Milton Keynes Winter Half Marathon

Is anyone up for this new Half? Any comments on previous races organised by the same team?
I am pondering but bit cautious due to it being the inaugural event!


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  • I was thinking about this one too image

    Feedback would be helpful. 

    Is £22 not a bit steep though? 

  • I've signed up for this with a few running pals.  I don't know anything about the organisers but as a local I'm happy to give them a chance.  Not many halfs in December and I did Bedford last year.  Not sure what the limit is but over 320 have signed up already so might not be open for much longer.

  • I'm in. After the farce that was the inaugral Luton Half last month I'm a little wary that it has no proven track record but it looks a decent course so fingers crossed it's a success

  • Anyone know if its a fast one? Otherwise looks good. I'm keen. 


  • I'm going to give it a chance

  • I'm hoping it'll be a pleasant run with towpaths and parks - fingers crossed..

  • I've just signed up too! This will be my first half in a proper race so feeling a little nervous already!

  • I've just was the pretty picture of the towpath on the website's front page that swung it for me!

    I don't tend to expect too much of myself in end-of-year races so, coupled with not knowing quite what's in store, I won't be aiming for a great time ...they're more for the sake of keeping motivated when it would otherwise seem to cold and dark to get out and train/race!

  • It's a nice course. I live in MK and regularly run the canal section image

  • Carl DCarl D ✭✭✭
    V4D wrote (see)

    It's a nice course. I live in MK and regularly run the canal section image

    How flat is the course overall. Have been looking for an end of year HM. Not expecting a great time as my running the last few weeks has been a bit hit and miss. But I am tempted,

  • It is pretty flat - on the section from mile 6 to 11 there are a few underpasses which are a bit of a pain and  there is a slight uphill from 10 to 11. No 'proper' hills image

  • Just picked up my race pack!

  • V4D is right. It should be a nice course with a long section next to a stream and lakes, but maybe not too quick as it has a few sharp turns, a low tunnel at 6.5 and a few ups and downs in the second half. They have avoided the worst of the hills in the town centre by running around them though.

    RTS used to have a slightly dubious reputation, but in recent years I haven't heard any complaints about the numerous races they organise so should be fine on that front.

  • really toying with entering on the day for this, despite promising "no more races this year"......last half was stevenage at beginning of Nov which I found tough as it had lots of long inclines and was 2 laps. Despite that, I was only 3.5mins outside of my PB. Also training for VMLM and need some motivation to get out and do a long run as havent done a real long one for 3 least in a race, I know I will do the distance, even if it isnt fast or pretty haha. So maybe I will see some of you there - I will be the one near the back running (hopefully) sub 2:37:00 imageimage

  • Are you sure you can enter on the day?  The online registration site is now listing it as closed.

  • The site states that there are a limited number of places on Sunday. But what does that mean 10? 50? A couple of hundred?

  • I want to race but dont want to travel and find out all the 'limited' places are filled!
  • Well I really enjoyed that one today.  lovely to see another side to MK

  • For an inaugural event I thought it went pretty well (apart from the false start!)

  • Yes. I didn't really know what was going on as I was further back. I thought it was just starting people in waves but then someone said they were calling people back. But like you say for a first event I thought it was a success 

  • I enjoyed it as well. Really nice course and for a first attempt a very good effort. Not quite as flat as I thought it was going to be particularly the last few miles.

    Just a couple of negatives for me, one being the fact that there was only 5 portaloos at the start. The other being the pretty poor medal. Neither really distracted from a good event though.

  • I really enjoyed this run, I don't know what happened with the false start but other than that great organisation, great scenery and very good marshals.

    It was a little more hilly than I expected, but even allowing for that I still got a PB and finally broke the 2 hour barrier I had been struggling with.

    I'd agree with Peter's comments with regards to the medal and the portaloo's.

    Really good day out and would definitely go back next year.

  • Apparently they wanted to test the gun but didn't tell anyone about it, so as soon as they fired it everyone started legging it!

  • I wouldn't say the organisation was great. Start was a farce (not just the false start, the lack of promised markers meaning no one knew where to start), there was no water or goodybags when I finished (though I did subsequently get a buff) and far to few toilets. I heard of at least 2 people that had pre-entered but the organisers had no record of them on the morning. But worst of all was the lack of any changing facilities. I travelled on public transport so obviously had no car and ended up changing in a stairwell as they only let people in the pavillion for a massage! Considering it was December, had it not been so mild, or had the rain not held off this could have been a real issue.

    That said, I loved the course and the actual event - just a shame about the bits before and after I was running!


  • I heard that someone had collapsed around mile 8 and didn't look to great - does anyone know if they are ok?

  • I did see a young lad on the floor who was with a medic. But he was sitting up and drinking water. Looked very very pale though. Not sure if that was him. 


    Oh and yes I def agree about lack of toilets, queues were rather large.

  • Twiglet712 wrote (see)

    I did see a young lad on the floor who was with a medic. But he was sitting up and drinking water. Looked very very pale though. Not sure if that was him. 


    I think I saw that lad very near the finish, he was very pale but looked ok. I think the one around mile 8 was a woman and was supposedly in the recovery position but that is based on what i was told not what I saw

  • On dear. Hope she is ok

  • Mixed feelings about this event today. 

    Race went without too much of a hitch once it officially started image and marshalls were great.  Only issue during the race for me was no mile 12 marker.

    But as mentioned value for money was lousy.  For £24 I expect much better.  I've run a lot of races and the medal was the worst I've come across yet.  It looked like they just stuck it in to try and justify the entry fee.  Also the first time I've seen runners offered only half a banana at the finish. 

    They mentioned at the start of the race that they'd raised £1k for Willen Hospice and at the time I thought great but with over 800 runners entering I'm now thinking the race was organised by the Grinch image

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