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Hi, anyone! Am planning to run JoGLE this autumn - 1000 miles in 8 weeks, yes, have slightly lost my marbles..Anyone out there done this? Have seen some reports of the Ultra Challenge, running it in 16 days (now that IS madness!!), but otherwise info a bit sparse.. One of my problems is going to be transporting my kit each day, as am running unsupported. Have a couple of packs to try out so far. Any and all advice (apart from "don't do it" ) is welcome! Kate



  • It may well be worth hooking into some of the Cyclists Forums. It is just possible that someone out there could help with transportation of drop bags for you. The cyclists do this on a regular basis so will have a host of info on overnight stops that may be of use  to a runner.

  • I've cycled it rather than run it. I don't know if you've thought about your route in any detail yet, but the one suggestion I would make is that you consider doing what I did and work out a route avoiding A roads as far as possible. Impossible for much of Scotland but easy eno

    ugh to use country lanes and B roads for a lot of the time in England. It didn't add much, if anything, to my mileage but gave a better experience I think.Good luck

  • Ian, thank you - that's a great idea. I have a few books with some limited info, but the forums will probably be much more helpful.Any chance of having my bag transported even some of te days would be very, very welcome, although I will be minimising it as much as possible!

    Graham, thank you - am definitely palnning to avoid the A roads absolutely as much as possible and get onto some trails if I can - interested to hear tha you largely managed to use smaller roads for most of it. There is someon based in Cornwall who apparently has much of the route fro Bristol south worked out on canal paths, which would be briliiant.

    Thank you both!

  • To Fido2Dogs - Thanks for the reference - I will take a look!

  • Hi, Ian again - me not being an avid cyclist...any particular cyclists forums you can suggest? Or anyone else know any which might be helpful? I have had a quick look on line, but not sure which to tap into. Thanks!

  • Kate - there is a guide to what looks like a relatively off-road route here:

    Never contemplated doing it myself, or done any research, but looks like it could be worth a glance for route inspiration. Once you get into the north of England you can probably get at least as far as Bristol on canal paths.

  • Hi Lake Runner - thank you, this is perfect! I had found the Cicerone cyclists' guide but not managed to find this one. The overall mileage is going to be more than I have time for, as I have only 8 weeks, so am aiming for 1000 miles, but the 20 mile chunks are perfect. Really hoping to run at least part of Offa's Dyke if I can. And the canal paths will be great.Have ordered the book and now waiting for it to arrive.This guide is a real find, thank you.

  • mowzermowzer ✭✭✭

    Kate, try 'Shake Jogle and Roll' (29 days / 854 mile run) by Peter Rogers and John E Turner. If you can't get it on-line you can get a copy from .

    Good luck.

  • Thank you, mowzer - I will take a look - much appreciated.


  • If you're on twitter get in contact with @LeJog_2014 he's running it in June I believe

  • Thanks GKD - not been on Twitter up to now, but wll be doing, I think, so I will get in contact with him.

  • mowzer, "Shake, Jogle and Roll" arrived 2 days ago and is really, really helpful - in lots of ways - all sorts of training tips as well as their own stories, and leads into other advice - thanks again for the tip.


  • I did it in 2008 but stuck to the roads rather than trail - let me know if I can help [email protected]

  • You are just the person I need to hear from - Thank you! I am actually coming round to the idea of not all trails, but smaller roads. I will be in touch. The A9 worries me though..! Sounds horrendous from all I have read.


  • It is, but it's difficult to avoid! image

  • Ok...might just have to swallow this bit then... lots of high viz gear! And leaping on and off verges!

  • I've been considering one of these jaunts, no idea if this is relevant but hopefully could be helpful to you - esp the run up the highlands section.

  • Thanks for the reference Muttley - much appreciated - I will take a look.


  • Hi Kate. Glad you found the book useful. As you know, we had a camper and stuck to the 'A' roads but if I can help with any other info… please let me know. [email protected]

  • Hi Peter! Thank you so much for your message! I have been out of the loop of the forum for a bit as been dealing with "stuff" at home, and only received notification today that your message had been posted - it is great to hear from you and so good of you to get in touch. Your book has been one of the most helpful things I have read so far. I don't have anything like as much experience as you and John, but am training hard. Distance rather than speed definitely my bag..I may well be in touch for more info - thanks for the contact.

  • A friend of mine is currently running it unsupported and carrying all his kit - currently around Edinburgh. I am sure he can give some pointers when he finishes in a week or so... 

    anyone know the record for an unsupported JOGLE? 

    His site is -


  • Thanks, Rob - brilliant - that will be really helpful. Good luck to him for his last week. I will take a look at his site.


  • Hi Kate, how did you get on running Jogle? I'm seriously considering doing this next spring and your feed on here has been so helpful already. Have you got any tips or wisdom from your experience you could share with me to help me out? 

    Thanks Dean.
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  • Can anyone help me with a good JOGLE running route of about 800- 820 miles please?
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  • +1 for checking out the cyclists. I know a bunch of people that cycled it. they'll know the routes and stuff
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    @Salamander - the sign post at JOG says its 874 miles to LE which uses a lot of main roads I don't think you would want to run down, so a route of 800-820 is potentially impossible I think.
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