Cyclist wanted



  • Yeah - pins'd work, but it's me new teaching spinning outfit, and don't wanna make holes if I don't have to.

    Hey - do you rower guys wear gloves on long rows, or are you all too roughty toughty handed for that. Just asking !
  • I've never ever worn gloves and neither has any one I know (well not at this club) my hands have been torn to shreds a few times and it's going to happen again very soon I know (winter kicking in and all that)

    I imagine that the gloves cause more friction which makes it worse.

    That and our hands are all caloused to hell and back
  • Found out today they may be changing the run course. So there are a lot less turns.

    I quite like the old route but the new one will be quicker I guess and still plenty of points to see where people are.

  • Another bump !
  • [quietly hands Cougie new tube of Arnica]
  • Tee hee. Sounds like your need is greater than mine Jj !
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