• That sound very nice indeed image
  • Quark! Heart it. Us Austrians copy (aka you copy us) all things German quark-iness.image

    I've never found it in uk.....can you get it here? 

  • Kaffeeg, yes you can get it almost in every big supermarket. I can def get it at Tesco and Sainsburys. Heard Waitrose have it too but haven't checked this. Its only the plain, low fat variety but you can play with it to suit your taste image
  • oh and you want to look for it in the cheese aisle (it's normally with the continental stuff/cheese). You will be disappointed if you look for it in the yoghurt sectionimage
  • Ohhhhhhhhhhhh davulous! Thanks Jindalee. I might only eat quark in all it's glory this weekend. (after my half marathon. Maybe not before.......!)

  • lol sounds like a quark party is on its way. Na dann, Guten Appetit!

    and good luck for your HM !
  • (davulous was meant to be fabulous.....) 

  • Hello Jindalee and other quark enthusiasts. Just wanted to alert you to the new Lake District Dairy lemon quark Sainsbury's have just started stocking.

  • Hi Literatin

    Thanks for letting me know. will have a look next time I'm in Sainsbury's image
  • Hi Literatin

    just wanted to ask you where your Sainsbury's is hiding the lemon quark. Had a look twice now and wasn't able to find it. Maybe I'm blind, maybe they are hiding it in an unusual spot, or don't even have it.. who knows...image
  • It was in the specialist cheese section, even though it was flavoured and therefore arguably more like yoghurt. Item code: 7640830 on the website.

  • Thanks a lot Literatin, will try my luck again soon image
  • Quark cheesecake is yummy!

  • Hmmm quark with strawberries... image I also sometimes have a big dish of quark as a meal Bionic Ironwolf. image But what is this German potato dish with quark called? Cannot remember ever having it when I was in Germany.
  • Perhaps it is more like the Alsatian 'bibeleskaes' which you have with potatoes and garlic?

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