So, where's the pirate team for this year.

cant do it myself because IM in another team (traitor), but wouldn't  mind rivalling a few pirates this year.

you'll have to be quick setting up a team, it starts in 2 days.



  • Can someone explain what Jantastic actually is. I looked on the website and still have no ideaimage

  • Seems a bit of a crock to me, so I set a number of runs in Jan, ok 3? and do 5 and I'm ace, longest run of 3 miles and do 8 miles and I'm acer.

    Same for Feb and March and the point is?

    Sorry, I'm out image

  • It a motivational thing.  Up to you to set targets which are challenging but achieveable.

    January you set the number of runs (any distance over 1 mile) you aim to do per week.  If you do more it doesn't matter.

    February - set your longest run distance, can't remember of the top of my head whether it's each week or longest for the month.

    March - time trial; you set target time for a given distance. The closer you get to your target, the more points you get.

    Do it solo for a personal challenge or sigh up with a team to contribute towards team results. Don't think there's a Pirate team this year - unless someone's set one up in the last day or so but there is a 'fabulous forumites' team as well as numerous club/parkrun/miscellaneous teams.

  • Symes wrote (see)

    Seems a bit of a crock to me, so I set a number of runs in Jan, ok 3? and do 5 and I'm ace, longest run of 3 miles and do 8 miles and I'm acer.


    That's more training than you would normally do - is this a new approach for 2014? image

  • Well said Trogs, It's a form of keeping yourself going during the winter months gradually building towards a Spring Race.

    It's not about PB's it's about knowing yourself and pacing yourself correctly.

    It's also for 3 months not just January, which for some reason people seem to forget.

    Read the info Rules

  • It worked for me last year. Got me out of the door during all the snow and ice last year when I probably wouldn't have gone out just because of the accountability I had team to my team. Really helps with consistency.

  • Ah, nice link Gasman. Sounds like a good idea for people with little or no motivation. I reckon it probably too non specific for most triathletes. I can see where Symes is coming from because it does sound a bit wet but maybe it could help some people. 

  • Doesn't start until the 6th Jan - damn I've wasted 3 runs !! 

  • I did it last year and am registered for this year. I've no problems with motivation but it certainly got me running more than I would've done otherwise. I probably did too much last year and I've set myself lower targets for this year - I'm sure Jantastic contributed to the knackered achilles tendon I had last April.

    If someone sets up a Pirate team then I'm in. (I quickly looked and couldn't see how to set one up, if it'd have been obvious I'd have done it).

  • Jantastic is meant to be a winter motivational competition for runners, but still useful for us Tri guys.

    It's not meant to be specific, you set the frequency, the distance and the pace.

  • A bit of resurrecting an old thread here......

    Next month Jantastic is up and running again - this time as well as running there is swimming and running too. Sort of ideal!

    There's some talk about it on the Facebook page but in case you don't go there you can read all about it at www.jantastic.me

    If you do join in make sure you join the Pirate team!

  • I'm in and have joined PSOF team...I think?!

  • I'd like to do this, but I'm hopefully going to be off skiing in the 3rd week of Jan (waiting for last minute deal), so not confident I'd be able to log anything, even if I did get out for the minimum number of runs, and wouldn't want to bring the team down.

  • Im in and joined the group

  • I'm in and joined PSOF team for 2015. 

    I need a kick start to my year, less than 6 months to Satffs 70.3 and training stalling. Ribs, wisdom teeth, snotty lurgy all,haven't helped but I'll leave them behind in 2014 and start Jantastic with a bang ! 

  • daylight I tweeted organisers last year about skiing /snowboarding and said ok to include the miles / hours on then snow as an activity. Substitute it for running or cycling. 

    I'm on the snow for couple weeks in Feb so will be doing this 

  • I'm in and joined the team! Glad to see this note about skiing being allowed for substitutions, I didn't fancy trying to run around on dark, icy roads in the Alps! image

  • I'm in too, failed miserably last time though...
  • You'll be on the ball this time justplodon - you'll have started your Outlaw plan image

    I'm in too.

  • TJ1004TJ1004 ✭✭✭

    i'm in too, kick up the whatsits for a bit of extra motivation.


  • The team is growing, hurrayimage
  • Looks like we need to,start a list ! 

    Unfortunately beyond my IT skills on an iPad ! 

  • Signed up now too.

  • Bump. Little reminder that this started today.

    Website is down at the moment though.

  • Almost binned today's planned swim in favour of a rest day.  Then I remembered Jantastic and dragged myself down to the pool for a 2k splash image

  • DaylightR wrote (see)

    Bump. Little reminder that this started today.

    Website is down at the moment though.

    Is it the Jantastic site or Garmin (or both) that are down? Garmin Connect not working for me again image

  • Jantastic was down early and they reported they were working on it. 

    Garmin Connect seems to be variably available.  Not had a problem with it myself yet but I believe clearing history on watch has solved connectivity problems for some people.

  • Had real problems with uploading via garmin express yesterday. Hopefully will work today.
  • can't believe that jantastic started yesterday on my rest day. I had ran 27 miles in the first 4 days of january and they do not countimage

  • I was lucky to be able to get my training in yesterday - today is impossible, minus temps and thick fog, plus icy spots. Sure we will get swim training done tonight though, LJS will be determined to get to the pool. I will let him drive!

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