Can any women recommend knickers for under running tights?

Knickers that don't chafe, move or show the nasty VPL? Please tell me they exist.


  • best advice is not to wear knickers!

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    same for me - commando!


  • It's bizarre - why do these shorts over tights/no VPL knicker threads always seem to come in pairs? image

    But anyway - go commando.

  • No! Doesn't that hurt?

  • No.

  • Chafing is quite a personal thing though. I have tried wearing lycra tights without knickers and never even made it out of the house. I could already tell - TMI alert! - that the camel toe effect would lead to some very intimate chafing. Never had any problems with any of the knickers I own though.

  • Commando for me too.  Been running like that for around 8 years with no issues. 

    If you're not keen though, or have chaffage issues, you could always try bodyglide.

  • Or wear shorts. It's been very mild so far this winter.

  • limperlimper ✭✭✭

    Marks & Spencers full size lycra briefs (there's nothing brief about them believe me!). There is no gusset seam to cause rubbing and I don't think they give a VPL - although TBH I don't do a full appraisal in front of a long mirror prior to going for a jog so I can't guarantee it. image

  • No knickers.  They just complicate post-pee clothing rearrangement if its raining.

  • freddy1 wrote (see)

    No! Doesn't that hurt?

    Hurt what exactly??

    Dont bother, just adds to the washing pile

  • Agree with all who say commando, I do have some topshop ones which are okay to wear under as they are quite thin and tight so don't chafe too much but you really just have to trial and error to find something that's comfortable for you. Vpl is pretty much unavoidable unless you're wearing a thong...

  • M&S cotton knickers, something daft like three pairs for a fiver. Comfortable and don't create vpl.

  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Seamless ones from Matalan.  

  • another one for M&S knickers - I favour the no VPL multipack - no seams therefore no chaffing!

  • Decathlon have some great ones, they are purple but are really comfortable and don't rub.

  • Three words.

    Nike Dri-fit
  • another one for commando.  didn't try it until I started doing could never imagine running or cycling with any knickers on

  • Seamless ones from Primark - ridiculously cheap as well!

  • I know this seems to be an old conversation but I cant work out how to start my own :-( ive got some running shorts that I have like knickers built in but id like to wear leggings for colder days. What do you other girls do? Im worried people may see or ill get sore if I dont wear anything?
  • #gross
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    Andy B6 said:
    Wowowow, I been thinking about it again.  Hahaha
    just stop
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