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  • I’m a huge fan of the Trainerroad soft wear.

    Using virtual power and the workouts TR provide helps take my turbo time from ineffective mental torture to effective mental torture. Because of that (and the great big floor fan I purchased) I’m actually pretty good at using the turbo consistently in winter these days.

    If I was looking at buying a new turbo I would look on the TR list of supported turbo’s and buy one from that list.

    I use a Minura b60R, it’s cheap, reasonably quiet and doesn’t seem to resistance drift too much. 

  • i dont have much mental capacity so dont really expect to many issues.


    monkey see monkey do image

  • Final RVFinal RV ✭✭✭
    Budjude wrote (see)

    if anyone has got a turbo they dont use or want then i would happily take it off there hands.

    been looking on ebay and havent found anything eve vaguely cheap second hand image


  • Budjude, decathlon are regularly selling the TacX Satori for around £150.  Comes with a mat, riser block and DVD.

    I thought it was a bargain so got one earlier this year.  Am very happy with it so far.

  • What ever turbot you choose, I would give a massive thumbs up to the Sufferfest training videos. Loads of choice and sweat and pain guaranted. 

  • +1 for sufferfest!

  • Kurt Kinetic turbo's are on sale @ Planet X. Just picked up a brand new 'road machine' for £240.

  • yeah i hear the sufferfest videos are a evil beast to use

  • I have hopefully acquired a Tacx Sirius T1435 Turbo Trainer - just need them to post it out to me.

    Got it including a mat and riser block for £100 - and looks in good nick (claim to have only been used once)

  • I'm not posh, my riser block is the next catalogue and I have towels instead of a mat!

  • Your mission now is to use the thing over winter or bad things might happen. Hope you hate the dam things as much as the rest of us do mate. image

  • My riser block is an old pallet which is making the wife grumpy...i'm thinking of splashing out ontwo argos catalogues...

  • in my sick world i am actually quite looking forward to using it. i got so cold and wet earlier this year when out on the roads and missed some longer rides because it was so bad.

    no doubt within 5 minutes this opinion might change

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