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  • Tom Frost wrote (see)

    just about big enough hills on the South Downs Mr. Coombes but like um bigger elsewhere! Down your way for The Beast in September. Looking forward to the scenary and those steps on the coast. I'm a fan of The Stickler as well.

    Just so much good trails in this country!

    Ah the Stickler! Done it just the once. Just about managed to run all the way up Hod Hill. You need to keep your forward momentum!!

    Have fun...


  • John BachJohn Bach ✭✭✭

    I'm lucky to live less than a mile from the Gwydir Forest - just back from a very enjoyable hour run around the various forestry trails - unfortunately I won't be there next week when the world trail championships are held there image

  • Im very spoilt for trails where I am, I live about a mile from the start of the North Downs Run so do all my running off road unless I have a marathon coming up and need get some road running in my legs. Looking forward to the Bewl Water 15m next weekend as well. Stunning scenery.

  • kittenkat wrote (see)

    Hate off road races though generally. Give me tarmac, even footing and pace, and well marshalled if you want a race rather than a run.


    It's the polar opposite for me

    I tolerate road, as 'mileage'/training for the rough-stuff (or running to/from work, when too dark to run through the woods/along the river banking)

    Happiest in a fell-race, something like the Woodentops events (ie; 'Withins SkyLine'/'Stanbury Splash')
    Unlike tarmac, you've got to think about every step & where your feet are going






     Re; 'Sheffield Banksy'

    Have you tried the Trunces at Oxspring??

    Short fast, races, run under 'FRA' regulations, & dirt-cheap to enter @ £1.20 per race!!!!

    No prizes, just lots of fun, including fording the River Don 3 times!!!!! (in 4 miles)
    We can see 250+ runners on a Monday evening!!!
    Next race on 15th July




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