London Marathon - transferring place

A few of us in the family entered the ballot and just myself and the mother-in-law got accepted.  I'm not keen on rooming with the m-i-l the night before and my wife is mad keen to do the VLM so I wondered if I'd be able to transfer my place to my wife.  On the form I got asked to verify my details so could I inform them of a change in details (i.e. sex/name/dob - address still the same).  If this can't be done "officially", does it happen unofficially...i.e. what's to stop me just picking up my number and chip and then giving it the wife on the day.  



  • You cant change details - its to stop people profiteering by selling them on.

    You could pick up the details and then your wife could run - but if you got found out you might get banned. Are women's numbers different from men's ? I can't remember.
  • lets be honest though, they arent going to throw you in jail ....... just give the chip to the wife and go for it.


  • The worst that can happen is she will get disqualified, and you both get banned from future VLMs.

    However, you're not likely to get found out, and unless you wife is a top distance runner, she's not likely to cause a problem with the men's placings.

    She will have to run under your name, but that may well be half-right, anyway!

  • If you can just change the first name on your form?  so that's right then if she gets people to look at results just blame it on virgin saying yeah silly sods put M not F

  • You have to collect the form with your passport or driving licence - so they wont match if you change the name.
  • Ahh image

  • cougie wrote (see)
    You have to collect the form with your passport or driving licence - so they wont match if you change the name.

    Kurt ....... how much do you look like your wife?

  • You could change your name by deedpoll - but its getting a bit messy now - and the sex will still be wrong.

    UNLESS - the ultimate sacrifice ?
  • cougie ........ you mean ........ 'the crying game' solution?

  • Sssshhhh - spoilers !

    (starts polishing secateurs)
  • XX1XX1 ✭✭✭

    The m-i-l is no oil painting then eh image

  • You can just say your going to... but then after london marathon change your mind.... slightly complicated i agree.... but that might work!


  • We don't know what security measures will be in place yet at Registration. If they start issuing wrist bands at the expo when you collect the number then it is a no go as the wrist band can't be removed without ripping it.

    See Berlin Marathon for example where this was brought in this year. Don't do anything drastic to anyones anatomy before this is known.

  • That's what sellotape is for!! image the wrist band not fixing anatomy issues...... Unless it's a little cut and your really busy, then sellotape is great for that as well

  • They do say if your name or any other details are incorrect, circle error and return.. I'm sure that they do not mean a complete change but could be an intersting test case!

  • So the error would be sex, name, date of birth etc....

    They'd just cancel the entry completely in that case as its clearly not an error and someone swapping.
  • The simple answer is share a bed with the mil and just enjoy it image

    No seriously, you cannot transfer places, but if you want to take a chance then it's not the worlds biggest fraud ever is it... Messing around to much with the form and it starts getting silly. Would be embarassing if your PB was actually ran by your wife.... so if she beat your pb you'd have to run another marathon to beat it.

  • Just write to the organisers saying someone has offered you £500 for it and would it be alright to abuse the systemimage


  • The system is open to abuse after the number has been collected at the expo (as I say, unless they go for the wrist band approach).  You can keep the runner using your place invisible by running as a pantomine horse with the m-i-l.

    If they do introduce wrist bands this year then I'm sure, running with the m-i-l,  it will be a good bonding session for you both, and you will talk about it for years to come.

  • I'm slightly confused by the MIL thing (unless the OP was joking).

    Why on earth would a man be expected to share a room with his mother in law? You get two rooms don't you? image

  • ha ha cheers for that fellas...some good suggestions.  So they don't just post you the race number and chip, you have to actually go collect it with that right?  Yep I did think about returning the form and where it says "are details correct", changing first name, sex and dob....the surname and address will stay the same (unless she divorces me before then) so it'll be obvious I'm not trying to profiteer from it.  I guess it depends how nice the person is who receives the form.  So plan B seems to be that I get the number/chip and then hand them to the missus...she'll be lucky to beat 5 hours so there's going to be no controversy on results...and I wouldn't like to see her lose the long blonde hair or fake rack so we'd have to live with the difference in looks. 

  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭ will know, although they're only interested in your money so won't be interested if Dave looks more like Dianne.

  • The photos are so crap that no-one will know if the subject is male or female anyway

  • so if it was like last year do I have to physically collect the number (where and when) or is it posted out to me?

  • Yes always you have to collect the number. Same place and times as last year. The Excel centre in the week running up to the marathon.
  • XX1XX1 ✭✭✭

    KG -- What's a "fake rack"?

  • Inflatable tits. Taxi
  • image

    OK so the plan is I will go to excel in the week running up to the marathon, get the number tag etc then give it to my missus to run...foolproof?

  • Only if your real name isn't Kurt Gold.

  • I wish it was...great porno name that it is but, no, I'm not that daft!

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