Syrian refugees

An open question. Syrian Refugees want to come to Britain. They don't want to stay in France. What should happen next?



  • See how fast they can run before we let them in?

  • Poor bastards I think but those poor bastards will be running a business while the sons of people off Boston are still in the dole queue!!


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  • Ask them in all honesty what Britain can offer them that France can't - given that France is a much bigger country with a similar population size.

  • It's a bit like someone can make better use of my house than I can, so should i give my house to them? How many refugees can we take? And why should we? Is this another good reason to opt out at all cost to the human rights charter?

  • Ask them in all honesty what Britain can offer them that France can't - given that France is a much bigger country with a similar population size.

    A Welfare state that will bend over backward to give them freebies.. Unlike the French who will sling them out !!!

  • ditto to what the man above said. Pity rthis country is more than bankrupt.

    The Syrians can come here, I'm off to France. image

  • When youre in a position where France is not good enough for you, right there and then you are no longer a refugee in my eyes.

  • What do you do - take them in along with every other group of refugees with no particular cultural or geographic reason to come to the UK, and become even more over crowded and suffer more social dislocation in the deprived areas they will end up. 

    Or turn them away and let them suffer, maybe die.   

    Sounds terrible but I think I'd say no.

  • I don't think we should opt out of the Human Rights Charter.

    However, I do think that we need a stricter immigration poicy that only accepts non EU migrants who can prove they have something to offer in terms of skills. Something like the Australian points system.

    The infrastructure of this country is groaning under the weight of the population, we can't have an open door policy anymore. 


  • I don't think this is a question of immigration as such though is it, Screama?  These people are seeking asylum, so by definition they do not have a right to work.

  • The sooner we opt out of the Human Rights Charter the better....

    We are not allowed to chuck terrorists out of the UK because the people they blew up back home will get them....

    You can't send a burglar to prison cos he will miss his kids school nativity play

    We have to accept every one who thinks the UK is better than slumsville Africa...

    World gone mad.  Just for once the frogs have the right idea, free one way air travel home...

    Same goes for wearing veils and burkhas, it isn't generally accepted dress in the country, if you don't like it go somewhere where it is the norm 

  • Lebanon is holding nearly a million refugees............each one is expecting to recieve the same entitlement that the Lebanese people are entitled to.........

    in lebanon that equates to enough food and water to keep them alive......just to do that must be an incredible hard job for the Lebanese society....

    yet we in this country are adamant in general that we do not want them here especially if they expect to have the same entitlements as we do.....

    this is a world problem.....but i expect not many people are worried about supporting these poor people in their own country or whilst they are in lebanon, or Jordan or Turkey....

    but if they want to come here then that makes them scroungers just coming for the benefits....


  • True Pudge -  but if they are granted asylum, they then have the right to work.

    If France grants them asylum and they wish to apply to come to Britain instead, then I think we have every right to question whether they have anything to contribute and decide on a case by case basis.



  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    I always thought that that you had to seek asylum in the first available country. I may be wrong on that but if its correct then I can think of plenty of safe countries between Syria and the UK. Just because you don't fancy the place much does not make it unsafe.
  • France can offer better weather....... image

  • And better food......

  • And wine...

  • It's just the damn French that spoil an otherwise great country

  • LOL.........indeed!! image

  • I blame the confusing message from the tabloids who want them all to go home but offer them cheap ferry tickets

  • Refugees are supposed to seek asylum in the first safe country they arrive in but there are EU agreements regarding their being acceptable in a third country if they have particular ties such as family. Practically speaking though as many arrive from unknown countries or via somewhere where for a variety of reasons they cannot be returned then they have to be considered here. If they have claimed in the EU previously then this can be identifed by fingerprints and they will be returned to the country that is obliged to consider their claim under the Dublin Regulation.

    You also have to consider as others have mentioned, the numbers coming to the UK are relatively low. Think of the vasy amount of illegal migration to Greece and Italy - many may not stay there but lots do and even those that don't settle there long term are still a huge financial drain on the infrastructure of countries that are really struggling. Last year, according to figures from the UNHCR, the USA had the highest number of asylum claims with over 83000 with the UK 5th at 27000.

    Having said all that, personally speaking I think this country is at saturation point as there is not enough housing.

  • We should take our fair share of Syrian refugees.



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    I have now calculated our fair share.


  • Not that wikipedia is to be trusted on anything, but this makes interesting reading and is an interesting counter to the more Daily Mail-like pronouncements on here...

  • And this is particularly interesting: About 80% of the world’s refugees are living in developing countries, often in camps. Africa and Asia between them host more than three quarters of the world’s refugees. Europe looks after just 15%.  (UNHCR Global Trends 2011).

  • People have the right to claim asylum, for me the idea that we would send people back to face death/torture etc is disgusting.  

    Then again Britain wasn't exactly welcoming to jews escaping Nazi persecution in the 1930s either.


  •  People have the right to claim asylum, for me the idea that we send people back to face death /torture etc is disgusting. 

    My parents were economic refugees

     My dad helped to build  houses for all the British people who had been Bombed

    out during the second world war, my uncles  helped  build the sewers under Oxford,

    My mum and her sister  worked in the local hospital.

    I can't see a problem with looking after people, regardless of where they have fled from.


  • and now  you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between us and the locals.image

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