the cross-dressing implications of your suggestion!
  • Not even RG would stoop that low.

    I'll stop before I get sued by the runningman legal eagles
  • darn I forgot about the waterwings, I was too busy packing the unicyle as in 2005, after swimming the world I will follow RG as he unicycles the world backwards.

    we are already in talks with some very big circus names who want to buy the identity and logo from us.
  • Better make sure you have 'circusunicyclingswimmingrunningman'registered before you-know-who does.
  • darn- I packed my credit card at the bottom of my ultra light tardis rucsac- I'll have to unpack now

    Hope RG doesnt get there before I do!
  • Enough of this - I have some work that should be done - thanks for the entertainment.
  • lol... you're all naughty boys (& girls)

    the ed_m ultra brand is currently under development.
  • So when developed, what are you going to do with it (if you don't mind me asking) - I'm open to suggestions as to how the new 'almostrunningman' brand can be launched
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